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Guild pages ordered by tag
Note: This list is a snapshot containing all guilds with a valid guild tag as of 18:00, 10 November 2011 (UTC).
[AAAR] The Lords Of Realm
[AAA] Allied Atheist Allegiance
[AAA] Attack And Annihilate
[AA] Addiction Counciling
[AA] Anonymous Amateurs
[AA] Archers Anonymous
[AA] Asura Amateurs
[AA] Awesome Acers
[AA] Les Amazones D Ascalon
[AA] The Assassin Alliance
[ABS] Albino Black Sheep
[AB] Angels Blade
[AB] The Amazon Basin
[ACDK] Kailua Rat
[ACES] Hold Em
[ACES] The Ptc Crew
[ACES] Tiger Falcons
[ACE] Academy Of Canthan Envoys
[ACE] Adept Chosen Exodus
[ACE] Guardians Of The Ace
[ACHE] Apocalyptic Children
[ACOW] A Company Of Warriors
[ACT] The Actives
[AC] Ars Cruoris
[AC] Crazy About Anime
[ADA] Advanced Darkness Assassins
[ADF] Armee Der Finsternes
[ADLM] Los Angeles De La Muerte
[ADM] Afrikaner Domination Movement
[AD] Aequitas Deis
[AD] All In Darkness
[AD] Angeles Diabolicos
[AD] Archanges Dechus
[AD] Ascalon Dealers
[AD] Assassins Of The Dead
[AERO] Abbadons Eidolons
[AE] After Eight
[AE] Altes Eisen
[AE] Ascalon Emirates
[AE] Ascalon Emirates
[AE] The Ancient Elite
[AFF] Arise From Flames
[AFI] Asking For It
[AFK] Arrogant Fate Killers
[AFK] Unethical Jesters
[AFK] We Love To Be
[AFO] Asylum Fifty One
[AFO] The Area Fifty One Guild
[AFS] Army Of The Forgotten Souls
[AF] Abbatia Felix
[AF] Archangels Fury
[AF] Ascesa Della Fenice
[AGC] Avant Garde De Cantha
[AGED] Noi Siamo I Matusa
[AGE] Army Of Grenths Embrace
[AGG] Ancient Gaming Group
[AGH] Ascalons Golden Heros
[AGTF] A Guild Too Far
[AG] Ad Gloriam
[AG] Aruthas Gatekeepers
[AG] The Angelic Guard
[AGoD] Altruistic Guardian Of Darkness
[AHIG] Hopeless Psycho Social
[AH] Ascalon Helden
[AH] Ascended Heros
[AIDA] Epitaphs Of Twilight
[AITS] Angels In The Shell
[AITS] Assassins In The Shadows
[AI] Alchemy Incorporated
[AI] Angeli Infami
[AI] Kill All Humanoids
[AKA] The Elite Aka
[AKA] The Real Aka
[AKNF] Akatsuki Nf
[AKRO] Les Accros Like
[AK] Allgemeine Kleine Gilde
[AK] Amirani Knights
[ALA] Pecore Morte
[ALBA] Scions Of Alba
[ALB] Knights Of Albion
[ALLY] United Balkan
[ALWR] Arctic Lunar Walrus Riders
[AL] Abyss Lords
[AL] Argent Lupus
[AL] Asesinos De La Luz
[ALoT] Apocalyptic Legion Of Terror
[AMBN] Defenders Of Claro
[AMEN] Kingdom Guardians
[AMG] Air Musicans Guild
[AMI] Les Ames Mentalement Instables
[AMMD] The House Of Black And White
[AMOK] Running Amok
[AMP] Gameamp Guides
[AM] Adventurers In The Myst
[AM] Alauras Marauders
[AM] Athlonx Mercenaries
[ANAN] Anarchists Anonymous Alliance
[ANBU] Century Child
[ANDR] Android Dream
[ANF] Atomic Nerd Faction
[ANGE] Le Pantheon Des Anges
[ANGE] Le Pantheon Des Anges
[ANGE] Onewinged Angels Lightbringers
[ANGL] Angels Of The Universe
[ANGL] Angels Sanguinius
[ANGL] The Celestial Syndicate
[ANI] Animated Bone Horrors
[ANNA] The Anarchist Nonalliance
[ANS] Atsugami No Senshu
[ANTZ] Anthill Minions
[ANZ] Anz Army Corps
[AOA] Angels Of Annhilation
[AOB] The Angel Of Blood
[AODD] Merciless Archangels
[AOD] Angels Of Death
[AOD] Apostles Of Dhamnocracy
[AOET] Apostles Of Exalted Truths
[AOET] Tankin Fun
[AOE] Acolytes Of Exordius
[AOGF] Angels Of Grey Fell
[AOG] Anime Otaku Gaming
[AOJ] Assassins Of Judgement
[AOK] Army Of Kryta
[AOL] Ancient Order Of Legionnaires
[AOSO] Angels Of Sets Order
[AOS] Agents Of S W O R D
[AOTC] Annihilators Of The Corrupt
[AOT] Thelemas Children
[AOW] Alle Oude Waarden Tellen
[APD] La Gendarmerie
[APMW] The Awsome Opossum Men Er Women
[APOC] Followers Of The Apocalypse
[APOC] Guardsmen Of The Apocalypse
[APOC] Temple Of Apocalypse
[APS] Ab Progenies Scorpionis
[APT] Advanced Play Tactics
[APZ] Admirals Posse Zoetermeer
[AP] Adventure Prime
[AP] Ascending Phoenix
[AP] Aura Of The Paladin
[AP] Avatar Of Power
[AP] Azure Phoenixes
[APhx] Astral Phoenix
[AQUA] Power Of Atlantic
[ARCH] Archers Sanctum
[ARCH] Knights Of Archelypse
[ARC] Arc Revelry
[ARC] Arcane Freedom Fighters
[ARC] Archaic Requiem
[ARC] The Arcana
[ARC] The Arcane Elite
[ARDR] X Arcangeles Dragon X
[ARE] Aeternus Regnum Exercitus
[ARGH] Pirates Of The Lost And Founded
[ARG] Alianza Argentina
[ARK] Alliance Of Royal Knights
[ARMY] Army From The Underworld
[ARMY] Elite Military Of Balthazar
[ARMY] I Am An Army Of One
[ARMY] Old Army
[AR] Abaddons Revenge
[AR] Anarchist Revolution
[AR] Arc Reactors
[AR] Ascalon Resistance
[AR] Ascalonian Reserves
[AR] I Agony Realm I
[AR] L Academie Des Rebelles
[ASAS] Anjos Do Apocalipse
[ASED] Assassins Of Eden
[ASGA] Reveange Of Fallen
[ASG] Ancient Shaolin Guardians
[ASG] Antigua Savia De Gaia
[ASG] Ascendants Of St George
[ASG] The Anti Social Guild
[ASH] Ashes Of Humanity
[ASH] The Legion Of Feng Huang
[ASIA] Ancient Shinobi Imperial Army
[ASIA] Asia Pacific Guardians Of Kirin
[ASO] Anjekas Secret Order
[ASP] The Angels And Shadows Project
[ASY] The Vanguard Of Asylum
[AS] A Society
[ATER] Black Rose Rangers
[ATK] X Aim To Kill X
[ATL] Les Athalantes
[ATRP] Apostles Of The Risen Phoenix
[AT] Alpha Twilight
[AURA] Ouroboros Seal
[AURA] The Circle Of Life
[AURA] The Eclipse Of Life
[AURA] The Sacred Circle
[AUST] Ascend Of Chaos
[AUST] Ascend Of Everything
[AUST] Ascend Of Nowhere
[AUST] Ascend Of Things
[AUST] Ascend Of Whatever
[AUS] Angels Of The Unified Saints
[AUS] United Aussie Warriors Five
[AUS] United Aussie Warriors Four
[AUS] United Aussie Warriors Three
[AUS] United Aussie Warriors Two
[AUS] United Aussie Warriors
[AU] The Aureus Council
[AVBW] Aesir Vanir
[AVLN] Saints Of Avalon
[AV] Angels Vermillion
[AWB] Taak Mag
[AWCG] Ancient Warriors Champion Guild
[AWF] Advanced War Fighters
[AWRA] Abbadon Will Rise Again
[AWSM] Awesome In The Extreme
[AW] Ancient Warriors Gaming Clan
[AW] Angels Wingless
[AWsC] Anonymous Warsmiths Collective
[AXE] Agressive Executioning Entity
[AXE] Agressive Executioning Entity
[AXE] Arch Enemyz
[AXT] Axtion Axt Il
[AXT] Serpent And The Sword
[AZDE] Aztecas De Elite
[AZHI] Dragons Bloodline
[AZN] Asian Pride Worldwide
[AZUR] Azuren Knights
[AZZ] Something Is Deep In My
[AZ] Aaaaah Zombies
[AZ] Southern Warriors
[Aa] Anonymous Alcoholics With Capes
[Aces] The Lords Of Earth
[AdKt] Armee Der Knochentrockenen
[AdT] Alliance Des Todes
[Adam] We Come From Eden
[AdeS] Les Ames De Stoga
[Adi] Amasses Disciplined Intellect
[Ae] Ae On
[Aeon] Aeons Of The Black Winter Rose
[AgPr] Aegis Prime
[Agan] Aganzagun Syndicate
[Age] The Age Of False Innocence
[Agg] Saint Aggro
[Agro] Lds Team Awesome
[Ahu] Ahu Ahu
[Aid] Balthazars Titan Aid
[Aion] Finally Relaxed
[Air] Gasping For
[Ak] The Aethyr Knights
[Ak] The Aethyr Knights
[Akki] Reigen Akki
[Akri] The Warriors Of Acheron
[Alc] Drunken Gamerz
[Alex] Elysium Alexandrica Leister
[All] The Knights Of Kaoss
[Alot] We Touch Ourselves
[Alus] Achaen Army
[AmbR] The Kurzick Ambers
[Ambr] The Amber Guards
[Ames] Les Ames Repenties
[AnGL] House Of The Fallen Angels
[AnH] Angelic Halo
[AnHe] An Hero
[AnTi] Anti Heroz
[AngL] The Guild Wars Angels
[Ankh] Eternal Clarity
[AnnA] Annex Alliance
[Anon] Internet Haet Machine
[Anor] Luce Di Anor
[AoA] Ancients Of Atlantis
[AoC] Alliance Of Carantania
[AoD] Agents Of Destiny
[AoD] Agony Of Destruction
[AoD] Armada Of Doom
[AoD] Army Of Drkness
[AoDd] Angels Of Dark Destiny
[AoET] Ancients Of Eternal Darkness
[AoE] Acolytes Of Elements
[AoE] Acolytes Of Eve
[AoE] Archons Of Elona
[AoE] Collateral Damage
[AoFT] Architects Of Forgotten Truths
[AoF] Alliance Of Fides
[AoF] Army Of Fairies
[AoF] I Alliance Of Fides I
[AoL] Absence Of Light
[AoL] Army Of Lightness
[AoL] Army Of The Legendary
[AoM] Avatars Of Melandru
[AoP] Advocates Of Peace
[AoP] The Ambassadors Of Pain
[AoST] Angels Of Solitude Tranquility
[AoS] Acolyte Of The Spear
[AoTL] Advocates Of The Lost
[AoT] Advocates Of Twilight
[AoT] Alliance Of Trinity
[AoT] Archangels Of Tyria
[AoV] Acolytes Of Valor
[AoV] Army Of Valkiria
[AofT] Angels Of Flowing Tears
[Aoom] All Out Of Mercy
[AopS] Apparition Of A Plastic Smile
[AotC] The Asylum Of The Corrupt
[AotE] Angels Of The Epic
[AotP] Angel Of The Paradises
[AotP] Angel Of The Phalanstery
[AotS] Acolytes Of The Sun
[AotS] Angel Of The Sky
[Ap] Armadic Peons
[ApoC] Apocalyptic Riders
[Apr] Apprime Above Everything
[ArMy] Arcanes Mystiques
[Arah] Legions Of Orr
[Arah] The Avatars Of
[Arah] The Knights Of Arah
[Arbo] The Cadre Of Don Quixote
[Arch] Archons Ascendant
[Arch] Awoken Archangels
[Argh] Society Of Souls
[Argo] Academy Of The Legendary
[Argo] Flemish Army
[Arie] Clan Loch Arie
[ArmR] Full Armor Of God
[AroX] Aro X
[Arof] Aroaran Flare
[Arro] Celestial Arrows Of The Phoenix
[AsAm] Aequus Aedium
[AsE] Abbadons Erben
[AsH] Ascalons Stille Helden
[AsSa] Assasins Of The Shadow Order
[As] Angel Sharks
[AtAr] Atrum Argentum
[AtG] Against Da Grain
[AtK] Asuran Temple Knights
[Atf] Among The Forgotten
[Atk] Akiras Twilight Knights
[Atze] Die Atzenkeepers
[AurA] Aura Of Aegis
[Aura] Aura Of Revolution
[Aura] Aura Of Unity
[Aura] Auroras Awakening
[Aura] Knights Of Lycoris
[Aura] Order Of The Unyielding
[AvE] Ascalonian Vanguard Elite
[Ave] Deis Iuvantibus Vincemus
[AvnG] The Vanguard Avengers
[Awar] Les Arracheurs De Pancements
[Awe] We Are The Awe Is Awesome
[Awen] Awen En Gwir Da Difenn An Buhez
[AxE] We Are Smurfs
[Ax] Guild Axilla
[Aye] Marschall Stark
[AzK] The Azurite Knights
[Azos] Azure Order Of Sentinels
[BAAA] No Goats No Glory
[BAC] Bacardi And Captain
[BADZ] The Last Covenant
[BAD] Bloody Angels Of Death
[BAD] Brave Acolytes Of Danu
[BAMF] Avatar Of Awesomeness
[BAMF] Awesome Squid
[BAMF] Brotherhood Of The Dragonlance
[BAMF] The Lion Mercinaries
[BAMF] Wrath Of Mad Max
[BAM] Boom Sakalaka
[BAND] Our Main Accounts Are Perma
[BANE] Hand Of Bane
[BANE] The Society Of Shadows
[BANG] The Radical Space Cowboys
[BART] Watch Out Here Comes Spider Pig
[BAR] The Velvet Curtain
[BATH] The Right Tub
[BATT] Battle Team
[BAU] Ballers Are Us
[BAgw] Bad Apples Gw
[BAnB] Blood Ashes And Brimstone
[BBB] Balthazars Battle Brothers
[BBB] Budale Bez Buducnosti
[BBDH] Bro Before Da Ho
[BBG] Bier Brauer Gilde
[BBG] Blood Bound Guardians
[BBH] Band Of Thee Black Hand
[BBH] Band Of Thee Blue Hand
[BBKT] Bond Bros
[BBK] The Kydor Kings
[BBQ] Mmmm Mmmm
[BBS] Burning Blue Shambroad
[BBT] Big Bad Team
[BB] Becsulet Bajnokai
[BB] Brimstones Brigade
[BB] The Brave Brothers
[BCAS] The Martin Family Guild
[BCLG] The Build Crafters League Of La
[BCM] Blue Cresent Moon
[BCWW] Boom Chicka Wah Wah
[BC] Bakharas Chosen
[BC] Black Company
[BC] Blah Co
[BC] Bloody Childs
[BDA] Blue Dragons Of The Abyss
[BDRG] Beast Dragoon
[BDRH] Blackdragon Hunters
[BDSM] Before Death Show Honor
[BDSM] Bonded Sinners And Martyrs
[BDSM] Open Your Arms To
[BDV] Burning Defenders Of Virtue
[BD] Blue Dudes
[BD] My Black Dragons
[BDf] Black Draogonfight
[BDoE] Black Dragons Of Europe
[BEAM] Serious Farming
[BEA] Blue Eyed Angel
[BEEF] The Ultimate Cow Tipper
[BEER] Alcohol Appreciation Society
[BEER] Beer Fest
[BEER] The Ale Corporation
[BEG] Black Eagles
[BEST] Being Extremely Superior Team
[BFB] Broken Face Brigade
[BFTW] Barrage For Teh Win
[BFX] Bunny Formation X
[BGD] Central Jail Belgrade
[BGN] Beguine Guild
[BGP] Bellum Gratia Pacis
[BGS] Grenzwaechter Der Buendnisse
[BGW] Blood Gods Wrath
[BG] The Blitzers Elephant Reserve
[BG] The Blitzers Guild
[BHG] The Betrayer Of Holy Godness
[BHG] The Black Hand Gang
[BHK] The Black Hand Kurzicks
[BHLT] House Behelit
[BHOS] Broken Steel
[BH] Baratsag Hosei
[BH] Blue Hero
[BHoT] Big Heroes Of Tomorrow
[BIKE] Omg Bat
[BIND] Absinthe And Chains
[BIO] The Splicers
[BIRD] Burning Eagles
[BIRD] In Soviet Russia Word Is The
[BITE] Mercenarie Pariah
[BITH] Burn In The Hell
[BJR] Bon Jovi Rule
[BKD] Warrors Of Mithral Hall
[BKR] Black Knights Requiem
[BK] The Big Kahunas
[BLC] Bealeton Los Conquistadors
[BLC] The Black Lotus Clan
[BLDS] Order Of Blades And The Arcane
[BLD] Black Diabolus
[BLEU] We Cozza Frenzy
[BLFN] Black Fern
[BLF] Creencia Derribar
[BLGN] Black Label Gaming Network
[BLG] Bad Lucks Gravity
[BLKX] Black Exodus
[BLM] Blood Lust Mafia
[BLOW] Rusty Trombones
[BL] Black Lava
[BLeH] Being Little Epic Heroes
[BLiD] Broken Lights In Darkness
[BMD] Borrelia Mass Division
[BME] Blood Moon Empire
[BMG] Blue M A N Group
[BMNW] Blue Moons Night Wariors
[BMW] Brotherhood Mercenary Warriors
[BNG] Blood N Guts
[BNKY] The Lesser Horse Men
[BNK] Banna And Kev
[BOAR] Order Of The White Boar
[BOAT] Boat Of Adventurous Travellers
[BOA] Blackblades Of Alysium
[BOC] Blades Of Calther
[BODF] Bastion Of Dark Faith
[BOD] Blades Of Disruption
[BOD] Brotherhood Of Distruction
[BOH] Blades Of Honor
[BOH] Brotherhood Of Humanity
[BOJA] Brother Of The Jenova Academy
[BOJ] Blades Of Judgement
[BOLG] The Brotherhood Of Lazy Gamers
[BOL] Bunnies Of Light
[BOM] Band Of Misfitz
[BONR] Girls Give Me A Big
[BOOM] Headshot Time
[BOOM] Push The Button
[BOOM] The Holy Hand Grenade
[BOOM] The Warlords Of Destruction
[BOPE] Faca Na Cavera
[BOR] Band Of Rogues Resended
[BOR] Band Of Rouges
[BOSS] Party Babe Warrior
[BOST] Brotherhood Of Shadow Talon
[BOS] Brotherhood Of Sweden
[BOTD] Brotherhood Of The Dragonheart
[BOTS] Brotherhood Of The Serpents
[BOWL] Bodhisattvas Of The White Lotus
[BOWL] Bodhisattvas Of The White Lotus
[BOW] Bio Organic Weapons
[BOW] Companions Of The Bow
[BOW] Taste The Rain
[BO] Bendicion Oscura
[BPA] Blue Phoenix Avengers
[BPA] The Blinkie Ponie Armie
[BPS] Brotherhood Of Powerful Sons
[BP] Deepwater Horizon
[BRAT] Brothers Rolling Across Tyria
[BRA] Black Rose Academy
[BRA] Os Grandes Herois
[BRB] Blood Runs Black
[BRDL] Blut Ritter Des Lichts
[BRIG] Brigantes Nine
[BROA] Black Rose Of Avalon
[BROS] Me And My Bros
[BROS] The Unstopable Brothers
[BRO] Brofessional Wingmen
[BRO] Brotherhood Of Veterans
[BRTL] Brutal Descent
[BR] Bladed Rose
[BR] Broken Remains
[BR] Lotus Branco Br
[BSB] B S Bloodz
[BSK] Brotherhood Of Saint Knights
[BSM] Bows Swords And Magic
[BSM] Brick Squad Mafia
[BSP] Black Spectrum
[BSP] Blood Stained Petals
[BSR] Black Steel Rose
[BSW] Black Star Warriors
[BS] Bitter Sweet
[BS] Braveheart Soldiers
[BSoT] Blood Seas Of Tyria
[BTS] Tamed Shadows
[BToN] Black Tigers Of Night
[BUDA] The Laughing Budhas
[BUD] Band Of Buds
[BUNG] Fargin Aceholes
[BUNY] Order Of Bunnys
[BURN] Burning Skulls Germany
[BURN] Igneus Vesica
[BURN] The Black Pheonix
[BURN] The Order Of The Burning Skull
[BV] Brotherhood Of Variden
[BWD] The Black And White Dragons
[BWND] Blazin White Nights Of Death
[BWR] Bloodwake Rangers
[BW] Beserkr Warlords
[BW] Black Winter
[BYOB] The Drunken Monk Bar And Grill
[BaBy] I Want To Make Gwens
[BaD] Banished Dragons
[BaN] Our Other Name Was Funnier
[BaNe] Bajun Necromancer
[BaR] Blade And Rose
[Back] Bog Honor Ojczyzna Is
[Back] Pve Fights
[BadV] One Build Wonder
[Ball] The Five Ds Of Dodge
[BamF] The Badasserys
[Bane] The Children Of Terra
[Bang] Takashi Karhumettalla
[Bar] De Kroeg
[Bar] Omg Where Is My
[Bard] Circle Of Polish Bards
[Bard] Part Time Legends
[Base] Guild Base
[BcS] The Bouncers
[BdSm] Black Dragon Squad Mercenaries
[BdV] Bruderschaft Der Verdammnis
[BeX] B E X O R
[Bear] The Beserk Maniacs
[Beat] Silent Heart
[BeeR] Beer Make Me Happy
[BeeR] The Drunken Lords
[BeeR] Tyrian Beer Barons
[BeeR] United Beer Drinkers
[Beeh] O Senhor E Bom Pastor
[Beer] Elonian Beer Barons
[Beer] Pour Me A Pint Of Samuel Adams
[Beol] Manlove Rules
[Best] All Mighty Wizards And Wariors
[BgF] Belgian Geeks And Freaks
[BhLd] Dawn Of A Million Souls
[Bhal] Children Of The Murder God
[BiA] Bruans In Arms
[BiH] Born In Hell
[Bier] Heineken Vs Jupiler
[Bike] That Kid Stole My
[Bio] Bio Clan
[BkAA] Band Of Kaamelott
[BlaC] Differnt Shade Of Black
[Blac] The Black Hand Assassin Guild
[BliT] Blind Tower
[Blu] The Blue Syndicate
[Blud] A Chavy Vampire Drinks
[Blud] Dragon Finders
[Blue] Legion Of The Blue Blade
[BoA] Bringers Of Anarchy
[BoA] Brotherhood Of Ascension
[BoB] Il Band Of Brothers Il
[BoC] Brethren Of Chaos
[BoC] Bringer Of Carnage
[BoDC] Bookahs Of Devastating Carnage
[BoDD] Bastids Of Death N Destruction
[BoD] Blades Of Destiny
[BoD] Bound Of Destruction
[BoG] The Blades Of God
[BoI] Born Of Ice
[BoMB] Brotherhood Of Murderous Bedlam
[BoM] Blades Of Midnight
[BoM] Blood Of The Master
[BoM] Bored Old Man
[BoMs] Blood Of The Mystic Sparrow
[BoPD] Blades Of Pure Darkness
[BoR] Bones Of Rage
[BoS] Blade Of Souls
[BoSy] Tree Of Vitality
[BoTD] Brother Of The Dragon
[BoT] Brotherhood Of Thorr
[BoV] Bones Of Vengeance
[BoZo] Psycho Cyrcus
[Boli] Headshot W Noge
[Bond] The Critical Killers
[Bone] Followers Of Mjolnir
[BooM] Alliance Of Explosives
[BooM] I Boom Boom Pro
[Boo] Monsters I N C
[Boo] Superbad Team
[Boo] Without Fear And Without Pity
[Book] Let Me Write It Down In My Care
[Book] Look On My Profil Face
[Boom] We Need More Explosions
[BorN] Unborn Legends
[Boss] Brotherhood Of Sacred Soldiers
[BotD] Brothers Of The Dragon
[BotF] Blessed Of The Forgotten
[BotP] Band Of The Phoenix
[Bow] The Arrows Will Fall
[Boz] Blood Of Zion
[BrN] Brazilian Nemesis
[Br] Union Brazil
[Bro] Brotherhood Of The Dragonlord
[Bro] Cool Story
[Bro] The Brotherhood Of The Blades
[Bros] The Brethren Of Antioch
[Brsc] Broken Society
[BsC] Bloodsilver Clan
[BsK] Black Skorpions
[BsNc] Bamicktians Pride
[BsgA] Battlestar Ares
[BtK] Kings Hord
[BtL] Born To Laugh
[BuRn] Burning Undead
[BuRn] Solar Flux
[Buly] The Bully Chaps
[BunS] We Like Warms
[BurN] Martyrs To The Flame
[Burn] Dragons Of The Holy Flame
[BwB] Burning White Blades
[Bye] Disbanding As We Speak
[CAKE] Aperture Science Labratories
[CAKE] Strike Force Cake Testing Dept
[CALL] The Ravens Call
[CAM] Guilde Du Maintenon
[CAOS] Chaotic Fleet Of Terror
[CASH] Farmers Union
[CATS] Canadian Treasure Seekers
