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(It's...) Monty Python's Flying Guild [MPFG]

Monty Pythons Flying Guild [MPFG]
Guild Monty Pythons Flying Guild cape.jpg
Territory United States
Language English
Leader Shiva Eluluu
Faction Kurzick
Type Primarily PvE with some PvP (mostly Jade Quarry)
No. of members 6 (leader, 1 officer, 4 members)
Guild Hall Isle of Solitude
Time zone GMT-5

A Brief History

Monty Python's Flying Guild was created in September of 2007 by the late Kyto Nomelsh, a Necromancer/Ranger who tangled with the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on. His remains were never found. In other words, the almighty hand of his Controller deemed him unworthy to continue and deleted him.

Shiva Eluluu, a Necromancer/Monk whose Controller is now married to the Controller of Kyto Nomelsh, became the first officer of Monty Python's Flying Guild. Upon Kyto Nomelsh's demise, control of MPFG was given to her by the Powers-That-Be.

While ownership of the guild was transferred to Shiva Eluluu upon Kyto's deletion, Kyto's successor and Shiva's second-in-command is the Ranger/Necromancer (now Ranger/Ritualist) known as Beast of Aaarrrgghh. His Controller is pleased with this one, whose power greatly exceeds that of his predecessor. It was the Beast of Aaarrrgghh who designed the emblem for the guild, which he modeled after the tabard of the Black Knight from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

On July 11, 2008, after pooling their money for many months and trying (and failing) to reach the Hall of Heroes, Shiva and Beast finally bit the figurative bullet and purchased the Celestial Sigil necessary to purchase a guild hall. After perusing the many available islands, the two finally chose the Isle of Solitude as the site to begin the long, expensive process of constructing the hall.

| July 14, 2008 |

  • Thus far, the hall is in its infant stages, with only a Xunlai chest to its name. Most of the money is frozen in the hopes of obtaining a Black Beast of Aaarrrggghhh miniature, so the acquisition of funds for construction has been left to Beast of Aaarrrgghh to farm as he wanders all over Ascalon, Kryta, Cantha, the Far Shiverpeaks, and other remote locations. All extremely valuable items go to Shiva, who sells them in either Kamadan, Kaineng Center, Lion's Arch, Ascalon City, or Shing Jea Monastery.
  • I (Beast Of Aaarrrgghh) began working on the wiki page for the guild today. With luck, it meets requirements and I'll be able to maintain and expand it in the near future. Well, one step at a time.

| August 5, 2008 |

  • Shiva Eluluu temporarily steps down as leader to allow Beast of Aaarrrgghh to ally with one of the two warring factions. Monty Python's Flying Guild is now Kurzick.

| August 6, 2008 |

  • Beast of Aaarrrgghh realizes he has made a mistake, forgetting to step down and allow Shiva Eluluu to retake the reins. The situation has been remedied.

| August 18, 2008 |

  • A Weaponsmith is purchased for the guild hall.

| August 26, 2008 |

  • A Priest of Balthazar was added to the guild hall.

| August 27, 2008 |

  • A Skill Trainer contributed his services to the guild hall.
  • A Rune Trader opened shop in the guild hall.

| September 5, 2008 |

  • A Scroll Trader began displaying his wares in the guild hall.

| February 19, 2009 |

  • Due to the fact that neither Shiva Eluluu nor Beast of Aaarrrgghh are able to log in, the guild is on hiatus until they are once more able to enter the realm of Guild Wars. The Guild page is edited to avoid it being sent to the Historical Guilds section.

| July 20, 2009 |

  • Same as above.

| November 9, 2009 |

  • Shiva Eluluu and Beast of Aaarrrgghh, after 2 years of being engaged, entered wedded bliss IRL.

| November 29, 2009 |

  • The two guild heads have finally returned to the realm they so dearly love.

| December 24, 2009 |

  • A Festival Hat Keeper began offering festive, silly hats in the guild hall.
  • A Canthan Ambassador started displaying real estate in the guild hall.
  • A Guild Emblemer decided to start showing off capes in the guild hall.
  • These 3 above NPCs were generously hired by the current, newest member : Blood Of Fyre Thank you, Blood for your gift to our Guild Hall!
  • A Material Trader proffered his common wares in the guild hall.
  • A Rare Material Trader flaunts his rare, exotic items in the guild hall.
  • A Dye Trader began extracting colors from all sorts of vegetables and minerals in the guild hall.
  • A Merchant began hawking his goods in the guild hall.
  • After months of hard work, the guild hall is finally fully outfitted with all manner of NPCs. (phew)

| February 12, 2010 |

  • Beast Of Aaarrrgghh, after much discussion with Shiva Eluluu, kicked Blood Of Fyre from the guild. Blood was guilty of repeatedly insulting Beast behind his back, pestering Shiva about being an officer many times, and generally being ignorant to all members (whether you knew it or not), with no remorse and no apology. He was warned many times to cease such actions. Let this stand as a lesson to all future members.


All are welcome into the ranks of Monty Python's Flying Guild. We would appreciate, however, that people who are invited would stay for more than a few hours. Nothing says annoying like seeing that the freshly recruited guild member left 3 hours after joining.

We are especially welcoming of any who appreciate the greatness of two things: Monty Python and Heavy Metal.

Praise be to the Six, and, as the great Dee Snider says, "If it ain't Metal...IT'S CRAP!!" \m/><\m/

Contact information

  • Leader (Absent) - Shiva Eluluu (Joined 12-26-2007) (Temporarily in the Dragons Of The Rose guild)
    • Officer (Co-Leader) - Beast Of Aaarrrgghh (Joined 7-19-2008 - founder, left to test a theory)
    • Officer - Rage Bash (Joined 1-7-2010)
      • Member - I Am Storage Beetch (Joined 1-7-2010)
      • Member - Rage Bash (Joined 1-7-2010)
      • Member - Light Realm (Joined 2-7-2010)
      • Member - The Unknown Legand (Joined 2-19-2010)

Requirement for becoming an officer

  • You must be active for at least 3 months.
  • You must be helpful to other members, i.e. assisting with missions/quests.
  • You must not constantly pester Shiva. She does not appreciate it in the least. Requests for help are fine, but she does not come to Guild Wars to chat. If she's quiet, it means she's not interested in talking, so shut up if she doesn't respond.


In addition to the above rules for becoming an officer, the following general rules apply.

  • No member is to be kicked for inactivity, unless that inactivity extends to 2 years. We understand fully that life may not permit you access to Guild Wars, and we understand that it can get boring and you may wish to do something else for awhile.
  • If anyone has an issue with another guild member, bring the problem before Shiva Eluluu. She will provide instruction, or pass judgement.
  • Don't be a dick. You will get plenty of warnings, but it will only go so far before you are kicked.