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The visual effect of a weakened character: white shroud circling around the calves

Condition. While suffering from this Condition, you deal less damage with attacks and all of your attributes are reduced by 1.

Concise description: You deal 66% less damage with attacks and your attributes are reduced by 1.

— In-game description

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  • The attack damage reduction only applies to the equipped weapon's base damage.
  • The attribute reduction only applies to attributes with a base value above zero.
    • Attributes cannot be reduced below 0.
    • Attributes at rank 0 are not affected, even if they are boosted by runes.
    • Title ranks are not affected, so title skills are not directly affected by the condition.
  • The attribute reduction can cause a character to no longer meet the requirements of their weapon (or certain skills), reducing the effectiveness of certain builds, especially those that set attributes based on breakpoints.
  • The duration of this condition can be modified:
  • Weakness has the same animation as Cracked Armor.

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