[CATS] Insane Obsessions With
[CAT] Celtic Azurians Of Tyria
[CAV] Order Of The Golden Spurs
[CA] Caducus Angelus
[CA] Celestial Armada
[CA] Changed Alliance
[CA] Chronos Angels
[CA] Codex Arena
[CBBQ] Charr Broiled Bad Guy Barbecue
[CBD] Clan Blood Dragons
[CBE] Cold Black Eyes
[CBN] Comite De La Biere De Nains
[CBR] Chaos Breeding Reign
[CBSG] Clan By Starry Guy
[CBS] Cold Summer Breeze
[CBS] La Compagnie De La Biere Sacre
[CB] Chronic Brotherhood
[CB] The Crimson Brigade
[CCCP] Advanced Technology
[CCCP] Curlys Courageous Crazy People
[CCCP] Freedom Warriors
[CCCP] In Soviet Russia Altar Caps You
[CCC] Crimson Carapace Clan
[CCC] The Canthas Cleanup Crew
[CCG] Christ Centered Gamers
[CCM] Central Council Of The Midlands
[CCR] Cauchemar De Dragon
[CC] Contra Clan
[CC] Crimson Cross
[CDD] Les Chats Du Desert
[CDG] Crimson Scourge
[CDG] The Death Armed
[CDH] Clan Dragonhawk
[CDH] Cranky Dead Heads
[CDH] Crimson Dragons Of Hell
[CDK] Cavalieri Del Kaos
[CDK] Chaos Dragons Knights
[CDK] The Crimson Dragon Knights
[CDRN] Le Culte De La Rive Noir
[CDT] Clan Der Tempelritter
[CDW] Crimson Dragoons Warriors
[CD] Cerebral Distortion
[CD] Cowboys From Darkness
[CD] Cruor Divinus
[CD] The Corps Of Desolation
[CELT] The Celestial Dragons
[CEL] Celeste X
[CEL] Clan Eternal Legion
[CEO] Twitch And Track Inc
[CEV] Cutres Et Vetras
[CE] Cold Eternity
[CE] Covenant Elites
[CFA] Clann Feasa
[CFM] Council Of Force Masters
[CFOM] Combined Forces Of Men
[CF] Cairdeas Fellowship
[CF] Christian Expeditionary Force
[CF] Crow Food
[CGFF] Castle Gate Freedom Force
[CGI] Crimson Guard Immortals
[CGR] Dudele Dulci
[CG] Cemetery Gates
[CG] Corrosive Games
[CHAF] Chaotic Fists
[CHAN] Chan Wu Clan
[CHAN] We All Visit Four Chan
[CHE] The Big Cheese
[CHFU] Charr Fighting Humans United
[CHI] Tsunami Chi
[CHOM] Champions Of Mythgar
[CH] Eid Genossenschaft
[CIA] Conlegium De Inferus Artis
[CIA] Corsair Intelligence Agency
[CIA] Secret Service
[CIEC] Ciecie Z Wegrowa
[CIE] Clan In Exile
[CITY] The Mafia Of Diablo
[CIXL] Ceasars I X Legion
[CInd] Croft Industries
[CKIE] Kitchen Pirates
[CKM] The Dark Killers Pl
[CK] Crimson Red Blades
[CKoP] Canadian Keepers Of Pain
[CLAN] Clan Lords Of Magic
[CLAN] East Coast Highlanders
[CLAW] Claws Of Ba
[CLAW] Kischandras Leidens Orden
[CLAW] The Claw Of Ascalon
[CLAW] The Courageous Legion Of A W
[CLAW] The Pride Of Lions
[CLA] Canada S Last Alliance
[CLD] Guild Destined
[CLK] Conclave Of Legendary Knights
[CLUB] Pink Fluffy Guild
[CLUE] Gamers Without A
[CLY] Clan Of The Lycan Warriors
[CMFP] Ca Me Fait Plaisir
[CMI] Coke Mule Immigrants
[CM] Candy Monsters
[CM] Croatian Maniacs
[CM] Le Cercle Mystique
[CNCL] Le Cenacle
[CNCL] Le Cenacle
[COBS] The Clan Of The Basting Shoebox
[COD] Chronicles Of Darkness
[COD] Citizens Of Death
[COE] Clan Of Elders
[COF] Crusaders Of Fortune
[COF] The Circle Of Four
[COGG] Coggnizant Dreams
[COH] Company Of Hereos
[COKE] Capitalists Of Kentish Empire
[COLD] Cold Remorse
[COLD] Dark Silver Knights Of Ice
[COLM] Clan Of Light And Compassion
[COL] Champions Of Luxon
[COME] Zhaitans Undead Armies
[COM] Lame Is Not Wel
[CONS] Bring Your Own
[CORE] Circle Of The Immortal
[CORE] New Lords Of Apployon
[CORS] Les Maquisards De L Ombre
[COR] Childrens Of Raven
[COS] Champions Of Stonehenge
[COTC] Coven Of The Condemned
[COTH] Clan Of The Hand
[COTK] Clan Of The Knights
[COTL] Champions Of The Legion
[COV] Coalition Of Vengence
[COW] Champions Of The Black Wolf
[CO] Celestial Order
[CO] Chaos Oblivion
[CO] Children Of Orionix
[COtB] Celestial Order Of The Bow
[CPE] Clan Panda Exalte
[CPR] Crimson Phoenix Rangers
[CP] Continental Protectors
[CP] Creative Perfection
[CRAB] Clan Of The Crab
[CRAB] Crabs Walkin Among Mere Mortals
[CRIP] The Cripples
[CROW] The Crows Nest Guild
[CRY] The Knights Of Tormented Souls
[CRY] The Unforgiven Ravens Cry
[CR] Crimson Rangers
[CSA] Confederate Soldiers Ascalon
[CSN] Charr Slayers Of The North
[CST] Conans Tiger
[CS] Clan Sickness
[CS] Cobra Shadows
[CS] Conquering Soldiers
[CS] Crimson Sea Legion
[CTBZ] Cut Throat Bloodz
[CTC] Control The Chaos
[CTHC] Clerics Of The High Council
[CTHL] Children For Cthuhlu
[CTP] Cautious To Pursue
[CT] Crashteam Knights
[CT] Crimson Moon Tree
[CVI] Codename Valve Inc
[CV] Charter Vanguard
[CV] Fire Of The Covenant
[CV] Sea View
[CWA] Canthan Womens Association
[CWoB] Confessed Whispers Of Betrayal
[CY] The Chatiment Of Yevon
[C] C P X
[C] Comrades Par Excellence
[C] Crazed Country Rebels
[CaWg] Heaven Is A Pienis
[Cads] Rebel Rapscallions
[Cafe] We Like Go To Cafe
[Cain] Cains Headquarter
[Cake] Cupcake Brigade
[Cake] Les Delices De Pepito
[Cake] The Possessed Cakers
[Calm] The Everlasting Eternal Calm
[Cant] Wat Girls Do That Your Hand
[Cape] Hate The
[Care] People Matter So
[Cast] Castle Twothousand
[Cats] Maison Du Chat Noir
[CdA] Cazadores Del Anochecer
[CdD] Cavalieri Dei Draghi
[CdF] Cirque Du Folie
[CeNt] We Dont Need Your Two
[Celt] Celtic Wild Hunt
[Celt] Daoine Sith
[Celt] Scordisc Celts
[Celt] The Cruithne
[CfNm] Kids Goove Ketchup On Aqua Feet
[ChIt] The Cheezits
[ChPh] Checkered Phalanx
[ChUg] Beer Appreciation Society
[ChaR] Tigers With Stickz
[Chan] The Chan Clan
[Chao] Total Chaos Theory
[Char] We Still Pwn Charrr
[Chaz] Clan Chaz
[Chi] Chronic Insomniacs
[Chti] Guilde De Ch Nord Pas De Calais
[Clan] Clan Doli
[Clan] Clan Snow Bear
[Claw] Brotherhood Of The Tiger
[Claw] Marked Frostclaw
[Club] Lubricated Volcano Love
[Club] The Overachievers
[CmW] We Fight For The Commonwealth
[CneX] Clan Nexus
[CoA] Childrens Of The Adeptus
[CoA] Conscripts Of Ascalon
[CoA] Court Of Ascalon
[CoA] Crusaders Of Ancaria
[CoB] Covenant Of Balthazar
[CoC] Catalysts Of Cataclysm
[CoC] Commanders Of Chaos
[CoDP] Call Of Duty Pros
[CoDR] Clan Of The Dark Reaven
[CoDS] Cult Of The Seven Deadly Sins
[CoD] Cavalieri Dell Ordine Del Drago
[CoD] Celts Of Distinction
[CoE] Clan Of Eve
[CoF] Champions Of Fire
[CoH] Call Of Honour
[CoJ] Crusaders Of Justice
[CoJk] Crusaders Of Justice Kurzick
[CoK] Chronicles Of Kaos
[CoM] Crys Of Murder
[CoR] Chambers Of Ren
[CoR] City Of Refuge
[CoS] Chosen Of Sanguinius
[CoS] Colloquium Of Scholars
[CoTD] Crusaders Of Twilight Darkness
[CoT] Cavaliers Of Truth
[CoT] Crusaders Of Truth
[CoWs] Quick All Blame The
[Code] Champions Of Dreams Elite
[Codf] Children Of Dragonflame
[Cody] We Blame It On
[Cold] Port Sledge Snow Cones
[Cold] The Frost Gate Is
[Cold] Triangle Of Ice
[CooL] You Think You Are
[Cool] Black Rebbelion
[Cool] The Celestial Order Of Light
[Cool] The Flames Of Hell Il
[Copy] Back With A Vengeance
[Cor] Ignis Argentum
[CotD] Clan Of The Dragoon
[CotP] Covenant Of The Phoenix
[CotR] Clarity Of The Revelations
[CotU] Conqueror Of The Unicorn
[CotV] Cathedral Of The Vampyr
[Cov] The Coven
[CrS] Capricieux Rageux Et Sauvages
[CrSp] Crimson Spears
[CrY] And The Phoenix She Cries
[CrY] No Whiners Allowed
[CreM] We Are Free Warriors
[Crow] The Nights Watch
[CryG] Crystal Guard
[Cry] History Repeats Itself
[CsM] Cant Stop Me
[CsN] Cosa Nostra Crew
[Ctrl] Control Your Power
[Cuga] The Cugarie
[CulT] Cult Of The Templars
[Cult] Your Religion Is False We Are
[Cute] We All Are
[CwMG] Clockwok Meat Grinder
[CxC] Clan Crociati Italia
[Cy] I Power Of Cyprus I
[CzL] Czech Legends
[DAC] Dariad Adventure Club
[DAD] Deldrimor Arena Dogs
[DAD] Deldrimors Arena Dogs
[DAD] Droknars Arena Dogs
[DAD] Droks Arena Dogs
[DAFH] Diamond Dust Warriors
[DAGR] Kinslayers Daggers
[DAGS] Die Abgesandten
[DAH] Deadly And Hot
[DAH] Die Alten Helden
[DAIN] Dunedain Of Arda
[DAK] Dark Apocolipse Knightes
[DAOR] The Doomed Army Of Reapers
[DARK] Dark Angels Templars
[DARK] Dark Destroyer Knights
[DARK] Dark Knights Of Distorted
[DARK] Dark Knights Of Terror
[DARK] Dark Night World
[DARK] Dark Persona
[DARK] Darkness Embrace
[DARK] Eternal Darkness X
[DARK] Guardians Of The Black Dragon X
[DARK] Guld Of The Silence
[DARK] Omega Darkness
[DARK] Reign Of The Dark Phoenix
[DARK] Shaddow Guard
[DARK] Shadow Of Fallen Heros
[DARK] Shadow Spear Alliance
[DARK] Spiritual Darkness Xi
[DARK] Spiritual Darkness
[DARK] The Enternal Darkness
[DARK] The Knights Of Darkness Guild
[DARK] The Last Of The Dark Order
[DARK] The Neverending Darkness
[DARK] The Organization Of Darkness
[DARK] We Are In The
[DAVE] Doors And Vases Eradicaters
[DAWG] Dawn Of The War Gods
[DAWG] Demon Dawg Knights
[DAWN] The Akatsuki Elite
[DAWN] The Dawn Marchers
[DAWN] The Dawn Of The New World Order
[DAWN] The Organization Of Dawn
[DA] Descendants Ancaria
[DA] Deviled Angels
[DA] Dumbledores Super Army
[DAoM] Dark Angels Of Mercy
[DBAS] Dont Be A Sissy
[DBC] Death By Crackers
[DBF] Die Battlefront
[DBHK] Dark Blood Heaven Kingdom
[DBH] Darkest Brotherhood
[DBK] Dark Blood Knights
[DBL] Captains Of Her Heart
[DBL] Da Blood Line
[DBS] Die Bluthunde Satans
[DB] Chaos Burden
[DB] Dart Board
[DB] Death Band
[DB] Death Blossums
[DB] The Death Blow Team
[DBoD] Dust Bunnies Of Death
[DCB] Dark Cardinal Brigade
[DCD] Dead Can Dance
[DCG] Digital Conspiracy Gaming
[DCG] Drunken Chaos Guild
[DCPB] Divine Clan Of The Polar Bear
[DCS] Dragons Of The Crimson Sun
[DC] Chaotic Dragoons
[DC] Dark Crowns
[DC] Death Is Calling
[DC] Deserters Of Crimson
[DC] Digital Chantry
[DC] Divine Clan
[DC] Skies Of Arcadia Lovers
[DC] The Dark Conspiracy
[DDB] Dutch Doom Brigade
[DDC] Death Design Cult
[DDD] Dark And Destruction
[DDD] Disgruntled Dungeon Dwellers
[DDD] Dutch Drunken Dudes
[DDP] Depths Of Dis Project
[DDS] Daimyo Of The Dragon Samurai
[DDT] The Gozarians
[DDW] Dark Dangerous Warriors
[DD] Daniels Disneyland
[DD] Dark Dominators
[DD] Dark Dragons United
[DD] Dead Devil
[DD] Dead Razors
[DD] Dirty Dozen Inc
[DD] Dragones Diamantinos
[DD] Dragons Defile
[DDrD] Dark Dragon Defenders
[DDrk] Darksca Dark
[DEAD] Back To Kill You
[DEAD] Cant Kill The Fallen
[DEAD] Shadow Of The Corrupted Kings
[DEAD] The Dead Seven
[DEAD] The Dead Soul
[DEAD] The Divine Ghosts
[DEC] The Decepticons
[DED] Disciples Of Eternal Death
[DED] The Dark Eclipse
[DEEK] International Deekers Coalition
[DEL] Draconis Ex Luminus
[DERV] The Holy Dervishes
[DETH] Deths Advocates
[DEW] Disciples Of Epic Warlords
[DE] Destruction Equinox
[DE] Teh Dark Empire
[DFL] Defenders Of Funland
[DFM] Death Fears Me
[DFO] Disciples Of The Forgotten Ones
[DFW] Department Of Forest Walkers
[DF] Dark Forces Army
[DF] Dark Forgiveness
[DF] Darkened Fate
[DF] De Flowered
[DF] Defiant Fist
[DF] Delta Formation
[DF] Delta Formation
[DF] Desert Foxes
[DF] Dragons Fist
[DF] Dunklen Fuersten
[DGAF] Dont Give A Flying F
[DGAF] So Cal Trash
[DGDN] Dunkle Geschoepfe Der Nacht
[DGK] Death Knight From Above
[DGM] Dark Ghoulish Minions
[DGSE] L Ordre De L Aube D Argent
[DG] Desolation Gods
[DG] Destructo Guild
[DG] Diskordianische Gesellschaft
[DG] Ducks Guild
[DG] Gods Of Death Shinigami
[DHF] Dragons Of Heavens Fury
[DHG] De Hollandse Guild
[DHJ] Die Hero Junkies
[DHL] Dark Horselords
[DH] Da Huns
[DH] Death Harvest
[DH] Descendants Of Honor
[DICE] The Jokers Dragons
[DIE] Children Of Apocalypse
[DIE] Dirge In Elysium
[DIE] Draconis Immortalis Elites
[DIE] Spartan Death
[DIE] The Brothers Of Umbra
[DIE] We Will Never
[DIE] Zitadelle Des Todes
[DIII] Diablo Ill
[DIRE] Dire Eve
[DI] Deadly Intelligent
[DI] Divine Illusion
[DI] Dragon Inferno
[DKF] Dark Knightts Forever
[DKH] The Dragon Knights Of Holland
[DKI] Darkrai Gaming
[DKOC] Dark Knights Of Cantha
[DKOM] Dark Knights Of Melkor
[DKOV] Dragon Knights Of Vengence
[DKT] Dark Knights Of Tremere
[DKV] Danish Viking
[DKW] Dark Knights Of War
[DK] Donner Korps
[DK] The Danish Dark Kings
[DKoA] Draconian Knights Of Ascalon
[DKoR] Dragon Knights Of Rin
[DLA] Dreamland Assassins
[DLB] Dooms Last Bastion
[DLC] Die Letzte Chance
[DLG] Dai Lung
[DLRR] De La Rey Raiders
[DL] Dealian League
[DL] Demon League
[DL] Desolation Lords
[DL] Difensori Leggendari
[DL] Dragon Lourds
[DL] Drugmuren Leige
[DL] Drunken Legion
[DLoD] Dragon Lords Of Daein
[DMGG] Deadman Gang
[DMG] Death Masters Guild
[DMM] Druids Of The Mystic Moon
[DMU] Devious Minds United
[DM] Dangerous And Moving
[DM] Darkness Masters
[DM] Deaths Ministry
[DM] Destructions Minions
[DM] Team Diablomorrowind
[DMbS] Dean Martin Boozing Society
[DMrc] Diabolic Mercenaries
[DNA] Disturbed Necronomicus
[DNA] Master Knights Of Life
[DNA] National Dyslexics Association
[DNH] Die Namenlosen Helden
[DNO] Dark Noob Order
[DNRC] Dogberts New Ruling Class
[DNR] Deptment Of Natural Resource
[DNS] Dark Nephilim Of Sickness
[DN] Defiant Nation
[DN] Divine Nemesis
[DN] Drunken Noobs
[DN] The Dark Nachos
[DOA] Dragonriders Nl
[DOD] Dominion Over Demons
[DOD] Rins Dealers Of Doom
[DOES] Destroyers Of Eternal Souls
[DOE] Dwaynas Order Of Emissaries
[DOGS] Big War Dogs
[DOGS] Dancing On Graves
[DOG] Christian Disciples
[DOHL] Les Trepanneurs Dholyvons
[DOH] Dark Of Heart
[DOI] Dark Order Of Innoruuk
[DOJO] Dojo Crew
[DOKU] Arashikage Clan
[DOK] Den Of Killahs
[DOK] Dynasty Of Knight
[DOL] De Opressoliber
[DOMS] Dragons Of My Soul
[DOOD] Defenders Of The Ornate Dragons
[DOOK] Demolay Order Of Knighthood
[DOOM] Darkest Forces
[DOOM] Demonic Order Of Malevolence
[DOOM] Destroyers Of Other Mortals
[DOOM] Destroyers Of Our Miscreations
[DOOM] Doom Mortifer
[DOOM] Doom Umong Us
[DOOM] Little Sparkles Of Doom
[DOOM] The Darkest Knight Of
[DOOM] The Legion Of Shade
[DOOM] Titains Of Hell
[DOOT] Dark Order Of Tyria
[DOO] Druids Of Old
[DOS] Devilish Omen Stargazers
[DOS] Disciples Of Silence
[DOS] Donkies Of Sweden
[DOTE] Defenders Of The Eagles
[DOTR] Dragons Of The Rose
[DOTR] Dragons Of The Rose
[DOTT] Denizens Of The Tundra
[DOVE] Brotherhood Of The White Dove
[DO] Dark Order Of Hell
[DO] The Dragonic Order
[DOoH] Divine Order Of Heroes
[DOom] Descendents Of The Doomed Ones
[DPL] Dark Pheonix Legion
[DPOS] Deranged Pirates Of Society
[DPR] Dark Pheonix Risin
[DPS] Angry People With Pointy Sticks
[DPS] Dark Phoenix Slavers
[DP] Death Phoenix
[DP] Digital Pain
[DP] Drunk Party
[DP] Duchy Przeszlosci
[DPg] Devils Pumpgases
[DRAC] Blessed Dragon
[DRAG] I Discendenti Dei Draghi
[DRAG] X Dragonflames X
[DRAK] Draconian Jabberwocks
[DRAW] Drawn And Quartered
[DRC] Draco Mancers
[DRDP] Die Ritter Des Phoenix
[DRED] The Nightmarish Agenda
[DRGN] Allies Of The Dragons
[DRGN] Ancestors Of Melnibone
[DRGN] Burning Dragons Of Tyria
[DRGN] Draconus Reincarnatus
[DRGN] Spirit Of The Dragon
[DRGN] The Dragons Of Lifes Bond
[DRGN] The Endarkened Redemption
[DRGN] The Otherkin
[DRGN] The Path Of The Dragon
[DRGO] The Order Of Dragoons
[DRKF] Dark Flares
[DRKN] Drunks Really Know Nothing
[DRK] Die Runenkrieger
[DRL] Dragon Rune Lords
[DRMS] Draconistrarum Societas
[DRNK] En Vino Vertias
[DROE] The Dark Reunion Of Th Elras
[DROW] Dark Realm Of Wizards
[DRR] Elite Dark Dragon Riders
[DRSL] Dragon Symbol
[DRUG] The Perfect Drug
[DRV] Dragon Riders Of Vroengard
[DRZ] Dragonz Realmz
[DR] Dark Rabarbar
[DR] Dark Riders
[DR] Death Ravins
[DR] Devils Rejects
[DR] Dragons Royalty
[DR] Drunken Rangers
[DR] Dungeon Runners Refugees
[DR] The Dragons Rose
[DRnK] Wasabi Whisky Warriors
[DSA] Deadly Shadow Alliance
[DSCO] Disco Disco Good Good
[DSG] Daystar Guild
[DSG] Dragonslayers Guild
[DSK] Darkshadow Kights
[DSOC] Deth Shadows Of Catastrophe
[DSS] Down South Slayers
[DS] Dark Scouters
[DS] Death Strikers
[DS] Delusional Supremacy
[DS] Die Schattentierchen
[DS] Dioses Sagrados
[DS] Dragon Sitters
[DS] Dreaming State
[DS] Drunken Spartans From Hell
[DS] The Nintendo Ds Club
[DS] The Order Of The Destined Sages
[DSoW] Deadly Soldiers Of War
[DTA] Dragons Of The Afterlife
[DTCG] Duct Tape Chain Gang
[DTD] Doomed To Die
[DTF] Destined To Fall
[DTM] Desero Tra Macula
[DTS] Desktop Soldiers
[DT] Daedric Thrawn
[DT] Deranged Turtles
[DT] Destructive Tendencies
[DT] Divine Titans
[DT] Draconis Templari
[DUA] Down Under Alliance
[DUB] We Dominate Gee
[DUI] Demons Under The Influence
[DUI] Legendary Drunken Masters
[DUM] Sumthing Stoopid
[DUO] Demons Of The Underworld Order
[DUO] Just Us Loners
[DUR] Raging Retards
[DUSK] Descendants Of Shadows
[DUST] Slaves Of Quarterdust
[DU] Death Union
[DU] Death Unit
[DU두H] 옷 We Are The
[DVA] Dosen Verwertungs Anstalt
[DVDA] Dvdfs Away From The Game
[DVDF] Blu Ray
[DVDF] Dvd Forums
[DVDF] Going Fishing
[DVDF] Greener Pastures
[DVDF] Multum In Parvo
[DVDF] The Build Company
[DVIL] Devastating Illuminati
[DVM] Delusional Victory Massacre
[DWDQ] Dragon Warrior Du Quebec
[DWD] Dark Wolves Den
[DWD] Death With Dignity
[DWF] Darkworld Of Freedom
[DWK] Death Wish Knights
[DWL] Dragon Warriors Of Lewis
[DWOH] Deadly Warriors Of Hell
[DWR] Death Without Remorse
[DWS] Dark Wolf Society
[DWS] Dragons Wrath Society
[DW] Dark Warriors Of The Shadows
[DW] Die Witigonen
[DW] Diplomats Worriors
[DW] Drago Warrior The Red Dragons
[DYE] Dam Your Ez
[DZLZ] Die Zwei Lustigen Zwei
[DZ] Dueling Zombies
[DaC] Dacs Are Back
[DaC] Demonica Academy
[DaRK] Shadow Assassins Of Doom
[DaRK] Shadowz Of Dark
[DaRk] Devilz Of Vvar
[DaRk] The Darkest Nightz
[DaWn] X Dawn Brigade X
[Daco] Draco Valons
[Dae] The Daemon Warriors
[DarK] La Garde De Nuit
[DarK] Reunion Of Dark Eternity
[Dark] Be Afraid Of The
[Dark] Conclave Of Darkness
[Dark] D A R K F E N I K
[Dark] Dark Alliance Guild
[Dark] Dark Fire Nights
[Dark] Dark Order Of The Dragons
[Dark] Dark Watchers
[Dark] Darkness From Below
[Dark] Darkness Rises
[Dark] Enforcers Of The Night
[Dark] From Within The Shadows
[Dark] Guardians Of Midnight
[Dark] I The Knights Templar I
[Dark] Knights Black Shadow
[Dark] Knights Black Shadow
[Dark] La Dark
[Dark] My Darkness
[Dark] Night Thieves
[Dark] The Dark Edged Flame
[Dark] The Dark Hunters Of The Night
[Dark] The Gold Dragoons
[Dark] The Knights Of Holy Flame
