Gate of Madness (cinematic)

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Gate of Madness
Plays during Gate of Madness
Region Realm of Torment
Location Temple of the Six Gods
Campaign Nightfall

Gate of Madness cinematic still.jpg
You are not alone.
The gods are always watching.


Major characters[edit]

Minor characters[edit]


Kormir: "Gods, we beseech you. Hear our prayers."
<Party leader>: "We have come where living men should not be. We have fought armies, crossed wastelands and conquered demons."
<Party leader>: "Now we are in the heart of Torment. We must destroy Abaddon before he destroys the world. But we cannot battle him alone."
Lyssa's Muse: "You are not alone. The gods are always watching."
Kormir: "Watching? We need your help. We are only mortals, and we challenge a god."
Lyssa's Muse: "There was a time when the gods walked the earth. Every thought and achievement was a gift of the gods."
Lyssa's Muse: "But now you must realize that our gifts are within you. Dwayna lives in your compassion, Balthazar in your strength."
Lyssa's Muse: "Melandru dwells in your harmony, Grenth in your justice."
Lyssa's Muse: "And in your inspiration, Lyssa is there."
Lyssa's Muse: "The divinity is within you. And so, we give you our blessing. That should suffice for the task ahead."
Lyssa's Muse: "And to you, Kormir, a most special gift."
Lyssa's Muse: "This is your world, now. This is your decision. You must make the choice that only a mortal could make."
Kormir: "Our decision? They leave us some words of encouragement and expect us to fight a god?"
<Party leader>: "The gods said we have a choice. A choice that only a mortal could make."
Kormir: "Yes. Yes, there is a choice. We can end this. We don't have to be driven by gods and their avatars. Let us go."

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