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Cutting Darkness is a half god capable of wiping an entire unprepared party in seconds. He resides in a secret area of the realm of torment known as "Domain of Despair".

Cutting Darkness
User The Slayer Gw008.jpg
Affiliation Torment creatures
Type God (boss)
Level(s) 40 (50)
Campaign Nightfall


Quest chain[edit]


  • Consume Torment.jpg Wrath of Torment

Cutting Darkness summons black and purple lightning that he sends at his enemies, dealing 150 damage with each hit. (a total of 10-25 bolts of lightning are fired)

  • Abaddon's Conspiracy.jpg Feast of Terror

By feasting on the fear of his enemies, Cutting Darkness regains 200 health for each condition on his enemies.

  • Gaze of Moa'vu'Kaal.jpg Fury of Doom

When below 50% health, Cutting Darkness will use this skill to summon 5 large explosions every 5 seconds that deal 350 damage and cause weakness, cripple and burning.

  • Curse of the Staff of the Mists.jpg Summon Devourers

Summons 10 level 30 Devourers of Hope that apply a random condition on each attack and deal 100 damage per attack.

  • Rise From Your Grave!.jpg Dreadful Corruption

Turns all enemies in the area to torment creatures serving Cutting Darkness.

  • Corrupted Strength.jpg Torment Grasp

Torment tentacles burst from the ground and bind the targert and all nearby enemies for 5 seconds. They lose 250 health each second they are bound.

Items used[edit]

Item tl.gif Item tr.gif
Bringer of Nightfall
Shadow Dmg: 125-254 (Requires 9 Torment Magic)
Inscription: "Nightfall comes"
Damage +300% (Against foes suffering from conditions)
Conditions last 50% longer
Nightfall comes. Be prepared.
Value: Cannot be sold
Item bl.gif Item br.gif


You cannot kill evil itself.

Nightfall comes and you cannot stop it!

You came here to spill my blood? You will drown in your own!

Your souls will make a nice addition to my collection.

At 75% hp:

Fools! You are only proloning your suffering!

At 50% hp:

Feel the wrath of torment!

At 25% hp:

Don't try to hide!

If his enemies have taken no or very little damage for the last five minutes at this point, Cutting Darkness will assume that they are abusing a glitch and instantly kill them all.

At 10% hp:

No, this can not be true!

At 1% hp:



He seems to be unbeatable to mortals.

He appears to have over 100.000 health.

After he is defeated, he will turn into his good form, Luminor.


He is actually a good god of far greater power, but has been corrupted by a spell used by zhaitan.