[Dark] Whispers Of The Dark
[Dave] Dread Assault Vanguard Empire
[DawN] Guardians Of The Last Dawn
[Dbro] Ragn Cajun
[Dcf] Dominatius Chaotus Fuurus
[DdF] Danzantes Del Fuego
[Dde] Dragones Del Etereo
[DeAd] Rise Of The Living Dead
[DeHo] De Hollander
[DeTh] Deaths Immortal Legion
[DeaD] Ancient Valahia
[DeaD] Deadly Everlasting Assasinators
[DeaD] Death Dealers Brotherhood
[DeaD] The Apocalypsis
[DeaS] Death At Sunset
[Dead] Chaos Mentors
[Dead] Chaotic Legion Of Doom
[Dead] Death And Servants Of Death
[Dead] Dhuums Stolen Souls
[Dead] Equally Dead
[Dead] Il To Death Is To Life Il
[Dead] When Will We Die
[Deep] Deep Blue Sky
[Deep] Kanaxai Moves Like A Dwarf
[Deer] Deers Unlimited
[Defy] Los Banditos The Forgotten
[Deli] Piratte Legende
[DemO] Celtiberos Demoniacos
[Demi] Demigods United
[Derv] Blood Of The Dervish
[Derv] The Elite Dervish Guild
[Deth] The Death Cavaliers
[Deus] Deus Amo
[Deus] House Of Bloodrose
[DevL] Clan Devils Forces
[DexF] Dieux Flame
[DgT] Dutch Gladiator Team
[DgnE] Dragon Estos
[DiE] Silent Horns Never
[DiEs] The Nightfallen Knights Never
[DiEz] Destination Death
[DiN] Driven In Flames
[Die] Assassins Faction
[Die] Death Comes To Our Enemies
[Die] Its Not How You Live Its How U
[Die] Lord Kill A Lot
[Died] The Destructive Oblivion
[Dii] The Order Of Dii
[Dip] Skoal Rings In Our Blue Jeans
[DirT] I Disposable Heroes I
[Djnn] All Pro Dragon
[DnD] Demented Nocturnal Denizens
[DoA] Defenders Of Aderon
[DoA] Descent Of The Archangel
[DoA] Destiny Of Awakening
[DoA] Digital Sentinels
[DoA] Dorks Of America
[DoA] Dragons Of Autumn
[DoA] Margonites Vs Mcdonalds Addicts
[DoC] The Daemons Of Cantha
[DoD] Daze Of Defeat
[DoD] Defenders Of Draconis
[DoD] Defenders Of Droknars
[DoD] Defenders Of The Dark
[DoD] Dragonfighters Of Death
[DoD] Dwarves Of Doom
[DoDo] Double Doom
[DoDo] Endangered Feces
[DoE] Dark Knights Of Empire
[DoE] The Dragons Of Eisengard
[DoF] Deamons Of Fear
[DoHF] Dragons Of Hells Fury
[DoH] Darknights Of Heaven
[DoH] Demons Of Holland
[DoH] Division Of Hope
[DoK] Disciples Of Kurosawa
[DoK] Dragons Of Kratool
[DoL] Daemons Of Loki
[DoL] The Disciples Of Lyssa
[DoM] Real Teazer
[DoN] Debt Of Nature
[DoOA] Defenders Of Old Ascalon
[DoP] Dragons Of Purity
[DoR] Death On Request
[DoS] Dawn Of Shadows
[DoU] Demons Of Unholyness
[DoW] Discoverers Of Worlds
[DoW] Dogs Of War United
[DoW] Dragons Of Wind
[Dod] Heavens Avenging
[Dogs] Celina Slayers
[Doh] Return To Outpost
[DooC] Doctors Of Our County
[DooM] Nocturne Of Doom
[DooM] X X Destroyers X X
[Doom] Dark Brotherhood Of Hell
[DotA] The Darkness Of The Abyss
[DotB] Defenders Of The Blackblade
[DotV] Descendants Of The Vale
[Dott] Disciples Of The Tree
[Dove] Disciples Of Vengeance
[Dow] Dawn Of Worlds
[Down] The City Below
[Dpk] Destruktive Pestkrieger
[DrD] Dragonic Defenders
[DrE] The Draak Empire
[Drac] League Of Draconosis
[Drag] Order Of Shadow Dragon
[Drag] Order Of The Burning Dragons
[Dren] Three Point One Four
[Drgn] Dragon Clan
[DrkM] Dark Midnight
[DsA] Dragonsage Apprentice
[DsE] The Dark Shadow Empire
[DsGm] The Darknes Spears
[DsH] Dutch Strange Heroes
[Dsh] Dark Shines
[DthD] Deaths Demise
[DuA] Drugged Up Assassins
[Dude] The Pwners Of Krytra
[Duo] The Epic Legendary Unstoppable
[Dusk] Dawn Of The Forest
[Duty] Above And Beyond Duty
[DvA] Devils Vs Angels
[Dvl] Devils Briggade
[Dx] Omg Who Put This Pig On My Cape
[EAR] Escola Americana Do Recife
[EAST] Hells Little Angles
[EA] Eternal Apostasy
[EA] Evil Arizing
[EBEN] Ik Zeg Goeiedag E B E N
[EBF] Fuzzy Little Critters
[EBW] Life Crusher
[EBW] The Earthbound Wraiths
[EBr] Elite Brasil
[ECCE] Ecce Deucas Throy
[ECC] Les Ecclesiastes
[ECDO] El Clan De Los Olvidados
[ECG] Endrum Collective
[ECP] Exor Cella Pinta
[ECTO] Leggo My
[EC] Eclectic Stewards
[EC] Electric Celerity
[EC] Elite Crusaders
[EDD] Emissari Del Destino
[EDEN] Immortal Thormentors
[EDGE] Double Edge
[EDG] Elite Dragoon Guards
[EDO] Elite Der Oniwa Banshu
[EDS] Elite Death Society
[EDV] Espada De Vitae
[ED] Ebony Dragons
[EEE] Egale Eye Evolution
[EE] Elite Empire
[EE] Empyrean Eagles
[EE] Enduring Empire
[EE] Eternal Enforcers
[EFG] Elite Of The Elite Farmer Guild
[EFG] The Epic Fail Guild
[EGD] Elite Golden Dragons
[EGG] Evilest Guild
[EGO] Eternal Guardians Of Order
[EG] Example Guild
[EG] Netherlands Army
[EG] Tyrian Destiny
[EHG] The Elite Heroes Guild
[EHL] Eternal Honor Legion
[EHM] Emissaries Of Hard Mode
[EH] Endless Honor
[EIA] Emerald Eye Of Ascalon
[EIG] East Indian Guild
[EIdR] Els Inquisidors Del Resplendor
[EKSF] Elite Knights Of Steel And Fire
[EKS] Epic Kindred Spirits
[EKTO] Y The White Sharks Y
[EK] Elysian Knights
[EKoA] Emerald Knights Of Arcadia
[EKoC] Egyptian Knights Of Chaos
[ELCO] Elambra Colarec
[ELF] Elite Luxon Farmers
[ELF] Elves Of Aman
[ELF] Keebler Cookie
[ELLO] Before We Kill You We Say
[ELVS] Pirates Of Graceland
[EL] Einherjar Legion
[EL] Elite Light
[EMB] The Embassey
[EMC] Enemies Must Cry
[EMPH] Empyrian Hammer
[EMPN] Empyrean Guardians Of War
[EMP] Ember Power Mercenaries
[EMT] Electric Musical Triangles
[EM] Ever More
[ENDN] Endless Night
[ENDR] Dragon Army Reborn
[END] Dark Fallen Will
[END] Omega Shutdown
[ENGL] Temple Of Engle
[ENL] Lightfoot Wrath
[ENTW] Do Deh Ek Prana
[ENVY] Dont Be Green Cuz U
[EOA] Elysium Of Angels
[EOC] Elite Order Of Combat
[EOD] End Of Discussion
[EOE] Emperors Of Elona
[EOL] Elements Of Lore
[EONS] Forgotten Eons
[EOTP] Epitaph Of The Twilight
[EOTW] Elves Of The Wood
[EPC] Environmental Players Club
[EPF] Elite Power Force
[EPIC] Leroy Crashed Our Party
[EPIC] X Epic X
[EP] Elemental Passion
[EP] Evil Panda Raiders
[EPoS] Elemental Priests Of Sol
[EQN] Empty Quarter Newhole
[ERIS] Ethereal Distortion
[ERK] Ever Ruling Knights
[ERM] Eternal Rangers Of Melandru
[ERRU] External Revolution
[ERoc] Emerald Roc
[ESOM] Elite Soldiers Of Mysterium
[ESP] Everlasting Sacred Path
[ES] Empire Of The Scorpion
[ES] Europian Saviours
[ES] Kurzick Elite Soldiers
[ETC] The Eternal Legion Of Champions
[ETN] Experts Training Noobs
[ET] Epitaph Transmutation
[EToC] Eternal Tormentors Of The Crypt
[EVA] Edelknechte Von Ahdashim
[EVA] The Evangelic Agnostics
[EVIL] Every Vilain Is Lemon
[EVIL] Gwen Is
[EVIL] The Evil Island Pirates
[EV] Turnverein Alt Ascalon
[EWA] Eternal Warriors Of Ascalon
[EWG] Epoch Waste Gaming
[EW] Electronic Warfare
[EW] Endemic Warfare
[EW] Esoteric Warriors
[EX] Ever Exiled
[EYE] The Defenders Of The North
[EYE] The Oculus Of Time
[EZLS] Zaphre Le Sildor
[Ebon] The Order Of The Ebon Night
[EcG] East Coast Guardians
[EcTo] Chosen Ones Of Calvin
[EcTo] We Kill The Price Of
[Ecto] Dragons Of Dhuum
[Ecto] Elite Ecto Farmers
[Ecto] Endless Crime Talented Officers
[Ecto] Immortal Ecto Demons
[Ecto] Virtual High
[Ecto] We Sell Our Bodies For A
[EdF] Elite Der Feuermagier
[Ed] Elegidos De Los Dioses
[Eddy] The Hallowed Be Thy Name
[Eden] Angels Ro
[Eden] Elysian Fields Ronin
[Eden] I Knights Of Eden I
[Edge] Speerit Edge
[EeRo] Horde Of Eternal Heroes
[Efit] Eternal Misfits
[Egc] Eternal Gaming Community Leet
[Eh] Elvas Heroes
[EiE] Everything Is Eventual
[EiS] Experiencedin Slaugher
[Eire] Eires Hopes
[EitD] Eyes In The Darkness
[EleM] Elementare Macht
[Elf] House Reginleif
[Elf] Hungarian Elves
[Elfe] Les Trois Tribus Eldar
[Elte] The Elite Army Of Narat
[Elvs] Mirkwoods Chosen
[EmHk] Order Of The Emerald Hellkite
[Emo] Death By
[Emo] Elmos Mind Owns
[Emo] Horde Of Blood
[Emo] Total Darkness
[Emos] Empire Of Sin
[EnEm] Endless Empire
[End] Dawn Of The End
[End] The Beginning Of The
[End] The End Of Destruction
[End] The Happy
[EnlF] Enlightened Flame
[Envy] We Are The Exception
[Envy] Why Are You So Green Cause You
[EoEF] The Eyes Of The Eternal Flame
[EoE] Envoys Of The End
[EoE] The Excessive Obsidian Elite
[EoR] Essence Of Running
[EoS] Elements Of Storm
[EoT] Elites Of Tyria
[EoT] Elyssian Of Tyria
[EoTs] Mad Faction Farmers
[EoTw] Tri Edged Avengers Of Twilight
[EoX] Empire Of Xone
[Eod] Eagles Of Death
[EotM] Elements Of The Mind
[EotN] Omg Gwen Is Legal
[EotN] Team Of The North
[EpIL] The Last Gai Pride
[EpiC] Epic Phailures
[Epic] Epic Failing Europeans
[Epic] Tri Ryche
[Epic] We Are Legends
[Equi] Keepers Of The Equilibrium
[Era] Prologue Of Searing
[Era] Third Era
[Err了] Untimely Demise
[EsP] Eternal Shadow Paradox
[Est] Alea Iacta
[Etnd] Esarus Thar No Darador
[Etrn] Fight Until Eternity
[EvE] Evolution E Games
[EvIL] Abaddons Asylum
[EvIL] Pride Of The Morning
[EvIL] Red Phoenix Rising
[EvIL] The Last Pride
[EvIL] The Return
[Eve] Angels Of The Eve
[Even] The Evenfeather Family
[Ever] Worst Name
[EviL] Eldars Of Darkness
[EviL] Generation Of Legends
[EviL] Saviors Of
[Evil] Blades Of Evil
[Evil] Forgotten Broken Dreams
[Evil] Omg Mob Of Raptors
[Evil] The Kings And Shadows
[Evol] League Of Extrordinary Ladies
[ExCT] Exalted Twilight
[ExC] Ex Convicts
[ExE] Equilibrium Entity
[ExE] When Wanderlust Meets Onslaught
[ExYu] Ex Yugoslavia
[ExpG] Expert Grimstad
[EyE] Eon Ynn Eos
[Eye] The Legendary Eyes
[Eyes] Failed To Real
[EzKn] Ezurian Knights
[FACE] Common Destiny
[FAE] Fair Folk
[FAIL] This Game Is Terrible
[FAIL] We Like To See You
[FAKE] All Of Our Names Are
[FALL] Cult Of The Fallen Phoenix
[FALL] Decretum Caedo Angelus
[FALL] Fallout Prime
[FAME] The Blame And Shame Bring Us
[FAOE] Fire Angels Of Elements
[FAP] Groupie Positions Available
[FARM] Farmers Gone Bad
[FARM] Fearsome As Raging Meteors
[FART] Giraffes From Hell
[FATE] Escape The
[FATE] Fates Journey
[FATE] Guardian Angels Of Fate
[FATE] I League Of Legends I
[FATE] Path Of Fate
[FATE] The Fallen Of Valhalla
[FATE] The Flameseekers Of Fate
[FATE] The Forbidden Blade
[FATE] The Order Of Fate
[FATE] X Bringers Of Fate X
[FAWN] Far Away Warrior Nation
[FA] Faithless Arrows
[FA] Falcons Ayre
[FA] Falling Angel
[FA] Felonious Assault
[FBB] Farferons Brave Fighters
[FBF] Founded By Fate
[FBT] Flood Of Black Tears
[FBW] Fuzzy Bunny Wrath
[FB] Forbidden Blades
[FB] Forbidden Brotherhood
[FC] A Forgotten Cause
[FC] Harcosok Klubja
[FDC] Ferocious Dragon Council
[FDC] Fire Dragon Clan
[FDDF] Fearless Dutch Dark Forces
[FDD] Fantasy Death Dealers
[FDD] Fratellanza Del Dormiente
[FDG] Clan Fudge
[FDG] Clan Fudge
[FDK] Fallen Dark Knights
[FDL] Flor Del Loto
[FDR] Furious Dragons Reign
[FDS] The First Dragon Slayers
[FD] Final Descent
[FEAR] Destroyers Of Ultimate
[FEAR] Fear And Chaos
[FEAR] Fighters Enter At Your Own Risk
[FEAR] First Ecounter Assault Recon
[FEAR] Forgotten Fear
[FEAR] Kistral Ultimate
[FEAR] One More Round
[FEAR] The True Witchers
[FEAR] Trepidation Of Grenth
[FEAR] Xeon Pirates
[FEA] Forgotten Elonian Angels
[FEB] Force Et Biture
[FEK] Fourever Knights
[FEX] House Fexdrion
[FE] Fallen Eagles
[FE] Fallen Elites
[FFAI] Fantasies Of Fire And Ice
[FFDP] Five Finger Death Punch
[FFE] Fatties For Ever
[FFFO] Farenheit Four Five One
[FFF] Fast Faction Farmers
[FFGW] Primeval Heroes Of Obliteration
[FFH] Frogs From Hell
[FFS] Balthazars Fallen Warmasters
[FFS] High Ping Victims
[FFXw] Final Fantasy X Wars
[FF] Adult Content
[FF] Faction Factory
[FF] Fendol Family
[FF] Final Fate
[FF] Freak Fighters
[FF] Furious Force
[FF] The French Flair
[FGK] Forever Guardian Knights
[FGR] Freedom Guardians Rebuilt
[FGT] For Good Times
[FG] Fair Gamers
[FG] Fair Gamers
[FHAP] Fashion Hosiery And Pantyhose
[FHB] Freier Handelsbund
[FHDC] Five Headed Dragon And Comp
[FHD] Forgotten Heroes Of Destiny
[FINE] Celestials Vengeance
[FINE] Fat Insecure Neurotic Emotional
[FIRE] Ala Mukies Lair
[FIRE] Angels Or Fire
[FIRE] Archsages Of The Begnion Empire
[FIRE] Aspects Of The Fire
[FIRE] Finding It Really Easy
[FIRE] Heart Of The Flame
[FIRE] Our God Is A Consuming
[FIRE] The Phoenix Shall Rise Again
[FIRE] The Rising Midnight Pheonix
[FIRE] The Temple Of Fire
[FISH] Fish Sticks
[FIST] Order Of The Rightous Fist
[FIST] Righteous Zealots
[FKTS] Forgotten Knights Of The Shadow
[FKTS] Forgotten Knights Of The Shadow
[FK] Elysium Haven
[FK] Forever Knights
[FK] Knights Of The Legion
[FK] Selene Temple
[FLCL] Guardian Legion
[FLG] Funloving Gamers
[FLK] Fredrikstads Krigs Laug
[FLK] Frente Liberacion Del Kanabis
[FLLN] Elite Of The Fallin
[FLY] Eternal Wingz
[FL] Faint Luminance
[FL] The Fatherless
[FLeM] The Forgotten Fat Cat
[FM] Die Freimaurer
[FM] Friendly Mafia
[FMoA] Formidable Minions Of Abaddon
[FNGS] Fierce Night Grants Sanity
[FOA] Fart Of Almighty
[FOD] Fall Of Destiny
[FOHK] Fellowship Of Honorable Knights
[FOHM] Flames Of Hueco Mundo
[FOI] Fame Of Infamy
[FOI] Fighters Of Illusion
[FOK] Fok Forum Junkies
[FOM] Fellows Of Mythgar
[FOND] La Fondation
[FOOD] Followers Of Orange Dragon
[FOO] Forces Of Odin
[FOS] Followers Of Seresen
[FOTC] Flight Of The Conchords
[FOW] Fists Of Wodin
[FOXY] Fox Warriors
[FOX] Fox Magic
[FOX] Havens Order
[FPF] Faction Paradox Fighters
[FPL] The Flemish Power Lions I I
[FP] Die Froschparty
[FPy] Frontline Py
[FRAK] Go Frak Your Self
[FRAT] Da Fraternity
[FREE] Aquintas And Veritas
[FREE] Free Spirts
[FREQ] Electronic Voice Phenomenon
[FRND] Friends Helping Friends Guild
[FROC] Flaming Rage Of Canthan
[FROG] Freaky Rebel Ok Guy
[FROG] Frogs Nights Of Hevn
[FROG] Golden Rangers
[FROM] Forgotten Realms Of Madness
[FR] Forza Romania
[FRoG] Forbidden Rage Of God
[FSD] Flying Space Dragon
[FSJ] Flames Of Shing Jea
[FSM] Fallen Soldiers Mist
[FST] Flying Sea Turtles
[FS\] Fatal Strikers
[FS] Fallen Sunspears
[FS] Fire System
[FS] Forbidden Sanctum
[FS] Fremde Seelen
[FS] Full Spectrum Il
[FTF] Fear The Fish
[FTG] Frost Tooth Guild
[FTS] Fourtwenty Stoners
[FTTG] Fast Track To Glory
[FTW] Big Huge Gigantic Brain Device
[FTW] Blood Knuckle Bandits
[FTW] Demonic Lineage
[FTW] Friends Of The World
[FTW] Fury Of A Thousand Weasels
[FTW] Rocket Surgery
[FTW] Sovereign Wardens
[FTW] White Mantle Justiciars
[FT] Urano Metria
[FUN] Jade Sea Stalkers
[FURY] Symbol Of Pain
[FURY] Unleash The Titans
[FUR] Ferrets Unity Of Rogues
[FUS] Shadow Unit Fox
[FUZZ] Cute Bumblefuzzies
[FWD] A Fate Worse Than Death
[FWTD] Fire Within The Darkness
[FW] French Winner
[FYC] Young Cannibals
[FYI] Follow Your Instinct
[FYK] Fck Your Crew Fck Your Clan
[FYRE] Flame Of Eternity
[FaR] Fameless And Rankless
[FaZ] Falling Angelz
[Fa] The Flames Of Azucar
[Fade] Death Greets Me Warm
[Fail] Retard Fleet
[Fail] The Frail
[Fair] Play The Game Right And Fair
[Fake] All Beautiful Girls Are
[Fast] We Eat Charr For Break
[Fat] I Team America I
[Fate] Brotherhood Of Fortunes
[Fate] Envoy Of Fate
[Fate] Fates Sorrow
[Fate] The Eternal Guardians Of Fate
[Fate] Tyrant Tamers
[Fate] Vengeance Of The Phoenix
[Fate] Your Destiny Lies With Us
[Fble] Fabled Titans
[FeAr] The Knights Of Torment
[FeaR] Fear Corridor
[Fear] Battlescars Knights Of Oblivion
[Fear] The Legacy Of Fear
[Fear] The Nightmare Crusade
[Fear] We Are Ur Nightmare
[FfrS] Fighters For Rising Sun
[FiRe] Risen From The Ashes Of Dragons
[FiRe] The Dragon Phoenix
[FiTn] Midnight Fistfight
[FirE] Phoenix Inferno
[Fire] Dont Play With
[Fire] Eternal Lords Of Fire
[Fire] Fire Maidens Of The Phoenix
[Fire] Guild Of Dragon And Phoenix
[Fire] Kilburn Alliance
[Fire] Phoenixs Fire
[Fire] The Ruby Brotherhood
[Fire] Why Are My Pants On
[FisT] The Steel Fist
[Fist] Brotherhood Of The Crimson Fist
[Fit] Ex Nihilo Nihil
[Five] The Kinship Of The Old Gods
[FlSt] Flying Steps
[Flux] Phantom Flux
[Flu父] State Of
[Fly] Charmed By Dragons
[Fly] Hit Ctrl Alt Del To
[Flyt] Winged Kingdom
[FnlR] Final Realm
[FoA] Fighters Of Auburn
[FoC] Fixed On Christ
[FoC] Followers O F Christ
[FoC] Freedom Of Celts
[FoC] Glory In The Highest
[FoC] Mark Sixteen Fifteen
[FoC] Tree Of Knowledge
[FoD] Fellowship Of The Dragons
[FoD] Forces Of Diversion
[FoD] Friends Of Dragondeal
[FoF] Fellowship Of Flanders
[FoG] Followers Of Glint
[FoG] Followers Of Greens
[FoH] Decay Of Humanity
[FoH] Factory Of Happiness
[FoH] Fear Of Humanity
[FoH] Friends Of Honor
[FoJ] Fighters Of Justice
[FoK] Family Of Killers
[FoL] Fellowship Of Light
[FoMD] Forces Of Mass Destruction
[FoP] Friends Of Ping
[FoQ] The Fellowship Of Quebec
[FoR] The Flash Of Runners
[FoRe] Forever Renegades
[FoSc] Fury Of Superior Chaos
[FoU] Fragments Of Unbecoming
[FoV] Flames Of Vengeance
[FoX] Fox Of Grenth
[FoX] The Following Of Xanthar
[FoXy] Alpha Foxys Outcasts
[FofD] Forces Of Fallen Dragons
[Food] The Guild Of Food
[Fool] Imaginary Friends Ownz
[For] The Forsaken House Of Guardians
[Fork] Cutlery Wars
[Fort] Forgotten Tribe
[FotD] The Fraternity Of The Disavowed
[FotF] Fire Of The Forgotten
[FotN] Fist Of The North
[FotP] The Flame Of The Phoenix
[FotR] Fellowship Of The Realm
[FotR] Flight Of The Rayven
[Fow] Balthazars Finest Crew
[Fox] Foxs Running Wild
[Fox] Kitsune Of Dwayna
[Fox] Red Foxs
[FrNd] Ryders Of The Sword
[FreZ] Martyrs To The Frost
[Free] Free Spirits United
[Free] Fremen Tribe
[Free] Live Your Life Live It
[Free] The Eternal Crusaders
[Free] The Onyx Shard
[Free] Virtual Refuge
[Free] Wts Felix
[Free] Yes It Is True
[Frog] Forget Me Not
[Frog] The Whizzo Chocolate Company
[Fs] The Fellowship Guild
[FtK] Full Throttle Killers
[FuBR] Forever Fubar
[FueL] Frostty Fiends Are Fully Fueled
[Fun] Girlz Just Wanna Have
[Fun] Not Quite Suicide
[Furs] Legion Of Tyrian Furries
[Fury] Berserker Dragon
[Fury] Marked By
[Fury] Primal Furies
[Fury] The Fury Of Vendetta
[Fuzy] Fuzzies Anonymous
[Fuzz] The Noob Police
[Fyah] Da Trini Posse
[GABE] The Cardboard Tube Samurai
[GAD] Guards Against Dishonor
[GAKH] Kamakazi Heroes
[GAME] Gods Among Mortals Eturnal
[GAME] New Spanial
[GANK] Kamakazi Tactics
[GARD] Guardian X Force
[GATE] Aegis Organization
[GAU] Gangsters Are Us
[GA] Golden Age
[GA] Grenths Advocates
[GA] Guardianes Alados
[GA] Gwardia Askalonu
[GBH] Grenths Blackened Hand
