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Knights Of Caelo [Hevn][edit]

Knights Of Caelo [Hevn]
Language English
Leader Nock The Kingpriest
Faction Kurzick
Guild Hall Isle of the Dead
VoIP Ventrilo and Skype

Our guild is themed after a holy knighthood. Our homeland is Caelo. (Caelo is Latin for Heaven) Everything in our guild has meaningful symbolism to meet our theme. Our guild goes against the norm and does not obsess over dragons; we are enthralled with gryphons/griffins. We have several orders in our guild that differentiate the levels of personal responsibility that our members have taken upon themselves. Each order has a representative that helps the guild leader create and manage the guild policies. These positions are separate from normal officer ranks and duties. The orders are: Order of the Rose (Lord Knights aka Officers), Order of the Sword (Knights aka hardcore members), Order of the Crown (Soldiers aka casual members). Trial members are given the Squire rank.


Knights of Caelo is a Guild Wars guild actively recruiting in preparation for Guild Wars 2. We are looking for quality members, not quantity. We are looking for people to game with for months and years ahead. That means personality is far more important than your gear, achievements, or HoM points. We are looking for like-minded individuals that are fun-loving gamers. We do not rage, purposefully create drama, or cheat/hack/exploit. We will have an application on our website in the future. For now you may register to our forums and create a forum page with your application information. Full recruitment information is on our website.

Contact information[edit]

Our website will soon have a "Contact Us" option. Until then, please message us in-game or register on our forums to create a thread with your message. If you'd like to talk to an officer, you may in-game message Nock The Kingpriest, Lilith Eveningstar, or Valdis The Unmaker.