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The Battle Pandas [TBP]

The Battle Pandas [TBP]
Guild The Battle Pandas cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Language English
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members 3
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation
VoIP We prefer the use of Skype.
IRC channel New IRC Server Coming Soon!
Webpage New Website Coming Soon!
Forums New Forum Coming Soon!
Time zone GMT

Administered and maintained by Asur Tai And Lan Aya, the Battle Pandas are always looking out for new members. Both of the founders have had experience as former members of several high-ranking guilds, and this shows through the great amount of help and support they give to the guild. As we're a PvX type guild (we focus on aspects of both PvE and PvP) we don't mind who or what kind of player you are, as long as you're active, fun and loyal.

Goals of The Battle Pandas

  • Group fun in PvE and PvP
  • Recruitment and keeping order within the alliance
  • Casual Faction Point gathering
  • Prepare for GvG battles
  • Obtaining services for our Guild Hall
  • Helping lower level players
  • Special benefits for new players under level 10˚
  • Encouraging social activities
  • Above all else, providing a friendly and positive atmosphere for our members
˚Contact TBP for further details


We will accept anybody, from level 1 to 20, any profession, any campaign, both PVE and PVP players.

Contact information

To contact us whisper:

  • Asur Tai (Leader)
  • Lan Aya (Head Officer)

Feel free to ask for further information regarding the guild and/ or induction.

Kirin's Wrath.jpg This guild is allied with the Kurzicks.
Resurrection Signet.jpg This guild plays both PVE and PVP.
Vengeance.jpg This guild is currently inducting new members.

The Battle Pandas Alliance
Leader The Battle Pandas
Members Unknown