[GBL] Guardians Of The Black Lotus
[GB] Il Grifone Bianco
[GC] Guilded Crowns
[GDB] Dragon Blanc
[GDB] Guilde Du Dragon Blanc
[GDFT] Guilde Des Frere Tempete
[GDF] Guardians Of The Dragon Flame
[GDF] La Guardia De Fenris
[GDG] Golden Diers Of Grenth
[GDH] Guardianes Del Honor
[GDI] Global Defense Imperium
[GDI] Thee Global Defense Initiative
[GDR] Guardians Of The Dark Rites
[GDR] Guerre De Roi
[GD] Gathering Of Divinities
[GD] Gothic Devour
[GD] Les Gardiens De Dedales
[GD] Order Of Gothic Defenders
[GDz] God Dogz
[GEKO] The Red Hand Of Gecko
[GEKS] Grenths Elite Killing Squad
[GEMS] We Have Loads Of
[GENI] Gniee Guilde
[GEN] Ultimate Genesis
[GEOD] Geological Sensation Of Time
[GEZ] Gilde Einsammer Zocker
[GE] Glaenian Empire
[GE] Gohtzan Empire
[GE] Golden Elites
[GFA] Guardians Of The Fiery Angels
[GFC] Gfc Exclusive
[GFC] Gilgameshs Flying Circus
[GFDQ] Guilde Francophone Du Quebec
[GFL] Guardians Of Forbidden Light
[GFY] Good For You
[GF] Guardian Force
[GF] Swimming Monkeys
[GGO] Gusgizmo Cult
[GGPR] Go Go Para Rangers
[GG] Get Good
[GG] Goofy Glitch
[GG] Grace And Glory
[GG] Grammar Gorillaz
[GG] Guardians Of God
[GG] Masons Of Ascalon
[GGoD] The Global Guild Of Dark
[GHD] Grenths Helpdesk
[GHEY] Super Fruity Unicorns
[GHP] The Guild Of The Hearted People
[GHT] Sangius Crusaders
[GH] Germanitas Honestus
[GH] Golden Hamsters
[GILD] Great Indigo Laughing Dragon
[GI] Guilde Des Ivrognes
[GKT] Guild Of Kunnavang Temple
[GK] Glory Kingdom
[GK] Gnar Killers
[GLEN] Glengarry Fencibles
[GLG] Golden Lotus Guild
[GLOB] Global Friends
[GLS] Guild Of Light And Shadow
[GL] Garde Du Lys
[GL] Ill God Like Ill
[GL] Les Griffes Du Lynx
[GNC] Grande Neurone Condiviso
[GN] Guardianes De La Noche
[GN] Guild Nirvana
[GOAL] Guild Of Ambitious Lads
[GOAL] Tyria Domination
[GOA] The Gallant Knights Of Ascalon
[GOB] Glorious Order Of The Benign
[GOC] Cataclysms Servants
[GOC] Guild Of Cataclysm
[GOC] Guild Of Change
[GOC] Guild Of Choice
[GODS] Anjos Da Morte
[GODS] Awakening Of The Gods
[GODS] Burning Wraths Of Gods
[GODS] Deities Of Supremacy
[GODS] Embodiment Of Heaven Dwayna
[GODS] Gangsters Of Deadly Situations
[GODS] Gods Of Deaths Sanctuary
[GODS] Guardians Of Empires
[GODS] Guild Of A Thousand Gods
[GODS] Long Forgotten Gods
[GODS] Phoenix Prophesies
[GODS] The Apocalyptic Order
[GODS] The Black Lotus Mantle
[GODS] The God Of Knowledge Abaddon
[GODS] The God Of Secrets Abaddon
[GODS] The God Of The White Mantles
[GODS] The God Of War Balthazar
[GODS] The Lord Of Destruction Menzies
[GODS] The Mercenary Alliance
[GODS] The One True God Kormir
[GODS] The Whispering Gods
[GODZ] Ascendants From The Gods
[GODZ] Assassins Of The World
[GODZ] You Noob And We
[GOD] Gems Of Destiny
[GOD] Generation Of Dwayna
[GOD] Gods Patriots
[GOD] Groovy Order Of Demons
[GOD] Guardian Or Destruction
[GOD] Guardians Of Dreams
[GOD] Guards Of Doom
[GOD] Guild Of Devestation
[GOD] Guild Of Don
[GOD] Guild Of Doom A
[GOD] Guild Of Order And Dominion
[GOE] Guardians Of Empire
[GOFC] Guards Of The Fountain Court
[GOFS] Guild Of Falling Stars
[GOF] Guild Of Fleetwood
[GOG] Gears Of God
[GOG] Guild Of Gamers
[GOHS] Guardians Of The Holy Spirits
[GOLD] Cruel Slayers
[GOLD] Defenders Of The Lost
[GOLD] Gods Of Legendary Destroyers
[GOLD] Guild Of Lingering Distraction
[GOLD] Revenge Of The Golden Knights
[GOLD] The Final Act
[GOMC] Venom Elite
[GOMM] Guild Of The Mystic Masters
[GONE] The Guild Of Non Elite
[GONE] Why Are All The Good Names
[GONO] The Guardians Of The New Order
[GOOD] Darkways Lights
[GORD] Guild Of Raging Demons
[GORE] Glory Of Rebelz Everlasting
[GORG] Gods Of Rock Guild
[GOR] Guardians Of Redwall
[GOS] Guild Of Strength
[GOS] Guild Of Sync
[GOTD] Guardian Of The Dutch
[GOTG] Guardians Of The Grail
[GOTH] Gods Of The Shadows Of Hell
[GOTR] Gods Of This Realm
[GOTS] Guardian Of The Smurfs
[GOTS] Guardians Of The Stars
[GOTT] Guardians Of The Truthtruth
[GOT] Gathering Of Tweakers
[GOWT] Gods Of War Tugas
[GO] Game On Clan
[GPD] Guardians Of The Phoenix Dragon
[GPOF] Grand Parade Of Lifeless Love
[GPX] The Golden Pheonix
[GP] Gulag Preschool
[GP] Les Gardiens Du Phenix
[GRC] Made in Greece
[GRDS] Guards Of The Gate
[GRIM] A Grim Brotherhood
[GRIM] Devils Ghost
[GRIM] Reaping The Soul
[GROG] The Silly Nannies
[GR] Ghost Rock
[GR] Grenths Rejects
[GSDS] Guild Of The Seven Deadly Sins
[GSE] X I Green Street Elite I X
[GS] Good Samaritans
[GS] Grawl Sector
[GS] Grothmars Dragon Servants
[GS] Gulfstream El Taco
[GS] Gulfstream Owners Club
[GTA] Gildia Taniego Alkoholu
[GTBW] Guardians Of The Black Watch
[GTDC] Gelflings Of The Dark Crystal
[GTFO] Im Not Joining Your Guild
[GTR] Gatorade Evolution
[GUMO] Oni Gumo
[GUM] Bubblegum Dragons
[GUNS] Lost Soldiers Of Inzert
[GUN] Guns An Roses
[GU] Graceful Ubiquity
[GU] Gundams United
[GV] Goda Vos
[GWAM] Balthazars Army
[GWAR] Haven Of Chaos
[GWEN] Gwens Knights
[GWEN] Oeil Du Nord
[GWEN] The Afflicted Gwen
[GWFC] Last Of Pride
[GWG] Great Wall Guild
[GWII] College Of Autumn Blood
[GWII] Flameseekers Of The Mists
[GWII] Guardians Of The Heartland
[GWII] Little Bad Planet
[GWII] Title Hunters For
[GWII] Were Waiting For
[GWL] Guild Wars Latino
[GWN] Guild Wars Nation
[GWO] Gwonline Guild
[GWUK] Gloom Warriors Uk
[GW] German World
[GW] Lager Caras
[GWaF] Guild White And Fluffy
[GWen] Lore School
[GZR] The Geezer Guild
[GZ] Legacy Of Godz
[GaNg] Ghetto Fabulous Gang
[GaO] Go All Out
[Gang] Corleones Gladiators
[Gaze] Three Two One
[GbBr] Gutbuster Batleragers
[GdF] Garde Der Finsternis
[GdF] Geister Des Feuers
[GdN] La Guilde Des Nains
[GdO] Guardiani Di Ossidiana
[GdT] Gardiens Des Tenebres
[Gdll] Gominolas De Lima Limon
[GeAr] Inadequately Equipped
[GeAr] She Left With Half My
[GeD] Noob University
[GeMs] Guilty Angels
[Geld] Wir Tuns Nur Fuer
[GhFC] The Quickhit Fighters Clan
[GhTo] Ghost Town
[Gin] On The Rockz
[Glow] The Hedge Of Everlight
[Glw] Gullwings Hunter
[GoA] Guides Of Ascalon
[GoBD] Guild Of Bladedancers
[GoC] Guardians Of Camelot
[GoC] Guardians Of Carvahall
[GoC] Guild Of Cantha
[GoD] Guardians Of Dhuum
[GoD] Guardians Of Divinity
[GoD] Guild Of Driantis
[GoD] Ultimate Noobs
[GoD] We Are The Gods
[GoEH] Guild Of Extreme Heroes
[GoE] Glob Of Ectospasm
[GoFK] Guild Of Fallen Kings
[GoG] Guild Of Grocks
[GoH] Guardians Of Honour
[GoK] Genkai O Koeru
[GoK] Guardians Of Kyhlo
[GoL] Guardians Of Luxor
[GoL] Guardians Of The Light
[GoLd] Inadequately Retired
[GoOD] Grauniads Of Old Devotion
[GoP] Guardians Of Phoenix
[GoRM] Guild Of The Rising Moon
[GoRP] Guardians Of Role Play
[GoS] Group Of Strangers
[GoTH] Guild Of Treasure Hunters
[GoUP] Gods Of Unseen Power
[GoW] Guild Of Warr
[GoW] The Guardians From Ascalon
[Go] Tactical Maneuver
[Gobs] Guardians Of The Burning Sword
[GodS] God Walking Among Mere Mortals
[GodS] Guardians Of The Dragon Soul
[GodS] Guild Of Dark Shadows
[GodS] Guild Of The Dark Slayers
[God] God Of Eternal Darkness
[God] Martyrs Of Christ Followers Of
[God] The Tyrians Of God
[Gods] A Far Cry From
[Gods] Closest To Gods
[Gods] Dark Hands Of
[Gods] Dragon Slayer Knight Kingdom
[Gods] Gods Of Lankemar
[Gods] Gods Walking Amongst Mortals
[Gods] Grenths Black Dragons
[Gods] Grenths White Dragons
[Gods] Holly Gods
[Gods] Rising Nation
[Gods] Rulers Of Hueco Mundo
[Gods] Scions Of The Six
[Gods] Shadowform Made Us
[Gods] The Elite Guild Of Thy
[Godz] The Elven Choas Riders
[GofE] Globs Of Frozen Ectoplasm
[Gold] Traders Of Tyria
[Gold] We Love Our
[Gone] Why Are My Mates
[Gone] Why Is The Rum
[GooD] Grand Orchestra Of Destruction
[GooN] Xx Goon Squad Xx
[Good] Legion Of Heavens Order
[Goon] T H E Goonies
[Goon] The Goonies
[Gore] The Gothic Blood
[GotB] Guardians Of The Bloodstone
[GotC] Guardians Of The Cosmos
[GotC] Guards Of The Citadel
[GotD] Guild Of The Dam
[GotH] Gods Of The Hot
[GotL] Guardians Of Thee Light
[GotP] Guards Of The Peace
[GotZ] The Guild Of The Zodiac
[Goth] Team Vega
[GrL] The Lab Gr
[Gra] Gra Dilseacht Cairdeas
[Gras] The Guild For All To Share
[Grim] Dark Emperial Legion
[Grim] Grimoire Guild
[Grim] Order Of Grim Angels
[Grog] Tortuga Bay
[Grrr] Growling Angels
[GtBS] Guild Of The Blinding Shadow
[GuTS] Guile Of The Unbound Templars
[GvG] Emperors Fatal
[GvsB] Guthix Balance
[Gwar] Disciples Of The Lost Gods
[Gwen] Coven Of The Red Iris
[Gwen] Gwens Knights Of The Nine
[Gwen] Le Pacte Des Immortels
[Gwen] The Gwendal Invasion Force
[Gwfs] Guardians Of The Eternal Order
[HACK] The Mythic Alliance
[HAE] Alien Drum Bunny
[HAH] Hitman For Hire
[HAIL] All Hail The King
[HAIN] Hain Of Walhalla
[HALA] Habsburger Landsknechte
[HAND] Helping Hand Of Ascalon
[HAOS] Haos Legion
[HARD] The Decent
[HARD] We Are Hard Mode
[HATE] Methods Of Pure Madness
[HATE] The Legion Of Silence
[HAT] Heavenly Avengers Troupe
[HAT] Honor Amongst Thieves
[HAVK] Havok Inkorperatid
[HAWK] Pakt Der Falken
[HAWK] The Hawk Brigade
[HA] Hardmode Allstars
[HA] Hintarlant Altrui
[HA] The Decepticon
[HAaH] Heavily Armed And Happy
[HAnD] Heart Of Ashes And Dust
[HBD] The House Of Bear And Dragon
[HBK] Habatsu Deshi Kamisama
[HBM] Hesketh Bank Massive
[HB] Hetero Boyfriends
[HB] Hidden Blade
[HB] Hunters Bounty
[HCA] Holy Cross Army
[HCS] La Guilde De Elona
[HCS] Le Haut Conseil Des Sages
[HC] Abyssus Liberi
[HC] Hells Covenant
[HCar] Heroes Of Carlisle
[HDB] Holy Dead Boys
[HDC] Hoelle Des Cerberus
[HDK] Hard Days Knight
[HDK] Heavens Death Knights
[HDS] Hermanos De La Sombra
[HD] Heavy Disorder
[HD] Hevens Devils
[HD] House Of Defiance
[HEAL] Our Monks Cant
[HEAT] Sudden Rise In Temperature
[HEAT] We Melt The Jade Sea
[HEEL] The Great Achilles Myrmidon
[HEH] Happy Enchanted Heroes
[HEH] Punk Rock Elite
[HELL] Back Out Of
[HELL] Dirty Angels Go To Hell
[HELL] Elite Hellbreakers
[HELL] Exiled Guardians Of Hell
[HELL] Hades Immortals
[HELL] Infierno En Llamas
[HELL] Plonace Demony
[HELL] Satanic Mercenarys Of Hell
[HELL] Satans Playground
[HELL] The Armadas Immortals
[HELL] The Assassins Of The Underworld
[HELL] The Demon Hordes Of Nightshade
[HELL] The Fallen Angels Refuge
[HELL] The Hell Team
[HELL] The Sanctuary Of Fallen Angels
[HELL] You Can All Go To
[HELP] Guardian Archangels
[HELP] The Blazerz
[HERE] Fictional Evil Heroes
[HERO] Ascent Of The Hero
[HERO] Guardians For Life
[HERO] Heroic Dragons
[HERO] Heroic Empire Of The Rebel Ones
[HERO] Laptop Heros
[HERO] The Children Of Legends
[HERO] The Heroes Of The Five Gods
[HERO] The Legion Of Legendary Heroes
[HERO] The Undefeated Legends
[HESO] Hail Every Spoken Oath
[HET] Binge And Purge
[HEX] Hells Eternal Cross
[HFC] Hells Forthcoming
[HFD] Hellfire Demons
[HFE] Hard Fighters Europe
[HFW] Hell Fire Warriors
[HF] Hells Furnace
[HGG] Herz Gesinnung Geist
[HG] Fellowship Of The Holy Grail
[HG] House Gothica
[HHHH] Hating Hated Haters Of Hatred
[HH] Head Hunters Alliance
[HICK] The Impirial Drunkards
[HIGH] About Yea High
[HIGH] Highwayman And Friends
[HIGH] Stoner Sense
[HIGH] Stop Crime Legalize It
[HIGH] The Eagle Of The Night
[HIGH] We Always Stay
[HIM] Drunk On Shadows
[HIN] Leigon Of Gods
[HIRE] Phantom Freelancers
[HIVC] Hartz I V Company
[HKD] Destroyers Of Tyria
[HKHD] Hook Head Clan
[HKP] Heavens Knights Of Protection
[HK] Abaddons Krypt
[HK] Hellspawned Knights
[HK] The Holy Knights Of Cantha
[HLST] The Chosen Ones Of Light
[HLS] The Highland Soldiers
[HLoC] High Lords Of Chaos
[HMAG] Heavy Metal Adepts
[HMC] Heroes Must Conquer
[HMC] Hungarian Mmo Cubes
[HMF] Clan Hammerfall
[HMG] Harnmasters Guild
[HMG] Harnmasters Guild
[HMSG] Her Majestys Shannaran Guard
[HMU] Hardcore Militants United
[HM] Clan Heavy Metal
[HM] Heilutellaan Miekkaa
[HM] House Mckanade
[HND] Heross Never Die
[HN] Hall Of The Necronomicon
[HOAP] Hundred And One Killer Puppies
[HOD] The Hunters Of Darkness
[HOEZ] We Make It Rain On Dem
[HOFA] Heroes Of Fallen Angels
[HOJ] Heroes Of Janusys
[HOK] The Heart Of The Kingdom
[HOLY] Divine Creators
[HOLY] Heroes From Heaven
[HOLY] Holy Dragons
[HOLY] Silverwind Crusaders
[HOL] House Of Lordes
[HOL] The House Of Lordes
[HOME] Home Is Where The Heart Is
[HOME] The Old Folks
[HOM] Heroes Of Macedonia
[HOPE] Charr On A Stick
[HOPE] Faithful Spirits
[HOPE] Knights Of Hope
[HOPE] Lore Of The Arcane
[HOPE] Precursor Legacy
[HOPE] Spirit Of Faith
[HOPE] Spirit Of Faith
[HORI] Horizons Wow
[HOSS] House Of Swinging Swords
[HOS] Holy Old Smurf
[HOTT] Bladed Destiny
[HOTV] Hammers Of The Valkyrie
[HOT] Eternal Hands Of Tyria
[HOT] Heroic Order Of Tyria
[HOT] Hot Hunters
[HOT] Hotties R Us
[HOT] House Of Theives
[HOT] The Vekk Fanclub
[HOTd] Hunters Of The Dammed
[HOV] The Heroes Of Valhalla
[HOV] The Holy Order Of Vagabonds
[HOWL] Fenrir Cry
[HOWL] High Order Of Wolves League
[HOWL] Knights Of The Ninth
[HOWL] Our Wolves Have A Dragons Touch
[HOZO] House Of Zodiac
[HPX] Hellenic Phalanx
[HPY] Happy Froggies
[HP] Heavy Petters
[HRK] Heavens Royal Knights
[HRRS] Hor Rors
[HRSY] Clan Heresy
[HRT] Heroes Reyes Y Titanes
[HRUU] We Gat Dis
[HR] Heveans Rebels
[HR] Human Requiem
[HSBC] Revenge Of The Falcon
[HSR] Husaria Pol
[HSTL] Our Guild Leader Is Afk
[HS] Hades Sanctuary
[HS] Heaven Seal
[HS] Heavens Stalkers
[HSq] Hotel Squadron
[HTH] Halfway To Hell
[HT] Heavens Tears
[HT] Hyper Tugas
[HUGS] Friends On Gulid Wars
[HUGS] We Want More
[HUG] Honorable Underground Guards
[HUN] Hun Horda
[HURT] Someones Gonna Get
[HU] Hollywood Undead
[HV] Holy Vanquishers
[HV] The Shadowheart Vanguard
[HWMR] Whisper Rampage
[HXH] Brigade Fantomes
[HaHa] Los Borbotones
[HaHa] R O F L M A O
[HaHa] We Dont Joke Around
[HaLe] Hazardous Legion
[HaTe] No More Sorrow
[HaXX] Show Me Your Hard Mode
[HaX] Anets Most Wanted
[HaX] Double U Tee Eff Haxorsz
[Hall] No Loitering In The Guild
[Halo] The Angels Of The Chosen Ones
[Hans] Hamadryas Hans Legion
[Harp] Ascalon Harpers
[Hat] Team Asshat
[Hate] A Dark Shade Of Love
[Hate] Dark Hate
[Hate] The Forgotten Creed
[HawT] Summer Lovinz Fo Sho
[Hawk] Conclave Of The Shadow Hawks
[Hax] Alt F Four Equals
[Hax] The Doyen Council
[HbR] Hated But Rated
[HdN] Helden Der Neuzeit
[HdS] Regnum Tertia Chersos
[HeEt] Heroes Etc
[HeHe] The Green Dwarf Slayers
[HeLL] Fearless Heroes
[HeRb] Leaders Of The Green Star
[HeRo] Oo Murdered Oo
[HeRo] The Architects
[HeRo] X Heros United X
[HeVn] Messiahs Of Light
[HeaD] Place For My
[HeaL] Earth Gardians
[Hell] Dragon Riders From
[Hell] Hells Army Of Chaos
[Hell] Hells Demonic Elite
[Hell] Les Gardiens De La Haine
[Hell] Shadow Guardians Of Great Evil
[Help] Royals New Player Assistance
[Help] Wolfs New Player Assistance
[Hero] Anthem Of Unsung Heros
[Hero] Avatar Of Heroes
[Hero] Defenders Of The Divine Realms
[Hero] Federation Of Heroes
[Hero] Guild Of Lost Heroes
[Hero] Heaven Light On Us Heroes
[Hero] Heroes Die Last
[Hero] Heroes Of Bananas
[Hero] Rogues Of Destruction
[Hero] Spirit Of Heroes
[Hero] The Heroes Of King Arthur
[Hero] The Heroes Of Night
[Hero] The Heroes Of Tyria
[Hero] The Legendary Heros Of Hyrule
[Hero] The United Heroes
[Hero] Union Of Gladiators
[HiDE] Nowhere To Run Nowhere To
[HiT] Hiljaiset Tappajat
[Hi] Oh For F Sakes
[Hic] Drunken Gaurdians
[Hire] Mercinaries For
[Hiss] Ultimate Snakes
[Hita] Hita Freelance
[HoA] Heart Of Alexandria
[HoA] Heroes Of Anatolia
[HoB] House Of Bells
[HoB] House Of Blackrock
[HoCD] Heroes Of Coming Day
[HoCF] House Of The Crystal Flame
[HoC] Heroes Of Creed
[HoD] Hand Of Destruction
[HoD] Horus Of Darkness
[HoD] House Of Dragons
[HoD] The Hogs Of Destiny
[HoD] The House Of Davian
[HoE] Hell On Earth Gaming
[HoEk] Hall Of Exiled Kings
[HoF] Hand Of Fate
[HoF] Hand Of Fayte
[HoF] Healers Of Fate
[HoF] Hostages Of Fate
[HoGs] Order Of The Enraged Warthog
[HoH] Heroes Home
[HoH] Heroes Of The Horn
[HoH] House Of Hall
[HoHo] De Snowball Boot
[HoJ] Hallmote Of Justice
[HoL] House Of Lefem
[HoME] Healers On Mend In Excellence
[HoM] Eternal Conquerors Of Hard Mode
[HoM] Rich Mahogany
[HoMe] House Of Myrthe
[HoP] Heirs Of The Phoenix
[HoP] Hellions On Parade
[HoTC] Hierarchs Of The Covenant
[HoTO] House Of Trading Opportunity
[HoT] Hammers Of Thunder
[HoT] Heralds Of Twilight
[HoT] Heroes Of Talia
[HoT] House Of Tears
[HoT] Shaved Wookies
[HoT] The Great House Telvanni
[HoT] We Observe You In The Bathroom
[HoaT] Heros Of All Time
[Hobo] The Flaming Hobos
[Hod] Horror Of Demons
[Hof] Hounds Of Fenrir
[Hold] Chaotic Bonds
[Holy] Holy Angels Of Earth
[Holy] Holy Ragnarok
[Holy] The Holy Hunterz
[Holy] The Holy Service
[HooW] Heroes Of The Old World
[Hoo] Super Robot Monkey Hyper Team
[Hood] Robbing The
[Hope] Blood Of The Martyr
[Hope] Harbingers Of Phoenix Evolution
[Hope] Hopes Of Heven
[Hope] The Children Of Melandru
[HotF] Hammer Of The Fallen
[HotL] Harbringers Of The Lost
[HotR] Heros Of The Rose
[HotR] Heros Of Titans Realm
[HotS] Heroes Of The Sunset
[HotW] Home Of The Wise
[Hota] House Of The Abandoned
[Hp] Honest Protectors
[HsC] The Homeslice Crew
[HsG] Harbingers Of The Seven Gates
[HtA] Hammer Of The Almighty
[HtLD] Killing In The Name Of Grenth
[HtT] Hymn To Tourach
[HtT] Hymn To Tourach
[HuM] Hugin Und Munin
[HuRt] Wretched Riders Of Desolation
[HunL] Hungarian Legion
[Hunt] Gods Walking Among The Mortals
[Hunt] Gryphin Hunters
[Hunt] The Alliance Of Hunters
[Hush] Peace With Quiet
[HwDb] Harrowing Deathbringers
[HxC] I Used To Make Out With Medusa
[HxC] We Are Hardcore Slayers
[HxH] Hunters Of Illusion
[Hxh] Hunters X Hunters
[HyZ] Hyestani Zinvor
[IAD] Imps Against Drama
[IAF] Ilryl Ath Firaira
[IAM] The Great I Am
[IBR] House Md
[IBZ] El Fum De Eivissa
[IB] Infamous Brotherhood
[ICBM] Assured Mutual Destruction
[ICE] Brotherhood Of The Ice Dragon
[ICE] Dragons Of Fire And
[ICE] Ice Champion Elite
[ICE] Incredibly Cool Evaders
[ICE] Master Blasters
[ICE] Monks Of Ice Nine
