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Type Monument
Campaign Eye of the North

"Valor" is a monument in the Hall of Monuments for displaying Destroyer, Oppressor's, and Tormented weapons. This monument holds up to 11 weapons; it can be filled with a single family of weapons, since there are at least 11 varieties from each group.



The weapons of [Character Name] belong here.

Examine the Monument to Valor.
The monument looks empty. A tapestry covering the wall behind it would make it seem more complete. (with no tapestry)
Yes Display a tapestry. (if one is in inventory)
The room courses with energy. You have unlocked the Monument to Valor. Destroyer weapons may be displayed here.
Examine the Monument to Valor.
View the "Valor" inscription.

Once a weapon or shield is placed in the monument of valor it becomes customized to the owner of that monument.

Weapons or Shields displayed in the monument will remain on display even if they are discarded or salvaged.

Only the greatest weapons may be displayed here.

If at least one statue is displayed,

A hero's greatest weapons are courage of heart, unchained
Strength of soul, and rightful fury unrestrained,
Never to be vanquished.

Witness here the weapons of the legendary hero, [Character Name], whose achievements will never be forgotten.

Examine the Monument to Valor.
Only the greatest weapons may be displayed here. Weapons on display:
[Abstracted Weapon Name] (for each displayed)
Yes Display [Weapon Name]
[Weapon Name] will forever be customized to you. No other characters will be able to use it. Are you sure you want to proceed?
Yes Proceed. (places and customizes weapon, plays cinematic)
No Reconsider your actions.
Yes Cycle displayed weapons.
Yes Arrange display.
Which set would you like to display?
Yes Display all weapon sets.
Yes Display Destroyer weapons.
Yes Display Tormented weapons.
Yes Display Oppressor's weapons.
Yes Gaze upon your displayed accomplishments. (plays cinematic)

Otherwise: Only the greatest of weapons may be displayed here.


Weapon Display Weapon Display Weapon Display
Destroyer Axe Destroyer Axe Display.jpg Destroyer Maul Destroyer Maul Display.jpg Destroyer Sword Destroyer Sword Display.jpg
Destroyer Staff Destroyer Staff Display.jpg Destroyer Scepter Destroyer Scepter Display.jpg Destroyer Focus Destroyer Focus Display.jpg
Destroyer Scythe Destroyer Scythe Display.jpg Destroyer Spear Destroyer Spear Display.jpg Destroyer Shield Destroyer Shield Display.jpg
Destroyer Bow Destroyer Bow Display.jpg Destroyer Daggers Destroyer Daggers Display.jpg

Weapon Display Weapon Display Weapon Display
Tormented Axe Tormented Axe Display.jpg Tormented Maul Tormented Maul Display.jpg Tormented Sword Tormented Sword Display.jpg
Tormented Staff Tormented Staff Display.jpg Tormented Scepter Tormented Scepter Display.jpg Tormented Focus Tormented Focus Display.jpg
Tormented Scythe Tormented Scythe Display.jpg Tormented Spear Tormented Spear Display.jpg Tormented Shield Tormented Shield Display.jpg
Tormented Bow Tormented Bow Display.jpg Tormented Daggers Tormented Daggers Display.jpg

Weapon Display Weapon Display Weapon Display
Oppressor's Axe Oppressor's Axe Display.jpg Oppressor's Hammer Oppressor's Hammer Display.jpg Oppressor's Sword Oppressor's Sword Display.jpg
Oppressor's Staff Oppressor's Staff Display.jpg Oppressor's Scepter Oppressor's Scepter Display.jpg Oppressor's Focus Oppressor's Focus Display.jpg
Oppressor's Scythe Oppressor's Scythe Display.jpg Oppressor's Spear Oppressor's Spear Display.jpg Oppressor's Shield Oppressor's Shield Display.jpg
Oppressor's Bow Oppressor's Bow Display.jpg Oppressor's Daggers Oppressor's Daggers Display.jpg


Reward points[edit]

By filling up this monument you can acquire up to eight points for rewards for Guild Wars 2.

Points Requirement
Guild Wars 2 Reward Points 1.jpg Any Weapon Statue
Guild Wars 2 Reward Points 1.jpg Destroyer Weapon Statue
Guild Wars 2 Reward Points 1.jpg Tormented Weapon Statue
Guild Wars 2 Reward Points 1.jpg Oppressor Weapon Statue
Guild Wars 2 Reward Points 1.jpg 5 Weapon Statues
Guild Wars 2 Reward Points 2.jpg 11 Weapon Statues
(Full Display)
Guild Wars 2 Reward Points 1.jpg 15 Weapon Statues
Total points: 8


Anomaly Anomaly.Unlike the other monuments, Valor is affected by the Spirit of Life.


  • The Axe and Sword depicted on the tapestry shred do not use skins from any of the weapons that can be displayed in this monument.
  • Originally, only destroyer weapons could be displayed here. Tormented weapons were added on October 9th 2008 and Oppressor's weapons on October 5th 2010.
  • The 11 stands that hold the weapon statues are considered to be allies, i.e. they will be healed when the Life spirit dies.

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