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Cutting Darkness is a half god capable of wiping an entire unprepared party in seconds. He resides in a secret area of the realm of torment known as "Domain of Despair".

Cutting Darkness
User The Slayer Gw008.jpg
Affiliation Torment creatures
Type God (boss)
Level(s) 40 (50)
Campaign Nightfall


[edit] Locations

[edit] Quest chain

[edit] Skills

  • Consume Torment.jpg Wrath of Torment

Cutting Darkness summons black and purple lightning that he sends at his enemies, dealing 150 damage with each hit. (a total of 10-25 bolts of lightning are fired)

  • Abaddon's Conspiracy.jpg Feast of Terror

By feasting on the fear of his enemies, Cutting Darkness regains 200 health for each condition on his enemies.

  • Gaze of Moa'vu'Kaal.jpg Fury of Doom

When below 50% health, Cutting Darkness will use this skill to summon 5 large explosions every 5 seconds that deal 350 damage and cause weakness, cripple and burning.

  • Curse of the Staff of the Mists.jpg Summon Devourers

Summons 10 level 30 Devourers of Hope that apply a random condition on each attack and deal 100 damage per attack.

  • Rise From Your Grave!.jpg Dreadful Corruption

Turns all enemies in the area to torment creatures serving Cutting Darkness.

  • Corrupted Strength.jpg Torment Grasp

Torment tentacles burst from the ground and bind the targert and all nearby enemies for 5 seconds. They lose 250 health each second they are bound.

[edit] Items used

Item tl.gif Item tr.gif
Bringer of Nightfall
Shadow Dmg: 125-254 (Requires 9 Torment Magic)
Inscription: "Nightfall comes"
Damage +300% (Against foes suffering from conditions)
Conditions last 50% longer
Nightfall comes. Be prepared.
Value: Cannot be sold
Item bl.gif Item br.gif

[edit] Quotes

You cannot kill evil itself.

Nightfall comes and you cannot stop it!

You came here to spill my blood? You will drown in your own!

Your souls will make a nice addition to my collection.

At 75% hp:

Fools! You are only proloning your suffering!

At 50% hp:

Feel the wrath of torment!

At 25% hp:

Don't try to hide!

If his enemies have taken no or very little damage for the last five minutes at this point, Cutting Darkness will assume that they are abusing a glitch and instantly kill them all.

At 10% hp:

No, this can not be true!

At 1% hp:


[edit] Notes

He seems to be unbeatable to mortals.

He appears to have over 100.000 health.

After he is defeated, he will turn into his good form, Luminor.

[edit] Trivia

He is actually a good god of far greater power, but has been corrupted by a spell used by zhaitan.

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