[ICE] Phoenix Of Ice
[ICL] Infernal Chaos Legion
[ICON] Immortal Crusaders Of The North
[ICY] Icy Shadows
[ICs] The Integrated Circuits
[IDG] Imperial Dragon Guards
[IDID] Who Ate My Donkey
[IDK] Dont Know What To Name My Guild
[IDS] Irish Death Seeker
[ID] Illustre Drachenseelen
[IFA] Infinity Factor Alpha
[IFMB] I Found The Moa Bird
[IGA] Internet Gamers Association
[IGBI] Insania Brittania
[IGR] Imperial Grim Reapers
[IG] Immortal Godss
[IG] Internet Guardians
[IG] Isolated Guards
[IG] The Iron Genesis
[IGod] Immortal God
[IHOP] International House Of Pwn
[IHS] Chosen People
[IHS] In Hoc Signo Vince
[IIII] Illl Ill Il I Il Ill
[III] Gramy Trzy Po Trzy
[ILA] Imperial Luxon Army
[ILA] The Injustice League Of America
[ILC] I Like Cheese
[ILL] I Loath Lemons
[ILOK] Immortal League Of Knights
[ILTG] I Lost The Game
[ILoK] Imperial Legion Of Knights
[ILoS] Imperial Legion Of Sectolith
[IMBA] We Are Team
[IMD] Imperial Dominion
[IMF] Immortal Souls Of The Flame
[IMP] Universal Soldiers Imp
[IM] Immortal Dragoons
[IM] Inmortal Wariors
[IM] Irish Mafia
[INAM] I Need A Mime
[INEP] International Extream Players
[INFO] The Knights Of Chaos And Cake
[INLA] Irish National Liberation Army
[INRA] Invictus Rahaksr
[INRI] Les Chevaliers De La Mort
[INV] Team Invincible
[INV] The Invictus
[IODM] International Order Of De Molay
[IOMW] Isle Of The Mebrook Warriors
[IOTN] Invaders Of The Northlands
[IRA] The Irish Republican Army
[IRIS] Coven Of The Black Iris
[IRON] Iron Gods I
[IR] Immortals Rain
[IR] Infused Requisite
[ISB] Icy Swords Of Battle
[ISB] Intrepid Shadow Blades
[ISIS] Lupus Mortis
[ISL] Immortal Souls Legends
[ISO] In Spiritu Obitus
[ISP] Imperial Shining Phoenix
[ISW] Indestructible Soldiers Of War
[ITB] In The Buff Forever
[ITT] Invincible Tech Titans
[IT] Anet Nerfed
[IT] End Is Coming And Im Gonna Twit
[IVG] Imperial Valor Guard
[IVG] The Imperial Valour Guards
[IVI] The Vth Element Of Dark Heroes
[IV] Eyes Of The Condemned
[IV] Imperious Vengance
[IW] International Warriors
[IYF] Inyurface Gaming
[IZA] The Impending Zombie Apocalypse
[Ian] Xtreme Legends
[IdN] Irmandade De Nolani
[Id] Lethal Dosis
[Inc] Chipotle Mexican Bar And Grill
[Inf] Infinity Legend
[Iron] Eisen Kreuzt
[IsHE] The Way The Truth And The Light
[IvP] Ivory Phoenix
[JAAR] We Are Justified And Ancient
[JACK] Jacks Army Of Crazy Kurzicks
[JADE] Dragons Of The Jade Sea
[JADE] Empire Of The Jade Dragon
[JADE] Les Maitres Du Royaume De Jade
[JADE] Luxon Jade Assassins
[JADE] Prophets Of The Jade Phoenix
[JADE] Scarlet Night
[JAGG] Just Another Guildwars Guild
[JANS] Jade Allies Of Neptune Soldiers
[JAR] Judgement And Redemption
[JAS] The Jack Acid Society
[JD] Jade Reapers
[JD] Jericho Department
[JD] Just Desserts
[JEDI] Elite Fighting Forces
[JEDI] Jedi Master Academy
[JFL] Johns Fraggin Legion
[JG] Obi One
[JJ] The Stone Ball Icon
[JOD] Judges Of Death
[JOKE] Tell Me A Joke
[JOKR] This Town Needs And Enema
[JPS] The Jade Pearl Society
[JRR] House Of Hadorr
[JRR] The House Of Hadorr
[JRoX] Tracing Grotesque Decadence
[JSP] The Guild For Jsp Users
[JTC] Jade Tiger Clan
[JTHM] I Have Rats In My Anus
[JTRR] The Great Brotherhood
[JVF] Ju Ve Fenmiduye
[JaDe] Abusing The Jade Quarry
[Jade] The Kings Of The Jade Sea
[Jade] The Luxon Jadeites
[Jd] Jam Death
[Jely] Why You So Mad Cause You
[Jen] J E N O V A
[JiFa] Jisatsu Fanatics
[Ji] Enfants De Ji
[Jinx] Hi Jinx Rage
[JkT] Jedi Knight Team
[JoD] Jesters Of Death
[Joke] No Kidding
[Joke] Shush Our Xunlai Agent Tells A
[Joly] Jolly Giants
[Jp] The Canthan Defenders
[Jpn] Welcome To Shinjuku
[KAGE] Ketsueki Gouzoku Ronin
[KAIN] Kains Chosen
[KAMI] Okami Kuroi
[KAOS] Iceni Masters Of Kaos
[KAOS] Kaotic Silence
[KASS] Its Time To
[KASS] Ultimate Phoenixslayers
[KAS] Kuroi Akumu Sect
[KATS] Fire Breathing Tigers
[KAoS] The Kaos Breed
[KBC] Killbilly Corps
[KBL] Kilusang Bagong Lipunan
[KBS] The Knights Of Blood Sacrifice
[KB] Kings Blades
[KB] Komacrazy Bella
[KBoH] Kings Blades Of Honor
[KCD] Kill Crush Destroy
[KCOR] The Lysdexic Moore
[KCO] Knights Of Chaos Order
[KC] Kurzick Champions
[KCol] The King Cole Guild
[KDM] Krieger Des Malhorn
[KDR] Order Of The Peregrine Falcon
[KDSI] Knights Of Dark Storm Insanity
[KDS] Kinder Des Schnaps
[KDW] Krieger Der Welten
[KD] Khaotic Disciples
[KEGS] Kurzick Elite Guard Sodality
[KEK] Alisa Army
[KEL] Kurzicks Elitaren Legions
[KFC] Kentucky Fried Clan
[KFC] Koss Fried Charr
[KFC] Kryta Fried Chicken
[KFC] Krytan Fried Charr
[KFFH] Kurzick Fighters From Heaven
[KGB] Killer Green Buddah
[KGR] Knights Of Golden Rose
[KHF] Killer Heart Failure
[KH] Kaamelott Heroes
[KH] Karas Hur
[KIE] Kierian Crusaders
[KILL] Bloodthirsty Fighters
[KILL] Ill Kill You Loser
[KILL] Rampage Killer
[KILL] Renegade Underground Militia
[KILL] The Bountyhunters Guild
[KILL] The Great Slayors
[KILL] The Guild Of Killer
[KILL] The League Of Deadly Assassins
[KILL] The Shadow Of Fear
[KILL] Tyrian Titans
[KING] Angels Anarchy
[KING] Kings Beyond The Wall
[KING] Legendary Vanguard Of Ascalon
[KING] The Entity Of Royal King
[KING] The Fishers Of Men
[KING] The King Of Light
[KING] The Marble Clan
[KING] The Royal Lords Of Great King
[KING] The Spartans Of King Leonidas
[KING] We Beat You Worse Than Rodney
[KINK] Kinks Intrigue Naughty Knights
[KINS] The Eighth Sin
[KIP] Knights In Perpetuity
[KIRA] I Discepoli Di Kira
[KIRA] Kiras Followers
[KIRA] Knights In Righteous Action
[KISS] Knights Of Satans Service
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of Anguish
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of Balthazar
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of Death
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of Doom
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of Dynasty
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of Elysium
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of Enyo
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of Life
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of Lycan
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of Madness
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of Nosferatu
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of Primordus
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of The Avatar
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of The Cats
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of The Dragon
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of The Forsaken
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of The Gods
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of The Immortal
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of The Kurzicks
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of The Luxons
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of The Odyssey
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of The Order
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of The Phoenix
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of The Pirates
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of The Scorpion
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of The Sirens
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of The Sirens
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of The Titans
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of The Turtle
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of The Wyvern
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of Tiger
[KISS] Passionate Kiss Of Torment
[KITE] We Are The Squishy Ones
[KIW] Keepers Of The Infinite Wisdom
[KKoG] Kingdom Of Knights Glory
[KKoP] Kindred Knights Of The Phoenix
[KLF] Justified And Ancients
[KLRT] Killers Retreat
[KLT] Die Kinder Der Letzten Tage
[KMA] Kill M All
[KMA] Knights Of Kma
[KMD] Straight Outta Kamadan
[KNM] Ki No Miki
[KNR] Knights Of The New Republic
[KNTP] The Order Of The Knights Temple
[KOB] Knights Of Burtonia
[KODF] Knights Of The Demon Fist
[KODO] Knights Of Draconis Ordinis
[KOD] Kingdom Of Doom
[KOD] Kings Of Destruction
[KOD] Knights Destruction
[KOD] Nubs Anonymous
[KOED] The Knights Of The Ecto Dragons
[KOES] Knights Of The Eastern Sky
[KOFD] Kingdom Of Fire Dragons
[KOFF] Perakammarin Pojat Action Team
[KOFK] Knights Of The Forgotten Kings
[KOFL] Knight Of Fallen Lions
[KOFY] Order Of The Forever Young
[KOF] The King Of Fighter
[KOG] The Imperial Knights Of Genesis
[KOHE] Kings Of Heaven And Earth
[KOLD] Knights Of Lucid Dreams
[KOLD] Knights Of Lucid Dreams
[KOL] Kol Killers Of Light
[KOM] King Of Men
[KOM] Knights Of Moradin
[KONW] The Knights Of Nowhere
[KOOK] Keepers Of Odd Knowledge
[KOOL] Knightly Order Of The Lion
[KOPS] Knights Of Protective Sources
[KOR] Knights Of Respect
[KOSR] Knights Of The Soverign Realm
[KOS] Knights Of Selandia
[KOTD] Knights Of The Dragon I
[KOTD] Knights Of The Underworlds
[KOTD] Royal Knights Of The Dragon
[KOTN] Kings Of The Night Ryder
[KOUC] Kingdom Of Unholy Confessions
[KO] Defenders Of Gwen
[KO] Kjeldorans Order
[KO] X Knock Out X
[KOd] Brass Nuckles Beat You Down
[KRAK] Noobs Of Cleveland Asl
[KRAK] Noobs Of Cleveland Asl
[KREW] Alzmuth Thunder
[KRM] Knights Of The Red Moon
[KRON] Champions Of Kronos
[KSC] Knights Of The Sacred Chalice
[KSC] Knights Of The Silver Chalice
[KSL] Knights Of The Sacred Light
[KSPC] Knights Of Shiny Penny Castle
[KSS] Kurzick Samurai Squad
[KS] Kalaber Souls
[KTAC] Knights Of The Angelic Code
[KTM] Kill In The Name Of Me
[KT] Knights Templer Of Rin
[KT] Kyriak Temple
[KT] The Knights Templar
[KULT] Temple Of Vows
[KURZ] Kurzick Kings
[KURZ] League Of Extra Ordinary Gamers
[KURZ] Order Of The Fallen Legends
[KURZ] The Kurzick Revolution
[KURZ] The True Blue
[KURZ] The Unholy Zu Heltzan Knights
[KVLT] Order Of Teutonic Knights
[KWAK] The Knights Who Are Knights
[KWUM] Jinetes De Apocalipsis
[KW] Killer Wasps
[KYFA] Starrlight Fireblazers
[KaKs] Killers And Kickers
[KaVa] Kamikaze Vagrants
[Kaio] Clan Bahamut
[Kal] Los Linces
[KaoS] Angels Of Kaos
[KaoS] Kaos League
[Kaos] Chaos Clowns Of Hell
[Kat] Kat Kat
[KdK] Klingen Der Koenige
[Kegs] Barrels Of Beer
[Ken] Real Barbie Fans Hate
[KewL] Vanguard Of The Crimson Rain
[KiN] K I N D R E D S P I R I T S
[KiNg] The Kings Of The Earth
[KiSh] The Kindred Shadows
[Kill] Assasins Alliance
[Kill] Elite Knaves Of Grenth
[Kill] Elite Myrmidon
[Kill] Faction Rulers
[Kill] Guild Of Death Shadow
[Kill] Knights Assassins
[Kill] Knights Of Insurrection
[Kill] Murder Metal
[Kill] The Dark Ancient Of Ascalon
[Kill] The Two Spirits
[King] Camelots Legends
[King] Legendary Kings Of The Past
[King] Prehistoric Kings
[King] Reflectionz Of Perfectionz
[King] The Knight Hood Of Holland
[King] The Nercromancers
[King] The Zodiac Lords
[King] The Zodiac Order
[Kira] Weiser Mantel
[Kit] Phoenix Sniper Kittens
[KkO] Knights Of The Keyboard Order
[KmA] Kizz My Anthiia
[KoA] Keepers Of Ardara
[KoA] Knights Of Avern
[KoA] Knights Of Azuremyst
[KoB] Knights Of Balthorn
[KoC] Kirins Of Chaos
[KoC] Knights Of Caerleon
[KoDR] Knights Of Dark Renown
[KoDR] Knights Of The Dark Realm
[KoDS] The Knights Of Darkstar
[KoD] Kingdom Of Destruktion
[KoD] Kingdom Of Dragons
[KoD] Knights Of Dragonsbane
[KoER] Knights Of Elite Respect
[KoE] Kingdom Of Eleador
[KoE] Knights Of Echovald The Sequel
[KoE] Knights Of Echovald The Third
[KoE] Knights Of Echovald
[KoE] Knights Of Etheralwraith
[KoG] Knights Of Gryphon
[KoHG] Keepers Of Heavens Gate
[KoJ] Knights Of Jag
[KoK] Keepers Of Forgottens Knowledge
[KoK] Kings Of Korruption
[KoN] Kingdom Of Nosgoth
[KoN] Kings Of Norway
[KoNo] Knights Of Nasty Ogres
[KoP] The Nine Knights Of Pluto
[KoRn] I Like Pewp
[KoRn] The Knights Of Necropolis
[KoS] Kings Of Sherwood
[KoS] Knights Of Scarlett
[KoS] Knights Of Shadowpeak
[KoS] Knights Of Sorrow
[KoT] Kinsmen Of Tyr
[KoTp] Knights Of The Phoenix Realm
[KoV] The Knights Of Valis
[KoW] Keepers Of Te World
[Ko] K Othic
[Kogf] Knights Of Guardian Forces
[KoiB] Knights Of Immortal Blood
[KooK] Keepers Of Obscure Knowledge
[KooL] The Knights Of Old Legends
[Koon] The Koon And Friends
[KopE] Knights Of Past Empires
[Korm] Knights Of The Round Muffin
[Koss] Gettin High With
[Koss] My Girlfriend Left Me For
[Koss] My Girlfriend Ran Away With
[KotN] Keepers Of The Night
[KotN] Knights Of The Neworder
[Kow] Ordo Kow
[KsM] Viris Regis
[Kurz] Heroes Of Heltzer
[Kurz] The Face Of The Kurzicks
[Kw] Knights Of The Willow
[Kyn] Daedric Realm
[K尺乙了] Krazy Guild With Krazy People
[LADP] Les Ailes Du Phoenix
[LAF] Legendary Armed Forces
[LAG] Fat Kids
[LAG] Im Not Old I Just Got
[LAG] Legendary Assassin Guild
[LAG] Lions Arch Guard
[LAG] Lost And Gone
[LAI] Lords And Icons
[LAN] Les Adeptes De L Anthropie
[LAN] Les Aigles Noirs
[LAOL] La Orden De Leviatan
[LAST] Last Remainders Of Hope
[LAST] Remnants Of The Last Alliance
[LAST] The Last Remainders Of Hope
[LATA] Les Amis Tourbeurs Anonymes
[LA] Lost Atlantis
[LAoD] Immortal Fire
[LBAS] La Bande A Shymere
[LBL] Les Braves Luxon
[LBS] Le Bataillon Sacre
[LCA] Les Chevaliers Alcooliques
[LCDM] Les Chevaucheurs De Moutons
[LCDP] Le Cercle Des Protecteurs
[LCD] Les Chevaliers D Emeraudes
[LCN] La Confrerie N O I R
[LCS] Le Conseil De La Confrerie
[LCS] Liberty Crusade
[LC] Lucifers Closet
[LC] Lucifers Crusaders
[LDK] Legion Of The Dauntless Knights
[LDOA] Legends Defending Old Ascalon
[LDOC] Luxon Defenders Of Cavalon
[LDS] Legion De Las Sombras
[LDS] Lievs Death Squad
[LDT] A Lost Dragon
[LDV] Lame De Verite
[LD] Lightest Dark
[LD] Lord Destroyers
[LEAD] Soul Society Of The Phoenix
[LEAF] Hidden Konoha
[LEAL] Luxons D Elite Armados Y Listos
[LEDO] Les Eclaireurs Des Ombres
[LEDS] Les Enfants Des Sables
[LEET] Let Everyone Else Talk
[LEET] Lets Execute Em Together
[LEET] One Three Three Zeven
[LEET] The Combatant E Leet
[LEET] The Pro Squad Of Death And Doom
[LEEX] The Legend Gda
[LEN] La Estrella Naciente
[LEO] Leonin Flames Of The Shadow
[LEX] The Legion X
[LE] Lux Eternas
[LFE] Lol For Ever
[LFH] Lord Of North
[LFM] Live For Magic
[LF] Les Foireuseries
[LF] Les Freneti
[LFoC] Loyal Followers Of Christ
[LGA] La Gran Alianza
[LGA] Lilga Net
[LGA] Liquor Guns And Ammo
[LGBT] Rainbow Avatars
[LGDI] La Guilde Des Invincibles
[LGDM] Les Guerriers De May
[LGDM] Los Guerreros De Miriatha
[LGDT] La Guilde Des Tortues
[LGMC] Lan Games And More Community
[LGN] Legion Uprising
[LGQP] La Grenouille Qui Pete
[LGRD] Leet Gamers Of Radiant Darkness
[LGS] Legends Of The Golden Serpentsl
[LGS] Les Generaux Sacres
[LGTW] Legends Of Twilight
[LG] Ladehorn Gang
[LG] League Of Generals
[LG] Legends Guardians Il
[LG] The Legionanire
[LGoT] Legendary Guardians Of Tyria
[LHV] Liga Los Hispanos Vengadores
[LIAR] The Meahvricks
[LIA] Liandra Is Alone
[LIFE] Stuff Happens
[LILH] L I Lost Heroes
[LILO] The Guardians Of The Source
[LINK] The Missing Link
[LION] Legion Of The Nail
[LION] Order Of The Lionguard
[LION] The Lionheart Defender
[LIPO] Beautiful Peoples Club
[LITE] The Day Watch
[LITL] Lost In The Labyrinth
[LIVE] Protectors Of The Living
[LJ] Limburgse Jagers
[LKI] Legendary Killer Instinct
[LKOC] Luxon Killers Of Cantha
[LLE] La Lumiere De L Epsylone
[LLE] La Lumiere De L Espoir
[LLJK] The Goon Squad
[LLJK] The Goon Squad
[LLL] Lowland Lions
[LL] Legers Legion
[LLoT] Lost Legion Of Tyria
[LLtR] We Renegades
[LMAO] Gangsta S L U T Z
[LMTB] Leave A Message After The Beep
[LM] Lancre Morris Men
[LNE] Le Nouvel Equilibre
[LNLF] Les No Life Fr
[LNR] Legends Of The New Republic
[LNS] Lost Northern Star
[LOA] Labrys Order Of Amazons
[LOA] Legion Of Akavir
[LOBO] La Sombra Del Lobo
[LOBO] Lobos De La Sombra
[LOC] Lords Of Confusion
[LODA] Legion Of Devils Advocates
[LOD] The League Of Death Warriors
[LOD] The Lords Of Doom
[LOD] X Legion Of Doom X
[LOD大] Club Of A Thousand Pandas
[LOF] The League Of Friends
[LOH] Legionnaires Of Heaven
[LOLZ] I Did It For The Lolz
[LOL] Demons Of The Dragon
[LOL] Legions Of Libya
[LOM] Legion Of The Mustang
[LOOT] Kill Then Loot
[LORD] Heavens Hammer
[LORD] Lair Of The Red Dragon
[LORD] Legends Of Rapid Destruction
[LORD] Legion Of Lords
[LORD] Legions Of The Ruthless Dragon
[LORD] Lord Titases Followers
[LORD] Lords Of Divine Intervention
[LORD] Lords Of Ragnarok
[LORD] Storm Lords
[LORD] The Aussie Empire
[LORD] The Golden Gods
[LORD] Warlords Of The Three Continent
[LOST] Band Of Wayward Misfits
[LOST] Dont Follow Us We Are
[LOST] Legend Of Spartan Torture
[LOST] Lost Revenants
[LOST] Lost Souls Now United
[LOST] Nothingness Is Eternal
[LOST] Players Looking For Stability
[LOS] Legacy Of Strength
[LOS] Light Of Saala
[LOS] Light Of Shadow
[LOTF] The Legion Of The Forgotten
[LOTK] Lords Of The Kurzicks
[LOTP] Land Of The Papples
[LOTR] Disciples Of Isengard
[LOTR] Leaders Of The Righteous
[LOTU] Legends Of The Underworld
[LOUD] Not Quite Silent
[LOVE] Defenders Of The Pre
[LOVE] Guardians Of New Avalon
[LOVE] Kinetic Fantasy
[LOVE] Legion Of Veslarius The Eternal
[LOVE] Long Live The South
[LOVE] Lots Of Venim Eternal
[LOVE] Lycanthropes Of Ventral Exalt
[LOVE] Our Beaches Know True
[LOVE] Our Castaways Know True
[LOVE] Our Crabs Know True
[LOVE] Our Leviathans Know True
[LOVE] Our Pirate Kings Know True
[LOVE] Our Sea Monkeys Know True
[LOVE] Our Turtles Know True
[LOVE] Summer Of
[LOVE] The Killers From Down Onder
[LOVE] Thirteen Days Later
[LOW] Lords Of Woodland
[LPA] Ligue Pronostiqueurs Assoiffes
[LPE] Les Phoenix Eternels
[LPOA] Legendary Protectors Of Acalon
[LP] Light Passageway
[LP] Lucky Points
[LP] The Last Platoon
[LRB] Les Roules Et Boulets
[LRG] Lukov Royal Guard
[LR] Legio Romana
[LR] The Last Revolution
[LSA] Lunar Shadow Assassins
[LSC] Diablo Legion
[LSK] Loon Shadow Knights
[LSR] Luxon Sovereign Realm
