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Basic Info.

  • Please use the talk page for any criticisms/suggestions.
  • If you want to use my User Page as a template for yours, just drop me a comment, so that I can see it :), and give credit.

Personal Details

  • Random Note: I sometimes point out potential future problems; some people take that as pessimism. The way that I see it is that if there may be a problem, it doesn't hurt to bring it up and discuss it; it's better than being unprepared.

Activities on GuildWars Wiki

  • I'm mainly poking at my user page right now, though I'll answer questions when I see them and update minor stuff.
  • When time allows, I'd like to take a closer look at policies and add tidbits of info to walkthroughs for missions, build usage, and information for new players.

Random Stuff

GuildWars Wiki

GuildWiki Remnants

Random Comments

  • Yes,  green  is my favorite color, but too much green on the page would be painful.

Fun Stuff



Other Stuff

Computer Stuff

  • self-taught coding (VB6, HTML/CSS, whatever mIRC scripts would be called)
  • <3 MS Paint and spriting
  • IRC (Caelestia) Net Admin/Staff Admin
  • QA Testing/game development


  • Classical & Soundtracks (mainly Action/Adventure and Sci-Fi/Fantasy)
  • very limited bits of Pop (some Chinese and Taiwanese Pop) and Rock


  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy in general