[LSU] Legendary Saviors United
[LS] Herois Lusitanos
[LS] Last Sanctuary
[LS] Last Sovereign
[LS] Les Sauvages
[LS] Lightning Strikes
[LS] Lights Shadow
[LSoD] Lost Souls Of Doom
[LTDG] La Triade Des Gamers
[LTFW] League Of The First War
[LTGD] Legend Of The Golden Dragons
[LTK] The Last Templar Knights
[LTOL] The Last Templer Of Light
[LTP] La Team Phoenix
[LTP] Lost The Plot
[LTS] Last Team Standing
[LT] La Team Lt
[LT] Let The Unity Bloom
[LT] Lithuanian Alliance
[LUCK] No Skills Just
[LUCK] The Lucky Llamas
[LUDA] L Union Des Amis
[LUNA] Lunantisidhe Faerie
[LUSH] My Girls A
[LUST] Illusions Of Aphrodite
[LUST] Knights Of The Five Great Gods
[LUXN] Protectors Of The Dominion
[LUXN] The Luxon Leaders
[LUXN] The Luxon Sunspears
[LUX] Last Legion Of Ascalon
[LUX] Luxon All Stars
[LUXn] Luxcorp Inc
[LUZ] Luz Del Amanecer
[LU] L Uroboros
[LVLP] Lvl Up
[LVL] Time For Change
[LVS] Les Vieux Sages
[LWW] Legendary Wolf Warriors
[LWW] Lovers Of Whisky And Women
[LW] Last Way
[LW] Lothlorien Wraiths
[LW] The Kings Of Last Warriors
[LXG] Les Gentlemens Extraordinaires
[LYS] Gardiens Du Lys
[LaB] Biomedic Technology
[LaG] Forever And Ever
[LaLa] Phantastic Wabbit
[LaZy] Gee To Da Gee Cuz Ganksta Is
[LaZy] Guardians Of The Imperium
[LaZy] The Imperium Of Lazy Nation
[Lady] Men In Drag
[Lag] Mother Of All Excuses
[Laid] Laid Back Crew
[Lamb] Adams Eve
[LanD] Kirby In Dreamland
[LanD] Lion And Dragon
[Lap] Legendere Kaempfer
[Last] The Last Standing Dragons
[LawL] Fat Kids Lag Alot Irl
[Law] The Fist Of Kelemvor
[Lawd] The Coloured Hole
[Lcdv] La Confrerie Du Vent
[LdAA] Liga Der Abenteurer Ascalons
[LdFk] Likedeelers Devils
[Ldk] Last Dragon Knights
[LeA] Lupus Et Agnus
[Leaf] I Am But A
[Leaf] W H A L E
[Lech] No Mercy For Ducks
[LeeT] Chaos Dhuum Farmers
[LeeT] Leet Dynasty
[LeeT] Not Too Leet
[LeeT] We Eat Monsters
[Lgnd] From Heros To Legends
[Lgnd] Knights Of The Twilight Relm
[Lgnd] Legend Of Searing
[LiFe] Activities Of Daily
[LiKe] Like Minded Individuals
[LiT] Legends In Tyria
[Liar] Honesty Integrity And Honor
[Liar] Liars Cheats And Thieves
[Liar] You Aint Got No Pancake Mix
[LicH] Lich Lords
[Lich] Guardians Of The Lich Queen
[Life] Shiros Order
[Life] Time Eternal
[Life] Union Of Devoted Souls
[Life] We Live As We Dream
[Lion] The Lions Wrath
[Lips] I Want To Kiss Your Strawberry
[Lite] Century Of Twilight
[Lite] Light Creed
[Lite] Light Of Honor
[Live] I Figli Del Destino
[LjBh] Jade Sea Protectorate
[LoA] Legion Of Artemis
[LoA] Legion Of Avalon
[LoA] Lords Of Acheron
[LoAs] League Of Assasssins
[LoB] League Of Bones
[LoC] League Of Commanders
[LoC] Legacy Of Courage
[LoC] Lords Of Crabula
[LoC] The Elite Lords Of Chaos
[LoDT] Legends Of The Dragon Talon
[LoD] Leagues Of Deldrimor
[LoD] Legacy Of Darknes S
[LoD] Legion Of Defiance
[LoD] Legions Of Delphi
[LoE] Disciplez Of Homer
[LoE] League Of Elite
[LoEx] Lords Of Excalibur
[LoF] Legion Of Fulgrim
[LoGW] Legends Of Guild Wars
[LoGW] Legends Of Guild Wars
[LoH] Legend Of Honor
[LoK] La Cabale
[LoK] The Legion Of Kings
[LoKi] Magical Mayhem
[LoKi] Royal Order Of Chaos
[LoL] Legion Of The Living Apocolypse
[LoL] The Legion Of Light
[LoL] The Misguided Misfits
[LoLz] The Moon Sets Dawn
[LoN] Labyrinth Of Night
[LoN] Legion Of Noob
[LoOL] Sell Your Kidney And Buy Obsi
[LoP] The Legacy Of The Philosophers
[LoR] League Of Ruin
[LoST] Lost Legends Of The Mad King
[LoSt] The Unholy Crusaders
[LoTR] Legends Of The Forgotten
[LoT] Lords Of Tor
[LoT] The Legion Of Titans
[LoVE] League Of Vengeful Eternity
[LoWS] Legion Of Wolfsong
[LoW] Lord Of The Wars
[LoX] Lords Of Execution
[LoaD] Legion Of The Ancient Dragon
[Lod] Legacy Of Defiance
[Lod] Legis Futi
[LofV] Librarians Of Valhalla
[LolZ] Det Gra Kraniefoegeln
[Lolz] Warriors Of The Dark Void
[Loon] Loon Gamers
[LorD] The Royal Spartans
[Lord] Darkness Dragons Of The Light
[Lord] Death Monarck
[Lord] Kingdom Of Conquer
[Lord] Lords Of Ancient Ascalon
[Lord] Lords Of Andrexia
[Lord] Realm Of The Undead
[Lord] The True Lords
[Lord] The United Warlords
[Lord] We Ninjad Your Guild
[Lore] Forsaken Timeless Horde
[Lore] The Archivists Sanctum
[Lost] Lost Time
[Lost] Shadows Of Hades
[LotA] Lords Of The Ages
[LotD] Lords Of The Dead
[LotN] Legion Of The Nameless
[LotP] Lament Of The Phoenix
[LotU] Legions Of The Underworld
[Love] Deaths Sweet Revenge
[Love] Holy Order Of King Malru Hikari
[Love] House Of Broken Hearts And Lost
[Love] Lullaby For Love
[Love] S E X Masters
[Lp] Luxon Powaaaa
[Lpd] Kings Of Druck
[LuL] The Naked Cavaliers
[LuX] Use Your Head
[LuXe] Luxons Legion
[LuXn] Guerreros De Cavalon
[Luck] A Fistfull Of Charms
[Luck] Eternus Prosperitas
[Luck] To Be This Good Isnt Just
[Luff] Change Of Heart And Colors
[Lui] Tha Luis
[Lumi] The Luminaries
[Luna] Everlasting Luna Of Shibusen
[Luna] Luna Wolves
[Luna] The Black Arachnos
[Lurk] Instinctive Behaviour
[Lush] House Of Flying Drunkards
[LuxS] Lux Sheitan
[Luxn] Luxon Spies
[Luxs] Killing Of The
[LwC] Losers With Capes
[MAA] Mercenaric Army Of Assassins
[MAD] The Mad Hatter Brigade
[MAFB] Starvin Chillin On Lincoln Dr
[MAGE] Meet A Grim End
[MAG] Minions Of Asgard Guild
[MAI] Dareis Mai
[MAMA] Yo Mama United Way Woop Azz
[MAO] Russian Anarhy Army
[MASK] La Mascarada
[MASS] Reapers Of Mass Destruction
[MATH] Your Math Teacher
[MAT] Empire Matronnien
[MA] Malice Army
[MA] Marvelous Avengers
[MA] Srekcikssa Erutam
[MCL] Criptic Ninja Clan
[MCL] Exiled Ones Members
[MCL] Mori Celestiae Luna
[MCP] Maitre Controle Principal
[MC] Mandalorian Crusaders
[MC] Mystical Chaos
[MDK] Mystic Dragon Keep
[MDNT] Eternal Moon
[MDNW] The House Of M D N Warriors
[MDOD] Metal Dragons Of Death
[MD] Maxx Damage
[MD] Mystic Discipline
[MD] Mystic Divinity
[MEB] Dont Join This Guild
[MEEP] Biscuit Of Dewm
[MEOW] Cats Go
[MEOW] Guardians Light
[MERK] Kicked Four Nothing
[META] Metamorphose Of The Living
[METG] Metalists Group
[ME] Mental Equilibrium
[ME] Milestone Expedition
[ME] Milicia Epica
[ME] Mystic Empire
[MFI] Man Flayers Incorporated
[MF] Massive Failure
[MF] Millennium Fighters
[MF] Mortem Ferentes
[MF] Mucking Fuppets
[MFoD] Der Zenit Des Equinox
[MGA] Mature Gaming Association
[MGF] Mega Games
[MGK] The Mystery God Knights
[MGTS] Gathering Of Maggots
[MG] Miecz Gideona
[MG] Moon Light Guild
[MH] Metal Headz
[MH] Mostly Harmless
[MH] The Meanieheads
[MHoC] Mythical Heroes Of Cantha
[MIB] Mad Icey Bear
[MILK] Jono Lactates
[MINE] This Guild Is Mine
[MING] Mings Army
[MIRO] Les Amis De Mirodin
[MIST] Fighters From The Mist
[MIST] Souls Lost In Endless
[MIST] The Mistblades
[MJM] Nouvel Ordre De Phoenix
[MKDA] Mortal Kombat Deadly Allianze
[MKNL] Mk Kings Netherlands
[MKOD] Archaic Templars Of Twilight
[MKOD] Medieval Knights Of Darkness
[MK] Morexian Knights
[MK] Mystical Knights
[MLDS] Midnight Saints
[MLFA] My Life For Auir
[MLM] Meeting Of The Lost Minds
[MLN] Moonlight Nocturne
[MLRT] The Guild Of Mallrats
[MLW] Moonlight Warrior
[ML] Medieval Lords
[MMAD] Methods In The Madness
[MMD] Morbid Metal Dragons
[MMM] Masters Of Massive Massacre
[MMM] Mythical Magical Masters
[MMOE] Mature Mmorpg Elites
[MMR] Magmis Rebellion
[MMXX] Golden Dragon Players Till
[MMX] The Elemental Order Of Time
[MM] Masterminds Guild
[MM] Morporkian Mercenaries
[MM] The Minute Men
[MNEY] Guild For God Of Gold
[MNS] Midnite Sun
[MNTR] Miniturehero Guild
[MOAG] Big Albino Flaming Possom Posse
[MOA] Mobsters Of America
[MOBN] Shadowflame Syndicate
[MOB] Moon Onion Brigade
[MOB] The Caruso Family
[MOD] Bourne Brotherhood
[MOD] Made Of Dreams
[MOD] Metal Method Of Destruction
[MOD] My Own Design
[MOI] Monarch Of Insanity
[MOLD] Old Bold And Growing
[MONK] Bend Over And Smite This
[MONK] Monks Of Northern Kainiang
[MOON] Les Euroquois
[MOON] Moons Mystical Kingdom
[MOON] Only One Must Survive
[MOO] Panda Goes Moo
[MOO] The Evil People
[MORT] Independencia O
[MORT] La Taverne Des Morts Vivants
[MOS] Mercenaries Of Scorn
[MOTD] Masters Of The Desolation
[MOTU] Mist Of The Undead
[MOVE] Ladies Rhythm And Movement Club
[MPFG] Monty Pythons Flying Guild
[MP] Die Militanten Pazifisten
[MP] Midgar Pride
[MP] Queen Death
[MRS] Simplistic Chaos
[MSK] Brothers Of Maeseyck
[MSK] Brothers Of Maeseyck
[MSR] The Eternal Souls
[MSTR] The Masters Of Wisdom And Doom
[MST] Samson Vs The Vampire Women
[MSTz] Marauding Shih Tzus
[MS] Maitris Shadows
[MS] Midnight Strikers
[MS] Mystik Shrine
[MTCC] The Metallic Tinted Cheesecakes
[MTC] More Than Conquerors
[MTL] Champions Of Metal
[MTPS] Manifestation Of The Pure Soul
[MTS] Morituri Te Salutamus
[MT] Forever Mt
[MUD] I Leik Mudkips
[MUSE] Mystics Under The Silver Emblem
[MU] Mu Tants
[MVD] Mythic Vampires Of Dawn
[MV] Might And Valor
[MW] Melitele Warriors
[MX] Morbid X
[MYST] Knights Of Mysterania
[MYST] Mystic Nations
[MYST] Mystic Spiral
[MYTH] Crusaders Of Mythology
[MYTH] Mythicals Of Ascalon
[MYTH] The Supernatural And Mythical
[MaD] Majestic Dragons
[MaD] The Maddest Hatters
[MaSS] Guild Of Handicrafted Products
[MaX] The Biggest Wammo Of The World
[Maan] Moonlight Heroes
[Mana] Dragons Of Mana
[Maru] Kobayashi Maru
[Mash] Juggernaut Of War
[MatB] Mesmers Are The Bestmers
[Maw] Were Sitting Here In Ventrilo
[MdOA] Mandatum De Ortus Animus
[MeP] La Magia Es Poder
[MeRC] Irelands Mercs
[MeTa] The Tormenteds Angels
[MeVa] Melandrus Vanguard
[Me] Mistral Edge
[Meep] Die Behueter Des Meep
[Meh] The Champions Of Apathy
[Merc] The Mercenaries Of Midgard
[Merc] Unexpected Mercenaries
[Meta] Exploiting Broken Builds
[MfG] Mundane Fabulous Guards
[MfK] Mundane Fabulous Knights
[MiMa] Midnight Magnificient
[MiYu] Team Nadesico
[Mika] Mika Nakashima
[Mill] La Maschera Di Illusione
[Mine] My Guild Is Better
[Minn] American Terrorists
[Mint] Royal Tea Makers
[MisT] Elite Shadows In The Mist
[Misr] Merry Sunspear Romp
[Mist] Blood Mist Army
[Mist] I Silent Hill I
[Mist] Mirrored Imagination System
[Mist] The Order Of The Mist
[MkS] Marked Souls
[MkaY] Drugs Is Not Mkay
[MoA] Minstrels Of Ascalon
[MoB] Mercenaries Of Bodom
[MoB] The Kurzick Mob
[MoC] Master Of Chaos
[MoC] Messengers Of Chaos
[MoCa] Montka Cast
[MoD] Mullets Of Denravi
[MoD] Oo Masters Of Darkness Oo
[MoF] Ministry Of Fate
[MoG] Masters Of Gor
[MoGi] Mond Stein Gilde
[MoI] The Masters Of Illusions
[MoM] Master Of Minions
[MoM] Masters O Mayhem
[MoM] Masters Of Mitsubishi
[MoM] Memories Of Midgard
[MoNK] Shoo U Better Stay Away From My
[MoOr] The Blade Of The Silver Phoenix
[MoRe] We Arent In Pre Any
[MoS] Masters Of Serenity
[MoS] Mo Smokers
[MoT] Moon Over Terra
[MoV] Messengers Of Valhalla
[MoV] Minions Of Vengeance
[Moa] International Moa Society
[Mojo] Wicked Bad
[Mokk] I Play Runescape
[Mom] Better Than Your
[Monk] An Excellent Source Of Calcium
[Monk] The Obscure Monks
[MooN] Heros Of The Black Moon Kingdom
[MooN] Majestic Order Of Nymphomaniacs
[MooN] Moon Arrows
[MooN] Shards Of The Silvermoon
[MooN] The Moonlight Crusaders
[Moon] Council Of Twilight
[Moon] Coy Moon
[Moon] Moonlight Shadowz
[Moon] Moonlightz Shadowz
[Moon] Moonstar Warriors
[Moon] Passing Of The Lunar Eclipse
[Moon] Serenity Of The Night
[Mosq] Mosquitos Army
[MotM] Mists Of The Mountain
[MotP] Ministry Of The Phoenix
[MtA] M Ilita
[Much] When It Aint Dutch It Aint
[Muse] The Last Shot Ringing In My Ear
[MvM] The Undead Ravens
[MxR] Meiji Renegade
[MyTh] The Legendary Arcadia Keepers
[MyTh] We Are The Legends Not The
[MysT] Dark Apostasy
[Myst] The Black Revolution
[Myth] Legends Of Lost Ascalon
[Myth] Myth And Legends
[Myth] Mythology Of The Phoenix
[Myth] Tales Of Dragons
[Myth] The Myth Of Phoenix
[NAAB] Nightwind Arch Angels Of Blood
[NAGA] Rolling In My Five Point O
[NAKD] The Naked Pool Dancers
[NAK] Hellenic Warriors
[NATB] Necro Are The Best
[NAVY] Save The Navy
[NBK] Natural Born Killaz
[NBS] Nordischer Blutsturm
[NCS] Ninda Cats Society
[NDAY] Nightfalls Day
[NDP] Nocturnal Dirt People
[NDR] New Dragons
[NDR] Nine Days Redemption
[ND] Night Of Days
[ND] Noble Destruction
[NED] Dutch Freedom Army
[NED] The White Loins
[NEE] Keeper Of The Holy Handgernade
[NEIN] Frag Mich Nich Nach Einer Gilde
[NEI] Neio Nic
[NEI] Templique Solomonici
[NEK] Nouvelle Elite Kaotik
[NEK] Nouvelle Elite Kurzick
[NEMP] Nameless Empire
[NERD] Hardcore Gangsters
[NERF] Nerf Herders United
[NERF] Nerf Herders
[NERU] Lycanthropes No Ai
[NERV] I Evangelion I
[NERV] Imperial Haven
[NE] Nornirs Erben
[NFNE] Night Falls For The Night Elves
[NF] Night Fury
[NF] The Night Fallen Warriors
[NFoL] Nukkas Fo Life
[NGOA] Nobody Gets Out Alive
[NG] Nanners Gang
[NG] Nether Garde
[NG] Nether Guard
[NHG] The Guides
[NH] Noble Honor
[NH] North Helloreysers
[NICE] Perfectionists Cult
[NIG] G Nygar Brethers
[NIIT] The Knights Of Nit
[NIS] New Israeli Shekels
[NITE] Knights Of Tsubasa
[NITE] Screams In The Dead Of
[NITE] The Celestial Templars
[NITE] The Unholy Army Of The Night
[NITE] Unlimited Knights
[NJAB] We Are The Pro
[NJOY] Truth Of Solitude
[NKI] Neon Knights Inc
[NK] Nerd Clan
[NLF] Last Of The Immortals
[NLMM] New Legends Of Might And Magic
[NLMM] New Legends Of Might And Mystic
[NLT] Are We Friends
[NLT] Friends We Are
[NLT] Friends We Will Be
[NLT] We Will Be Friends
[NLT] Will We Be Friends
[NL] Dutch War Angels
[NL] Nocti Liberi
[NL] Order Of The Flameseekers
[NL] Regio Avengers
[NL] The New Legacy
[NMPT] Noob Mais Pas Trop
[NMS] Non Mihi Solum
[NMW] Nameless Masters Of War
[NM] Northern Monkeys
[NMan] Nightman Cometh
[NNN] Ninety Nine Nights
[NNs] The Necromonger Nation
[NOD] Bruderschaft Von Nod
[NOD] Nude Organization Of Dancers
[NOF] Nights On Fire
[NOIR] Elite Mercenaries Of Death
[NOIR] Elite Mercenaries Of Doom
[NOIR] Levrier De Lumiere
[NONE] Kono Yo No Kagirl
[NOOB] Fearsome Noobs
[NOOO] Jonas Brothers On Tour
[NORN] Alliance Of The Northern Luxons
[NOR] Nites Ofthe Realm
[NOR] Noble Order Of The Rakians
[NOS] Nation Of Soldiers
[NOTW] Keg Tree Victims
[NOVA] Glyph Of Lesser
[NOVA] Noble Order Of Valiant Angels
[NOW] We Need Therapy
[NOW] We Want Cookies
[NOX] Nox Sovereign
[NO] Order Of The Nameless
[NPC] Noob Population Control
[NPR] New Phoenix Rising
[NPTB] Nice Place To Be
[NPTB] Nice Place To Be
[NSQ] The Ninja Squad
[NSTY] Filthy Mc Nasty
[NS] La Noche De Las Sombras
[NS] Nait Soezn Moar Doun
[NTKU] Nice To Kill You
[NT] Legion Of The Natives
[NUBS] The League Of Extraordinary
[NUDE] The District Nudists
[NUFC] The Guild Of The Toon Army
[NUGS] Never Underestimate Good Souls
[NUTS] Squirrels Feeling My
[NUT] Estrellas De Nut
[NUTz] Nutz About Fun
[NV] Vanguard Of The North
[NWE] The New World Elite
[NWG] Northwest Gamers
[NWG] Nuclear Weasel Guild
[NWOP] Night Wizards Of Prague
[NW] Necropolis Warlords
[NXM] Natrix Maura
[NYTE] Darkest Nytemares
[NZ] Kiwi Kid
[NaMe] We Havent Got A Guild
[NaN] Infinity Into Infinity
[Naga] Green Snake Order
[Naga] Lord Of The Naga
[Naga] Serpents Of Wisdom
[Nard] Praying Mantis Gods
[Navi] The Silent Few Of Pandora
[NeMo] Three Men Vs A Bear
[Neci] Stricta Parata Neci
[Ned] We Are Fighters From The Shade
[Neko] Schrodingers Kittens
[Neph] Nefarious Nephthys
[Neri] Neri Dracone
[NexA] Nexus Alemanie
[NiNi] The Rabbits Of Caerbannog
[NiTe] Dark Creatures Of The
[NiTe] Dragons Of The Winter
[NiTe] Shadows Of The
[Ni] Knights Who Say Neeow Wum Ping
[Nice] Ask Me If U Are Luxon
[Nice] Nice Cream Of Ice
[Nice] Unsere Kleine Gilde
[Nigs] Chikins N Watermelons
[Niii] Los Guerreros Que Dicen Nii
[Nika] N I K A
[NinE] The Guardians Of The Pillars
[Ninj] Burning Sun Ninjas
[Nion] The Brave Will Fall
[Nite] Day N Nite
[NjA] Ninja Assasins
[Nka] Clan Nakamas
[NoBS] No Bull Sht Gaming
[NoD] Nemesis Of Darkness
[NoF] Naps On Fire
[NoNe] Show No Mercy For We Have
[NoTe] I Wrote Your Name In My Death
[NoW] Gemini Rising
[NoX] Ex Umbrae
[NoX] Infernal Divinity
[No] Novus Orsa
[Noir] The Society Of Evil
[None] None Guild
[Noob] NOOBS
[Norn] Les Conquerants Du Grand Nord
[Norn] New People Of The North
[Norn] Smells Like Bear Spirit
[Norn] The Norn Mercanaries
[Nos] Clades Gravior Omnibus
[NotR] Nights Of The Raven Warbirds
[Nova] Never Ending Hearts
[Nubi] In Nubibus
[Nubz] We Play With Our
[Nude] District Nudists
[Num] Berserk Band Of The Hawk
[Num] Order Of Numenor
[Numa] Guild Numa
[NutZ] Mental Assylum For The Hopeless
[Nuuu] Jora Is A Drag Queen
[NvAv] Shadow Slayers For Dark Power
[NvRm] Order Of The Greene Raven
[NwBA] Nordwall Bund Ascalon
[Nyth] Shadow Of The Betrayed
[OAA] Olive And Arrow
[OAG] Order Of The Ascendant Griffon
[OAK] Order Of Ascalonian Knights
[OA] Order Of The Azurelight
[OA] Ordine Ancestrale
[OBD] The Smuttynose Grendels
[OBE] Astral Travellers
[OBS] Order Of The Black Skull
[OB] Oath Bound
[OBro] O Brother Where Art Thou
[OCAU] Australian Community
[OCAU] Overclockers Australia
[OCD] Order Of Collateral Damage
[OCG] Order Of Celestial Guardians
[OCTO] The Octopus Ninjas
[OCW] The Order Of Crimson Wolves
[ODB] Old Dirty Boozers
[ODD] La Orden De Los Dragones
[ODIN] Eternal Kingdom Of Virtue
[ODK] Le Ombre Di Kryta
[ODL] Ordo Legatum
[ODP] Order Of Dead Poets
[ODS] Obsidian Dagger Squadron
[ODT] Order Of The Dark Templar
[OD] Omega Dragoons
[OEC] Order Of Eternal Contemplation
[OEK] Odins Elitekrieger
[OER] One Eye Red
[OE] Obsidian Eyes
[OE] The First Obsidian Edge
[OFD] One Flag Down
[OFS] Order Of Sigismund
[OFU] One For Us
[OF] Osvobodilna Fronta Slovenije
[OGC] Ogc Guild
[OG] Old Gamers
[OHG] The Order Of The Holy Grail
[OHL] Order Of The Hijo De La Luna
[OHX] Experientia Docet
[OLA] Ordo Lupi Albi
[OLC] Order Last Clan
[OLDP] Old Power
[OLD] Oak Leaves Of Darkness
[OLD] Ordre Legendaire Du Dragon
[OMAT] O M A T English
[OMA] Healing Hands Of Asacalon
[OMA] Obscure Monks Divine Sodality
[OMD] One Mind One Minute Death
[OMFG] Obscure Monks Foremost Guild
[OMG] Mind H A C K
[OMG] Omg Noobs
[OMJ] Order Of The Majestic Jayhawk
[OML] Our Martyred Lady
[ONC] Order Of Ninth Circle
[ONE] Heretics Brotherhood
[ONE] Origin Of The New Era
[ONE] The Legion Of One
[ONYX] Gilded Phoenix
[OOF] Order Of Fight
[OOK] Orphans Of Kukai
[OOMF] The Order Of Mystical Forms
[OOPS] Order Of Pointed Sticks
[OOP] Order Of The Phoenix I
[OOTH] Order Of The Hydra
[OPA] Oblivious To Pain And Agony
[OPA] Old Phartes Alliance
[OPW] Ogniste Ptaki Wojny
[OP] Of Palooka
[ORB] Order Of The Bunny
[ORB] Order Of The Righteous Blades
[ORCH] Reign Of Order And Chaos
[ORDO] I Luna Neblia I
[ORDO] Ordo Immemorium
[ORG] Oblivions Royal Guard
[ORK] Orkish Blood
[ORO] Orden Rebelde De Ogmios
[ORTn] Order Of Rose And Thorn
[OSH] Over Shining Horror
[OSK] Obsidion Sky Knights
[OSO] O Sheas Overlords
[OSO] Old Sith Order
[OSS] Order Of The Savage Squirrel
[OST] Ostrza Zanzibab
[OS] Organised Spam
[OS] Orion Syndicate
[OTEP] War Head
[OTFM] Order Of The Four Moons
[OTFM] Order Of The Four Moons
[OTH] On The Hunt
[OTL] L Ordre Des Traqueurs De Liches
[OTO] I Ordo Templi Orientis I
[OT] Order Of The Truth
[OTxB] Order Of The X I I I Blades
[OUA] Ordine Unicorno Aureo
[OUCH] The Burning Twins
[OVAL] Odavs Valiant Legion
[OVR] Order of Valor Revisited
[OVSR] The Eyes Of Loren
[OV] Odins Valhalla
[OV] Only In Vegas
[OWL] Ordained Wolves Of The Light
[OWL] Swift Owls
[OWL] The Athenians
[OWNS] The Elite Fellowship
[OWN] The Legion Of The Crusaders
[OWN] We Fight When Time Comes
[OWO] Old World Order
[OWO] Older World Order
[OW] Caught In The Zipper
[OW] Onlinewelten Gilde
[OW] Outlaws Of War
[Oath] Desciples Of The Sacred Oath
[Oath] Heroes Creed
[Oath] The Oath Of Blood
[Obby] Grandalf The Grey
[Obey] A Blaze In The Norhern Sky
[Obey] Guardians Of Strength
[OdS] Ordre Des Soupirs
[Oden] We Love Oden
[Oew] Old Elite Warriorz
[OfH] Outsiders From Hell
[OfO] Old Farts Only
[OgV] Old Gaming Veterans
[OhMy] Lions N Tigers N Bears
[OhNO] Unicornasaurus Rex
[Ohai] Warband Of Champions
[Oink] Ordre De Grouik
[Okly] Oclia And Friends
[Old] Retro Gamer Old School Kdoms
[OmG] Oh My Gawd You Again
[Omen] Broken Legion
[Omen] Final Oath
[Omen] The Omens
[Oneg] The Bloodstains
[OnoZ] Koss Smoked My Stash
[Onyx] Ghosts Of Onyxx
[Onyx] Onyx Moon
[OoD] Order Of Disorder
[OoF] Outlaws Of Comedy
[OoP] Order Of Pandora
[OoPx] Order Of Phoenix
[OoST] Order Of The Sacred Tongue
[OoS] Order Of Spirits
[Oo] Textual Tourettes
[OotD] The Order Of The Dragonstar
[OotR] Order of the Republic
[Oots] Order Of The Sentinels
[Oots] Order Of The Sun
[OpP] Oppium Populi
[Orc] Hordes Of The Dark Lord
[Orc] The Orc Horde
[Oreo] Twoblacks Andawhite
[Orim] Orbis Immolatum
[Orr] Orrian Vanguard
[Orr] Pirates Of Orrs Destiny
[OsL] Old School Legends
[Osok] One Skill One Kill
[OtDL] Ownage Of The Dutch Lions
[OtO] Ordre Des Templiers De Lombre
[Out] Kill Them All Let God Sort Them
[Out] My Vekk Has A Burn
[Outi] Outin Omat
[Over] It Aint Over Til Its
[OwLe] Fellowship Of Fierce Creatures
[Own] The Ones Who Never Fade
[Owns] Weenis Warriors
[Ownz] Knights Of The Dark Rebelion
[OxO] Les Lezards Gentillets
[O天O] Path Surpasses Even God Himself
[PACK] The Highland Wolves
[PAGN] Pagan Wizzards And Witches
[PAIN] Conquerors Of Pain
[PAIN] Never Surrender Never Back Down
[PAIN] Poslancy Grentha
[PAIN] Theater Of Pain
[PALA] I Paladini
[PATH] The Pathwalkers
[PAWS] Protector Angels Watch Silently
[PAX] Pax Et Quietus
[PA] Parental Advisors
[PA] Phoenixes Of Ascalon
[PBL] Pirates Of The Black Lotus
[PB] Prozac Bunnies
[PCB] Passion Crew Belgium
[PCP] Port City Pretty
[PCTL] Prydonian Chapter Of Time Lords
[PC] Phantom Commando
[PDA] Peregrinos De Ascalon
[PDC] Porticus Deorum Consentium
[PD] Psychic Distraction
[PDoA] Presearing Defenders Of Ascalon
[PENS] Pittsburgh Penguins
[PERV] The Purple Dragons
[PETS] The Mini
[PEZ] Newest Era Of Twilight
[PFA] Phoenix Fury Alliance
[PFB] Passion For Blood
[PFK] Poulet Frit Kentucky
[PFL] Plague Fire Legion
[PF] Phantoms Force
[PF] Portuguese Forces
[PFoA] Princess Fellowship Of Angels
[PGW] Paingiver Warriors
[PG] Project Guardian
[PHAL] Noble Phalanx
[PHAT] Phat Boys
[PHA] Phantom Coven
[PHCo] The Phoenix Company
[PHIL] Proudly Pinoy
[PHNX] Feathers Of The Phoenix
[PHNX] Phoenix Stormcrusaders
[PHO] Fire Phoenix Of Great Azeroth
[PHO] People Helping Others
[PHT] Phoenix Hunters Of Tyria
[PHX] Embers Of The Flame
[PH] Poison Shot
[PH] Primeval Heroes
[PHat] Expose The Pimp Hat Conspiracy
[PIE] Pain Is Extacy
[PIE] Pro Intellegent Exterminators
[PIGS] The Flying Pigs Of America
[PIGZ] The Pig Pen
[PIG] Hamstorm Nation
[PIMP] Brotherhood Of The Pimps
[PIMP] The Fergalicious Pimps
[PIMP] We Pwn You Like A
[PING] Play In No Guild
[PITA] Royal Pains
[PI] Primal Ice
[PI] Primitive Intiligenz
[PKKs] Twilight Of The Fallen Angels
[PLAE] Perfect Limit
[PLAT] Framers Market
[PLAY] Quit Whining And
[PLCZ] Protected Lair Combat Zone
[PLEB] The Biggyverse
[PLF] Pole Licking Flamers
[PLUR] Peace Love Unity Respect Credo
[PLZ] Dont Pwn Us Again
[PL] V Legion Lucyfera
[PMS] Power To The Maddness
[PM] Psychotic Monkeys
[PNAY] The Legion Of The Red Aguila
[PNOY] Descendants Of The Great Aguila
[PNOY] Legion Of The Black Aguila
[PNOY] Legion Of The Golden Aguila
[POC] Flame Of Heaven
[POET] Paladins Of Eternal Truth
[POE] Prophicies Of Extinction
[POFE] Protectors Of Four Elements
[POFH] Prophets Of Fire Heart
[POGA] Power Of Gold Angels
[POG] By The Power Of Greyskull
[POHE] Peak Of Human Evolution
[POH] The Palladins Of Helm
[POOP] Pirates Out On Parole
[POOP] Pooping Pals
[POS] Death Whisperers
[POTC] Anarchy Of War
[POTC] P O T C Refugees
[POTC] Pirates Of The Caribean
[POTE] Power Of The Elements
[POTO] Phantoms Of The Opera
[POTT] Hard Work Farmin Then Smoke Our
[POTT] Protecters Of The Throne
[POWR] The Last Of Zion
[POW] Prisoner Of Wars
[PO] Prodigy Of Otho
[POoF] Map Travelers
[PPC] Peter Pan Complex
[PPD] Protectors Of Phoenix Dragons
[PPL] Pusztito Pallos Legio
[PPP] Phresh Popcorn Playas
[PPP] Precious Party People
[PPRP] Hells Demon
[PRAM] La Guilde Des Premieres Amities
[PRJ] Peoples Republic Of Jon
[PRK] The Phreaks
[PROJ] Thunder Projeckt
[PROT] Protectors Of The Nights
[PRO] I Protectors Of Balthazar I
[PRT] Pixelated Pirates
[PRVG] The Praetorian Vanguard
[PR] Project Runeway
[PR] Purple Ravens
[PR] The Panty Raiders
[PSHU] Valahllas Einherjar
[PSN] Project Shadow Network
[PSP] Priory Of The Silver Phoenix
[PSST] Public Security Section Ten
[PSY] Psychedelic Striders
[PS] Palm Strike
[PS] Phoenix State
[PS] Team Project Shadow
[PTBR] Templar Brotherhood
[PTCS] Protectors Of The Crimson Sky
[PTG] The Professional Tough Guys
[PTHS] P T H S Malta
[PTH] Praise The Heretic
[PTK] Protectors Of Tyria Kingdom
[PTP] Peace Thrue Power
[PTRA] Team Pytormal
[PTR] Paladins Of The Rose
[PTTG] Pt Tuga
[PTW] Paladins Of The West
[PT] Os Lusitanos
[PT] Pioneers Of Tyria
[PT] Pluseu Team
[PT] Pohjolan Tassu
[PT] Psycho Titans
[PUB] Dragons Pub
[PUB] The Pub
[PULS] Heart Beat Of An Eternity
[PUNK] Pretty Party Punks
[PUNK] Punk Rockers Forever
[PURE] Prodigies Unite Rising Eternal
[PURE] Pure White Warriors
[PURR] Party Of Ultra Ravaged Relics
[PUSO] Puzzle Solvers
[PU] Pangaea Ultima
[PU] Penya Underground
[PVX] Champions Of Pvx
[PV트] Everyone Plays
[PWM] Phyrexian War Machine
[PWND] Cryptic Revolution
[PWND] Warriors Who Pwn
[PWNZ] The Best Pvp Guild
[PWN] Flames Of Rebellion
[PWNd] Lifeless Delirium
[PWR] The Last Survivors
[PW] Primeval Warriors
[PYRO] De Brandstichters
[PZ] Paladins Of Zakarum
[PaC] Playing To Be Together
[PaL] X Peace And Love X
[PaY] Crime Does
[Pack] Pack Of Thieves
[Pack] True Wolves Of Tyria
[Pact] Shadow Pact Vanguard
[Pain] The Dark Knights Of Pain
[Park] Linkin Guild
[Pate] Die Corleone
[Path] Rangers Of The Norn
[Paws] Snuggle Bunnies
[Pax] Pax Ubique
[PeP] Pillen En Poeder
[Pent] Pent Up God
[Pent] Pent Up Haven
[Pent] Pent Up Phoenix
[PerF] Persevering Flame
[PfA] The Phoenix From Ashes
[PfsD] Prepare For Some Doom
[PhD] Phoenix Dynasty
[PhD] Teh Academy
[PhD] The Guild Of Alchemy
[Pha] La Phalange
[Phd] Tyrian Parrotheads
[Phi] Brothers Of The Mystic Circle
[Phi] The Dragonfly Effect
[Phnx] Phoenix Tooth
[Phzx] House Of Phyzx
[PiE] Two Lezbos And A Fat Guy
[PiGs] U L House Of Flying
[PiP] Dunkoro Like Livia For
[PiPo] La Guilde Des Pipo
[PiT] Pugnans In Tenebris
[PiT] Pugnans In Tenebris
[Pi] The Legend Of Pi
[Pie] Polar Ice Eclipse
[Pimp] Party In My Pants
[Pink] Pink Unity
[Pink] Trolling In
[PkTs] Paketess Pro Deluxe
[PkoC] Peacekeepers Of Cantha
[PlKn] Platinum Knights
[Play] For Fun Only
[PmF] Pimp My Friend
[PmVt] Sleeping Sisters
[PnD] Phobos And Deimos
[PnH] Peace And Harmony
[PnaY] Da Roksorz Of Teh Pounay Magik
[PoA] Path Of Ascension
[PoA] Prophets Of Anarchy
[PoC] Pattern Of Chaos
[PoD] Pioneers Of Destiny
[PoE] Priests Of Eris
[PoK] Protectors Of Kyra
[PoP] Power Of The Phoenix
[PoP] Protectors Of The Peace
[PoP] T H E Lollypop Guild
[PoP] T H E Lollypop Guild
[PoS] Prisoners Of Society
[PoV] Protectors Of Vengeance
[PoW] Prodegies Of War
[Poke] Ancient Pocket Heroes
[Poke] Pokemon Fighters Guild
[Poke] The Order Of Pointy Sticks
[Pol] We Are From Poland
[Pool] Scousers Guild
[PotU] Princes Of The Universe
[Pow] Strike Of Power
[Pow] The Path Of The Wise
[PrOm] I Killed The Prom Queen
[PrPr] Pirate Pirate
[PraT] Praetorian Templars
[Pray] This Is Our Prayer
[Pre] I P R E I
[Pre] Presearing Royalty
[Prin] Prince Ruiks
[Pro] Protectorate Of Dragons Legacy
[PsN] Poison The Well
[Psy] Inside Your Head
[PtE] Preatorian Elite
[PuBe] Pure Beards
[PuNx] The Sacred Empire
[PuP] We Step On Puppies
[Pure] Ethereal Light Of Dwayna
[Pure] Pure Phoenix
[Purr] Kittens With Claws
[PvE] Absolute Pure
[PvE] Legendary Defenders Guild
[PvE] Professional Farmers
[PvE] The Forgotten Wolves
[PvP] It Hurts When I Pvp
[PvP] Pensioners Vs Puberty
[PvP] Pleasure Vs Pain
[PvX] We Can Do Anything
[PwNd] Team Pwned
[PwR] Pwr Guild
[Pwn] Pwnstars Of Pve
[Pwnd] Legendary Tactics
[Pwnd] Simon Says You Got
[Pwny] One Trick Pwny
[PyC] Craft And Magic
[PyC] Mbl Pycckue
[Pyre] Lords Of The Chromatic Flame
[Pyro] Ashen Phoenixes
[QCUF] Queens Champions United Forever
[QC] Emissaires De Grenth
[QOS] The Questers Of Souls
[QQ] Quality Before Quantity
[QRF] Quick Reaction Forces
[QTM] Quantech Military
[QUE] Gloire Au Quebec
[QWEK] Disturbed Ducks
[QXD] Quebec X D
[Qn] Quoted Nonsense
[Quak] We Eat Hamster Brains
[Quax] Achiteru Nuri San
[Quit] Everyone Fights No One
[Quit] Just Give Up
[RAAF] Air Force Aus
[RAF] Random Ascalon Fools
[RAGE] Amlighty Godstrike Of Hell
[RAGE] Profits Of Rage
[RAGE] Rage Of Gods
[RAGE] Route Ardue Du Grand Exil
[RAGE] The Imperators Of Balthazar
[RAGE] Undisputed Anger
[RAG] Les Wyrds Du Ragnarok
[RAG] Ragdoll Elites
[RAIN] Rainbow Rising
[RAMM] X Rammstein
[RAMP] Blood Razer
[RAMP] Blood Razer
[RAM] Ranger Animal Magic
[RAON] Royal Avengers Of The North
[RAR] Requiem Of Armed Revenge
[RAS] Righteousness And Salvation
[RATM] Rage Against The Machine M C V
[RATT] Headbangers Ball
[RATT] Time Fusion
[RAT] Radicals Against Tyrants
[RAVN] Black Ravens
[RAWR] Quit Barkin If U Dont Bite
[RAWR] Ready And Willing
[RAWR] The Dread Pirate Rogers Crew
[RAWR] The Harbringers Of Genocide
[RAWR] The Pantheras Eye
[RAW] Reaper At War
[RAZA] Voto Latino
[RA] Random Avengers
[RAiD] Rage Aganist The Demons
[RBD] Rush Backstab Disconnect
[RBRT] The Roberts
[RBR] Red Bird Raiders
[RBS] Rising Bladed Sun
[RBW] Royal Black Watch
[RB] Realms Beyond
[RCBS] Red Core Black Sky
[RCN] Royal Cellshun Navy
[RCUS] Ranger Crusaders
[RC] Rogue Confederation
[RDC] Rainy Day Champions
[RDC] Red Dragon Covenent
[RDC] Ruby Dragon Clan
[RDG] Royal Death Gods
[RDH] Rising Delta Hawks
[RDH] Rising Delta Hawks
[RDL] The Royal Dutch Lions
[RDON] Red Dragons Of North
[RDS] Red Death Squad
[RDV] Revoltin Development
[RD] Rangers Of Drakmore
[RD] Reborn Defenders
[RDoA] Royal Dragoons Of Ascalon
[REAL] Realm Of Forgotten Light
[REAL] The After Dark Club
[REAP] Realtors Of Pain
[REAP] The Godly Reapers Of Fate
[REDS] Red Riders
[RED] Reign Of Exiled Dreams
[REEF] Reefa And The Fourty Thieves
[REIN] Ciuin Scath Seirbhis An Banrion
[REM] Re Elected Magicians
[REN] Team Of Renegades
[REZZ] We Dont Need
[REZ] Happy Marronz
[RFE] Refuge From Exile
[RFI] Room For Improvement
[RFW] Ready For War
[RF] Resistance Force
[RGA] Rabid Goate Apparition
[RGA] Ridirian Guides
[RGK] The Royal Guards Of The King
[RGW] Red Gothic Warriors
[RG] Rejected Generation
[RG] The Royal Gaians
[RHC] Concrete Roosters
[RHoM] Royal House Of Minos
[RICH] Rich Kidz
[RIM] Rome Immortal
[RIOT] Recon Insignia Operations Team
[RIP] Hobos Of Armageddon
[RIP] In Pace Requiescat
[RIP] Michael Jacksons Avengers
[RIP] Requiem In Paradise
[RIP] Rogues Of The Azure Sanctum
[RIP] Xxx The Final Thrust Xxx
[RIR] Rogues Insanity Reigns
[RISE] From The Fire
[RISE] Loremasters Brigade
[RISE] Perfect Dawn
[RISE] X Lucifers Minions X
[RLC] Relick Best Guild
[RLEG] X The Red Legion X
[RLF] Return Of Lord Fowl
[RLR] The Lords Of Dragon Heart
[RL] Red Legionnaires
[RM] Ruthless Mafia
[ROAM] Sore Footed Adventurers
[ROAR] Born To Be Kings
[ROAR] Charr Broilerrs
[ROAR] Demonic Dragonfires
[ROAR] Rangers Of Ascalon Reunited
[ROAR] Realize Our Amazing Rebirth
[ROAR] Renegades On A Rampage
[ROAR] The Heart Of A Dragon
[ROAR] Warband Of Legendary Knights
[ROA] Represent Of Ancient
[ROB] Runelords Of The Bear
[ROCD] Rulers Of Chaos And Destruction
[ROCK] Pillars Of The Earth
[ROCK] Ruler Over Confused Kings
[ROC] Reign Of Caos
[ROD] Rage Of Destruction
[ROFL] Ring Of Fire League
[ROFL] We All Go
[ROHL] Remnants Of A Heros Luck
[ROI] The Republic Of Immortalis
[ROLA] Raiders Of The Lost Ark
[ROME] The Legions Of Spartans
[ROMS] Riot On Main Street
[ROM] Les Gens Du Voyage
[ROSE] Die Blutrosen
[ROSE] Eternal Dark Rose
[ROSE] Faith Of The Black Rose
[ROSE] Ordo Rosa Aurum
[ROSE] Sorrow In Vain
[ROSE] The Black Rose Rebellion
[ROSE] The Royal Rose
[ROSE] The Scarlet Heart
[ROSS] The Realm Of Shattered Silence
[ROS] Renegades Of The Shiverpeaks
[ROTA] Rider Of The Apocalypse
[ROTP] Return Of The Phoenix
[ROT] Leper Colony
[ROV] Realm Of Vilon
[RO] Dracula Guild
[RPF] Rising Phoenix Fighters
[RPGD] Rpg Dragonz
[RPGW] Rpg Warriors
[RPG] The Open Stage
[RPG] Vinculum Amicitia
[RPS] Russian Painkillers Syndikate
[RP] Just Credibility
[RP] Order Of Enlightenment
[RRC] Rancors Chosen
[RRM] Rise Of The Red Moon
[RRN] Rohars Roughnecks
[RRS] Red Rose Society
[RR] Riders Renegades
[RR] Rohans Reiter
[RR] Rohans Riders
[RSD] Revenge Of The Silver Dragons
[RSF] Restless Shadows Of The Forest
[RSG] Razor Sharp Gamers
[RS] Brotherhood Of Balance
[RS] Echoes Within Eternity
[RS] Raging Savants
[RS] Reign Of Supremacy
[RS] Restless Spirits
[RS] Romes Soldiers
[RTFM] Rise Of The Free Men
[RTLF] Rangers Of The Lost Forest
[RTL] Get Your Lightning Shield Its
[RTWM] Remnants Of The White Mantle
[RUF] Run For Fun
[RULE] Solar Royals
[RUM] Battle Beatles
[RUM] Raiderz Of The Lost
[RUNE] Brotherhood Of Silent Chaos
[RUNE] The Mystic Writers
[RUNI] The Order Of Rune
[RUN] When You See The Police
[RUSH] Force And Velocity
[RUS] Red Skulls Rus
[RUS] Wars Of Light
[RU] The Raiders Ultra
[RUiN] Reunited In Nightfall
[RWAE] Rebels Without A Existence
[RWD] Resurrected White Dragons
[RWP] Rising White Phoenix
[RWT] Menage A Trois Guild
[RXP] Prescription For Pain
[RYS] Rocking Yo Swag
[RaWr] We Bring The Hardmode
[Rabe] The Red And Blue Empire
[Rage] Elite Mystic Warriors Of Rage
[Rage] Order Of The Phoenix Dragon
[RaiN] Machiavellistic Gods
[RaiN] Martyrs To The Wave
[RaiN] Resistance Against The Darkness
[Rain] Bring The Reign
[Rain] Life Goes On
[Rain] Searching For Sanity
[Ram] Kommando De La Rey
[Ram] Raw Amber
[Rama] Die Wiesel Und Boecke
[Rang] The Ranger Brotherhood
[Rare] Fifteen Over Fifty
[Rave] Raving Moove
[RawR] Majestic Tigers
[RawR] My Kitty Goes
[RawR] Rabid Carebears
[Rawr] Hundred Headed Beast
[Raze] Demolition Season
[RdF] Ring Des Feuers
[RdS] Ressurected Dark Slayers
[RdY] To Isengard We Go
[RdwD] Reiter Der Weissen Drachen
[ReD] Renegade Destroyers
[ReS] We Forgot
[ReV] The Revolution Is Here
[ReVo] The Extraordinary Revolution
[ReVo] The Legendary Revolution
[Reap] Brotherhood Of The Reaper
[Reap] Grenths Executioners
[Reds] Redheaded Stepchildren
[RenO] The Benecia Renovatio
[Rest] The Gryphons Aerie
[Rest] The Wayfarers Haven
[Rev] Elemental Terrain
[Rev] Resolve Gaming
[RgGl] Order Of The Red Glove
[RiDE] Boy Toy Rodeo
[RiSe] Phoenix Of Ascending
[Rich] Farmers Of Abaddons Legion
[Ride] To Hell We
[Rift] Bring Back The Rifts
[Rig] Rig D
[Rin] The Ebon Vanguard
[Ring] Forgotten Ring Of Legends
[Ring] Order Of The Ring
[Riot] Lets Enjoy A
[Riot] Lets Start A
[Rise] Together We Will
[Rit] Binding Ritual
[Rmax] Les Legendes De L Ombre
[RnR] Ranger Renegades
[RnR] Rewritten Remnants
[RnS] Rubies N Sapphires
[RoA] Revelations Of Apollyon
[RoA] Rider Of Apocalypse
[RoBF] The Rangers Of The Black Flame
[RoB] Rangers Of Balthazar
[RoBm] Reign Of The Blood Moon
[RoC] Ring Of Craftsmanship
[RoCa] Romanian Camelot
[RoD] Requiem Of Death
[RoD] Rush Of Darkness
[RoEN] Requiem Of Eternal Naught
[RoE] Rebirth Of An Empire
[RoE] Runners Of Elona
[RoGa] Rise Of The Golden Army
[RoI] Reign Of Insanity
[RoJ] Reign Of Judgement
[RoJ] Reign Of Judgement
[RoK] Riddle Of Kings
[RoKg] Romania Knights
[RoMS] Roses Of The Moonlight Sigil
[RoN] Rain Of Nightmares
[RoN] Rise Of Neverwinter
[RoN] Shattered Eloquence
[RoP] Ragnarok Of Primordus
[RoR] Republic Of Rebellion
[RoR] Rogues Of Reality
[RoS] Reapers Of Solace
[RoS] Reign Of Shadows
[RoS] Roses On Swords
[RoSe] Heroes Of The Bloody Rose
[RoSq] Rogue Squadron Fighter Pilots
[RoTS] Rule Of The Shogun
[RoW] The Regalia Of Wisdom
[RoXx] If I Roxx I Can Win
[Ro] War Arrow
[Roam] Roam Free
[Roar] Roar Of The Dragons
[RocK] Martyrs To The Earth
[Rock] Hells Radio
[RoeB] Revenge Of The Elite Bunnies
[Roll] Killas On Pay
[Roma] Lost Legion Of Rome
[Root] Realm Of Root Beer
[Rose] Guilded Rose
[Rose] O Black Rose Warriors O
[Rose] Order Of The Bloodsoaked Rose
[Rose] Reapers Of The Rose Templar
[Rose] The Bleeding Roses
[Rose] White Rose Rebellion
[RotC] Renegade Of The Chosen
[RotC] The Renegade Of The Chosen
[RotM] Razor Of The Mind
[Rotd] Return Of The Demigods
[Rowe] Nights Of The Sword
[RuN] Phoenix Runners
[RuN] The Revelators
[RuRo] The Rusty Rose
[RuSH] Substantiality Runners Of Haste
[RuS] Legendary Guardians Of Russia
[Ruah] Island Of Pashar
[Rum] Abnormally Attracted To Rum
[RusL] Wait A Minute We Have Some Lag
[RusP] Guild Of Russian Pathfinders
[Rush] The Avenged Lions
[Rx] Ted Leo And The Pharmacists
[Ryuk] Shinigami Sanctuary
[SAC] Supreme Adventure Club
[SAD] The Sad Imps
[SAFE] Survivors At Friday Eventide
[SAGE] Sages Of The Ethereal Plane
[SAG] So Amazing Guild
[SALT] Wasted In Charrgaritaville
[SAM] Soldaten Aus Moguntiacum
[SANG] Le Sang Par Les Armes
[SAQ] Socitee D Aventuriers Du Quebec
[SAT] Starfleet Away Team
[SAVE] Crusaders In The Rain
[SAVE] The Crimson Crusaders Of Tyria
[SAVY] Wheres The Rum
[SAW] O The Fellowship Of The Guild O
[SAW] South African Warlords
[SA] Sanguinary Angels
[SA] Shades Of Amber
[SA] Shadowed Ambience
[SA] Soldier Alliance
[SBAW] Spencers Empire
[SBC] Shards Of A Broken Crown
[SBFM] Swords Bondage And Free Musli
[SBO] Skull And Bones Order
[SBVG] Shining Blade Vanguard
[SBas] Silver Basilisk
[SBoW] Sacred Brotherhood Of The Wolf
[SCAR] Scarlet Saints
[SCAR] Scions Of Carver
[SCAR] The Scarlet Legion
[SCAR] The Scarred Ones
[SCC] Shiverpeak Construction Company
[SCG] Storm Claw Guild
[SCK] Superior Chaos Knights
[SCOA] The Slayer Clan Of Aus
[SCOR] Elite Black Scorpions
[SCUK] Shadow Company Uk
[SC] Scorpio Cancer
[SC] Shadow Conquerors
[SC] Sin Cera
[SC] Spell Crafters
[SC] Stone Crush
[SDK] The Persistant Fools
[SDM] Seguidores De Melandru
[SDM] Sombrios Del Mal
[SDO] Le Silence D Orr
[SDR] Les Soldats Du Roi
[SDS] Slobery Drunken Sailors
[SDWR] Shadow Warriors Of New England
[SDX] Sudden Death Exterminators
[SD] Sacred Dragoons
[SD] Sentinel Demons
[SD] Shadow Of Drake
[SD] Snake Dance Il
[SD] Where Shadows Dance
[SDg] Shady Downhill Government
[SEAR] Knights Of The Searing Sky
[SEA] Pirates Of The Jade
[SECL] The Silver Eclipse
[SEFO] Spartan Elite Followers Of Odin
[SEMI] Semi Automatic Bananas
[SENF] Senior Fighters
[SE] S E Clan U S A
[SE] Sacred Elements
[SE] Shadow Enigma
[SE] Survivors Of Eldaron
[SFA] Saints From Ascalon
[SFE] Sentinels Of The Fallen Earth
[SFF] Sabres From Freelancer
[SFH] Sent Fromhell
[SFK] Sacred Forge Knights
[SFP] Sixth Form Pimps
[SF] Second Devision
[SF] Second Focus
[SF] Sempher Phi
[SF] Special Forces Clan
[SF] Strike Force
[SF] The Silent Forces
[SF] They Said Tag Must Be
[SFoA] Silver Flames Of Ascalon
[SFoW] Sheer Force Of Will
[SFu] Six Feet Underground
[SGD] Soaring Golden Dragons
[SG] Immortal Shadow Guild
[SG] Les Combattants Du Phoenix
[SG] Scarlet Geranium
[SG] Seilon Guild
[SG] Shiroken Guardians
[SG] Silver Griffons
[SG] Southern Gaming
[SG] Spellbound By Grenth
[SG] Steel Gecko
[SG] Sunspear Dragoons
[SGoA] Sky Guardians Of Elona
[SHAM] The Shamurai
[SHAM] The Shamurai
[SHDW] Arcane Dragons Of Shadow
[SHIN] I Shinigami I
[SHIN] Shinigami Keys
[SHMR] The Shamira
[SHOD] Silver Hearts Of Death
[SHOL] Shadow Hunters Of Light
[SHOP] Abusive Girls Gone Wild
[SHOT] Special Hit Of Tactics
[SHRD] Shredmeisters Supreme
[SHS] Shore Headcrab Society
[SH] Silent Hunters
[SH] Spirit Harvest
[SH] Srebrna Horda
[SH] The Slaughter House
[SHoT] Shadow Of Torment
[SICK] Our Titles Are
[SICO] Sigen Cooperation
[SIC] Slayers Incorporated
[SIC] Society Of Illuminati Council
[SIMO] Clan Simmo
[SINS] The Seven Deadly Assassins
[SIN] Society Of Heretics
[SIR] Sir Clan
[SISA] Obozavaoci Velikih Sisa
[SITH] The Fate Of Taris
[SIZL] Boiled Water
[SI] Saviour Instiria
[SI] Segadores Infernales
[SJD] Shing Jea Dynasty
[SKA] Make Ska Not War
[SKA] Spitfire Klub Aliance
[SKIN] Swift Kick In The Nads
[SKL] The Skeletors
[SKOB] Shadow Knights Of Balthazar
[SKR] Ill Sokaris Ill
[SKU] Slack Keepers United
[SK] Scorpion Knights
[SK] Shadow Knights Of Climax
[SK] Snake Clan
[SK] The Shadowkeys
[SKoA] Silent Knights Of Ascalon
[SKoO] Sacred Knights Of Orr
[SLAP] Give Us A
[SLAY] Order Of The Paladin Slayers
[SLC] Shadow Lords Of Chaos
[SLF] Shiverpeaks Liberation Fighters
[SLF] Sunlight Forever
[SLM] Muslim Brothers And Sisters
[SLO] Tukaj Je Slovenija
[SLRM] Knights Of Slurm
[SLU] S Nami Bog
[SLVR] The Silver Archivists
[SLVR] The Silver Striders
[SLYR] Slayers Ultimatum Guild
[SLoM] Sith Lords Of Mustafar
[SMAK] Smack Weasel
[SMBL] The Shadowmane Bloodline
[SMB] Super Mafia Brothers
[SMDC] Super Mega Death Carnage
[SMF] Soldiers Of Merciless Fate
[SMF] Sweet Misty Fire
[SMKT] The Servants Of Mad King
[SMK] Silver Mantle Knights
[SMS] Scars Meadows
[SMS] Sinner Made Saint
[SM] Silent Massacre
[SM] Spadkobiercy Mocy
[SMz] Squirrel Mafiaz
[SNAP] Bomm Head Shot
[SNHT] Shinigami No Habatsu Tenshi
[SNKP] The King Of Guilders
[SNK] Sephiroths Killer
[SNM] Sanctum Of Noble Militants
[SNOB] Shatners New Order Of Borealis
[SNOT] Skilled Noobs On Tour
[SNOW] Clan Of The Snow Dragons
[SNOW] Snowy Creatures Tribe
[SNOW] The Mirror Of Reason
[SNP] Stan New Poland
[SNRS] Samurai Syndicate
[SNTA] Demon Spawn Reindeers From Hell
[SNT] Sick N Twizted
[SNW] Sentinels Of The New World
[SNW] The Swords Of The New World
[SOAD] System Of A Duck
[SOAR] Socoiety Of Asss Rapping
[SOA] Scourge Of The City
[SOA] Shadow Of Ansalon
[SOA] Shadows Of Ansalon
[SOA] Spirit Of Animus
[SOB] Secret Order Of Brennin
[SOB] Seekers Of Bravery
[SOBs] Southern Ohio Boys
[SOCK] Summoners Of Crazy Kings
[SODA] Soldiers Of Deaths Army
[SODF] Servants Of The Dragon Flames
[SOD] Seed Of Destruction
[SOD] Shadows Of Desires
[SOD] Slaves Of The Doom
[SOEP] Sociaal Ongedwongen En Plezier
[SOE] Spirit Of Elisha
[SOF] The Rejected Sins
[SOHE] Summit Of Human Evolution
[SOI] Spies Of Istan
[SOJ] Saints Of Judgement
[SOJ] Sword Of Justice
[SOLO] I Can Do This
[SOLO] Solo Master
[SOL] Signs Of Life
[SOL] Sons Of Osiris
[SONE] Story Of Nightfalls End
[SORD] Guardians Of The Broken Sword
[SOR] Shadowlight Order
[SOR] Shadows Of Ravenloft
[SOS] Sanctum Of Saviours
[SOS] Service Of Shadows
[SOS] Shadows Of The Sky
[SOS] Shinigamis Of Sereitei
[SOS] Suzumiya Haruhis Brigade
[SOS] Suzumiyas Brigade
[SOTA] The Sons Of The Apocalypse
[SOTE] Salt Of The Earth
[SOTK] Slayers Of The Kurzicks
[SOTN] Serpants Of The Night
[SOTW] Silence Of The Wind
[SOUL] Descendants Of Dark Ancestries
[SOUL] Loyal Souls
[SOUL] Modified Soul Society
[SOUL] Reapers Of Time
[SOUL] Soldiers Of Underworld League
[SOUL] Soulz Of United Legendz
[SO] Order Of The Sultanate
[SO] The Spartan Order
[SPAK] Special People Are Krackers
[SPAR] Guild Of Sparta
[SPGR] Spartians Gr
[SPOT] Spartan Protectors Of Time
[SPPJ] Semper Paratus Pro Justitia
[SPQR] Senate Of Rome
[SPQR] Sono Pazzi Questi Romani
[SPQR] Super Powered Quest Resolvers
[SPRK] Hidden Phantoms
[SPY] Men In Black
[SP] Sinfull Penguins
[SP] Snake Pit
[SQB] Swede Quest Busters
[SRB] The Srbija
[SRG] The Stray Rock Guild
[SROT] Skull Raiders Of Tyria
[SRSS] Saber Rider N The Star Sheriffs
[SRVV] The Survivors Guild
[SR] Seeking Red
[SR] Shadow Rebellion
[SR] Shiverpeak Rangers
[SR] Soul Resonance
[SR] Space Rangers
[SR] Storm Rangers
[SSE] Super Soldiers Elite
[SSF] Shao Shadow Forces
[SSF] Spirit And Soul Fighters
[SSG] Sages Of The Sylvan Glade
[SSK] Sin Sity Killas
[SSMF] Soul And Sword Metalan Friends
[SSSB] Super Secret Squirrel Brigade
[SSSH] Silent Sssisterhood
[SSSS] Power Of Serbia
[SSS] Silver Star Society
[SS] Insanity Is Sanity
[SS] Satanic Servants
[SS] Satans Serpents
[SS] Shadow Slayers
[SS] Shadow Stalkers Guild
[SS] Shadowborne Soldiers
[SS] Shining Shadow
[SS] Shooting Star Guild
[SS] Silent Soldierz
[SS] Sires Of Seraph
[SS] Sorrow Knights
[SS] The Scions Of Shadow
[SS] The Silver Shadow
[SSoH] Shadowed Soldiers Of Hell
[STAR] Draconic Star
[STAR] Serenity Of The Eclipse
[STAR] Stewards Of The Ancient Rites
[STAR] Stone Of Midguard
[STAR] Strive Teamwork And Reliability
[STAT] The Devistators
[STD] Sadistic Torchured Disciples
[STD] Sleep Through Destruction
[STD] Strength Through Defiance
[STDs] Sir Thorvalls Defenders
[STDs] The Diseased Ones
[STDx] Strength Through Discipline
[STEP] Step Up And Get Owned
[STFU] Seller Trader And Farmer Union
[STM] Eternal Edenia
[STOM] Stone Tree Of Mourn
[STOW] The Stowners
[STR] Silver Tree
[STST] Star Trek Storm Troopers
[ST] Miniature Siege Turtles
[ST] Siege Turtles
[SUB] Stab Und Bogen
[SUF] Sunited Fraction
[SUN] Disciples Of The Sun
[SUN] Soul Under Naion
[SVSD] Sansvictoires Sansdefaites
[SVWF] Werder Fans
[SV] Salient Vanguard
[SV] Scarlet Vanguard
[SV] Silver Blizzard
[SV] Steel Vengence
[SV] Sulfuric Vortex
[SWAC] Satan Wants A Cherry Coke
[SWAG] Sin With A Grin
[SWAT] Elite Knights
[SWAT] Soldiers With Amazing Talent
[SWNT] Swint Clan
[SWT] Silver Wolf Tribe
[SW] Shadow Warriorss
[SW] Silvite Warriors
[SXLS] Androgony Astounds
[SYKO] Syko Killers
[SaDo] The Symphony Of Death
[SaFi] The Sacred Fish
[SaGa] Sentinals Of The Gods
[SaKa] Sakura No Kagetora
[SaND] Strike A Nebula Death Scene
[SaRu] Tantalas Malandrins Guild
[SaSS] Assasins From Shadows
[SaS] Spirit And Sanctuary
[SaS] Steel And Strenght
[SaSe] Safer Sechs
[SaT] Stealth Assault N Tactics
[SaV] The Sacred Vanguard
[SaVe] The Saviors Of The Luxons
[SaYa] Clan Irmao Sephirot
[SaaT] Sarmatae Atavi
[Sade] Depressed Alcoholics Society
[Sage] Ambassadors Of Enlightenment
[Sage] Warrior Sages
[Sakg] Tyrian Sakage
[Sam] Klapphorn Knaben
[Save] World Saviors
[ScA] Scattered Ashes
[Sc] Scarlett Company
[ScaR] Scarlet Robotica
[Scum] Satans Wrecking Crew
[SdG] Schatten Der Gotter
[Sdj] Legends Of Sadjars
[SeD] Archangels Of The Eternal Light
[SeKu] Sentinels Of Echovald
[Sea] The Seaguard
[SeeD] The Garden
[Seed] Kabal Of The Righteous
[Seek] Seekers Of Fun And Glory
[Sekz] Less Talkin More
[Self] I Pull My Hair While I Spank My
[Ser] Kingsguard Of The Iron Throne
[SfFD] Sleep Is For Female Dwarves
[ShPd] Shattered Paradigm
[ShSt] Shrouded Steel
[Shh] Hiding From Shi Tters
[Shh] Shadow Justice
[Shh] Silencio Nocturno
[Shhh] The Super Secret Guild
[Shin] Shinzoku Ken
[Sho] Demons De Shonan
[Show] The Vegas Strip
[Shun] Manifest Illusions
[SiA] Sanitas In Absentia
[SiGH] Snakes In Guild Hall
[SiN] Citadel Of Assassins
[SiNs] Vicarious Atonements
[SiSu] Silver Sunshine
[SiV] Strength Of Valour
[Sig] Reconnection Signet
[Sin] Assassins Of The Black Blade
[Sin] Sinister Swarm
[Sin] Sins Of The Undead
[Sin] Stained Angel
[Sin] The Assassin Academy
[Sin] The Sins Of Our Fathers
[Sin] Thirteen Graves
[Sins] Glutton For Punishment
[Sins] Sins Reloaded
[Sins] The Power Of Wrath
[Sins] True Sins
[Sinz] Bleeding Angels
[Sith] The Potentium Sith
[SkY] Lightbringers From Sky
[Skik] Sykik Energy
[Slay] Legend Of The Mystical Slayers
[Slay] Slaying Kurzicks Just For Fun
[Slip] Mi Senta Nuda Senza
[Slip] Mi Sento Nuda Senza
[Slip] Rise Of The Pentagram
[Slip] Rise Of The Pentagram
[SmS] The New Republic
[Smok] Cleansed Masters Hall
[SnF] Silent And Forgotten
[SnG] Shu No Genzo
[SnP] Sharks And Penguins
[Snc] The Suncore
[SnoW] Martyrs To The Ice
[Snow] Whispering Snow Angels
[SoAF] Saints Of The Armageddon Flame
[SoA] Soldiers Of Asrai
[SoA] Song Of Anubis
[SoA] Soul Of Angel
[SoA] The Society Of Adventurers
[SoA] The Stormblades Of Ascalon
[SoC] Soldierz Of Carnage
[SoC] The Son Of The Chaos
[SoD] I Souls Of Divinity I
[SoD] Prot Me Up Scotty
[SoD] Shadows Of Divinity
[SoD] Soldiers Of Destruction
[SoD] Soul Of Destruction
[SoD] Swords Of Destruction
[SoE] Spirit Of Elijah
[SoEx] Shadow Of Exodus
[SoFT] Sanctum Of Forsaken Terriers
[SoF] Servants Of Fortuna Victrix
[SoF] Servants Of Fortuna
[SoG] Shadow Of Gods
[SoG] Souls Of Glory
[SoH] The Sword Of Hearts
[SoK] Knights Of Serendipity
[SoLD] Sorcerers Of Light And Darkness
[SoL] Schlaraffen Ohne Land
[SoL] Shadow Of Life
[SoL] Swords Of Luxon
[SoLb] Soul Liberators
[SoM] Saints Of Malice
[SoM] The Soldiers Of Mars
[SoR] Ainamor Fo Stirips
[SoR] Shadows Of Ravens
[SoR] Shadows Of Royalty
[SoR] Spirits Of Romania
[SoS] Saboteurs Of Sanity
[SoS] Saviours Of Sanity
[SoS] Scions Of Sorcery
[SoS] Shadows Of Our Souls
[SoS] Slayers Of Skill
[SoS] Slayers Of Skill
[SoTG] Souls Of The Twilight Guardian
[SoT] Scouts Of Tyria
[SoT] Scribes Of Tyria
[SoT] Soldiers Of Thunderstorm
[SoV] Seekers Of Vahalla
[SoV] Seekers Of Valor
[SoV] Swords Of Villianousity
[SoW] Seeker Of Wisdom
[SofT] Les Boanerges
[Soft] Saviours Of Freedom Trees
[Sohl] Sohl Army
[Solo] Morbid Distortion
[Song] Song Of The Forgotten
[Sons] Sons Of The Dracolich
[SotA] Scars Of The Armada
[SotA] Steelgods Of The Apocolypse
[SotM] Shadowz Of The Moon
[SotN] Soldiers Of The North
[SotR] Sentinels Of The Rift
[SotR] Sins Of The Righteous
[SotS] Seekers Of The Storm
[SotU] Sovereigns Of The Underworld
[Sotd] Shield Of Total Darkness
[SouL] The Bleeding Souls Of Eternia
[SouL] We Want Your
[Soul] Aeon Underworld
[Soul] Akuma Senshii Clan
[Soul] Curse Of The Pharaohs
[Soul] Saviours Of Unfinished Lives
[Soul] Sell Your Soul For A Cookie
[Soul] Shinigami Of Grenth
[Soul] Soul Sword Brethren
[Soz] The Apologetti
[SpL] The Spiders Lair Guild Kurz
[SpNc] Spiderae Noctem
[Spta] This Is Not A Guild This Is
[Ssss] The Black Serpents
[StFu] World Of Sincarft
[StP] Steel Phoenix
[StS] Carpe Solis
[StS] Stealing Society
[StaR] The Falling Stars
[Star] Falancian Stardragons
[Star] Kano Giliath
[Star] Sound Of A Distant Star
[Star] Star Cross
[Star] Tactical Shooting
[Star] When Worlds Collide
[Stay] P E R S E R V E R A N C E
[Stop] We Brake For Turtles
[Stow] The Shadow Of The West
[StrM] Martyrs To The Air
[StyX] Beyond God And Devil
[SuKa] Super Kaon Action Team
[SuN] Legend Of The Black Sun
[SuN] Nation Of The Rising Suns
[SuWa] Sunset Warriors
[Sul] Hanner Y Daith Cychwyn
[Sun] Solar Legion
[Sux] Absolute Worst Guild Ever
[SvR] Silver Rose
[Sven] Murderface Incorporated
[SvnS] Seven Samurai
[SwCl] The Swyft Clan
[SwaG] Tainted Creed
[Swea] Swedish Elite Army
[SwiS] Das Schweigen Der Lamer
[SxV] Sweet Vendetta
[SyN] Syndicate Nightmare
[SyN] Synthetic Gods
[Szk] Szolnok Knights
[TAA] The Assassination Army
[TACO] Obnoxious Fish
[TACO] Taco Bell Ftw
[TAEW] Tyrilos Army Of Elite Warriors
[TAH] Team Ad Hoc
[TAK] The Alaskan Knights
[TAM] The After Math
[TAM] The Arctic Marauders
[TANK] The Legion Of Black Flame
[TAN] Terminus Abyssi Numinus
[TAOA] The Army Of Asgaurd
[TAOC] The Angels Of Cruxia
[TAOD] The Army Of Dawn
[TAOO] The Alliance Of Omega
[TAO] The Amethyst Order
[TAO] The Ascalons Outlaws
[TART] Thribble And Reds Terminators
[TAR] The Aklan Republic
[TAS] The Acid Snakes
[TAS] The Acid Snake
[TAS] The Amanodel Sisters
[TAT] The Alliance Tale
[TAT] The Annoying Thing
[TAWS] The Aesirian Warriors
[TAW] Tactical Azz Whooping
[TAW] The Arctic Wolves
[TAZ] Taz Et Compagnie
[TA] Templars Victuus
[TA] Terrokians Avengers
[TA] The Asgard
[TA] Twilights Awakening
[TAoD] The Angel Of Darkside
[TBA] The Blue Academy
[TBB] The Balthazarian Brotherhood
[TBB] The Banished Brotherhood
[TBB] The Black Bandanas
[TBB] The Bruv Squad
[TBCS] The Browncoats Of Serenity
[TBC] The Batcave
[TBC] The Black Court
[TBC] The Black Coven
[TBD] The Best Drakengard
[TBE] The Blood Elders
[TBF] Il The Burning Flames Il
[TBF] Tears Of Blue Flames
[TBG] Three Bearded Guys
[TBHT] The Black Hand Of Tyria
[TBH] Il The Black Hand Il
[TBH] The Blackhorn
[TBK] The Burning Krown
[TBL] The Blaster Lords
[TBL] The Burning Lords
[TBM] The Bay Misfits
[TBOB] The Brotherhood Of Bandits
[TBOD] The Brootherhood Of Destroyers
[TBOK] The Brothers Of Kain
[TBP] The Battle Pandas
[TBRW] X The Black Rose Warriors X
[TBRX] The Barracks
[TBR] The Banished Riders
[TBR] The Battle Royale
[TBR] The Blade Runs
[TBSK] The Blue And Silver Knights
[TBS] The Burning Sages
[TBT] The Big Team
[TB] We Have
[TBoD] The Blades Of The Dragon
[TBsH] The Bloodstained Hand
[TCA] The Chaos Anarchists
[TCBB] The Chosen Bb
[TCB] The Charr Bane
[TCCK] The Crazy Combat Killers
[TCC] The Celestial Circle
[TCD] The Celtic Dragon
[TCD] The Crazy Dragons
[TCFD] The Clan Of The Fiery Dragon
[TCF] The Celtic Frost
[TCF] The Chosen Flames
[TCG] The Chinobi Guild
[TCG] The Cyan Dragons
[TCH] The Cryptic Hunters
[TCK] The Celestial Knighthood
[TCK] The Cherubim Knights
[TCK] The Cold Killers
[TCK] The Creator Kin
[TCL] The Crimson Laceration
[TCOA] The Champions Of Avalon
[TCOC] The Crown Of Crystallake
[TCOC] The Crown Of Crystallriver
[TCSL] The Crimson Skull Lords
[TCSR] The Celestial Stone Raiders
[TCT] The Cursed Templars
[TC] Tactical Combat
[TC] Team Conquistador
[TC] The Cajuns
[TC] The Catastrophe
[TC] The Curse
[TC] True Cinema
[TC] Tyrian Confederacy
[TCoT] The Circle Of Trion
[TDB] Totally Dudey Blokes
[TDC] Tdc Raiders
[TDD] The Darkess Days
[TDD] The Dragons Denizens
[TDEM] The Dragon Emperors
[TDET] The Devine Elite Troops
[TDFT] Trois Des Fort Troll
[TDG] The Devils Guards
[TDH] The Darker Half
[TDI] The Destructive Impact
[TDL] The Devils Loft
[TDL] The Draion Legacy
[TDMO] The Demented Ones
[TDM] The Dark Mantles
[TDM] Towarzystwo Dobrych Manier
[TDOE] The Druids Of Element
[TDOF] The Dragons Of Flame
[TDOK] The Disciples Of Kashga
[TDOP] The Dragons Of Pern
[TDO] The Dwaynian Order
[TDR] The Dark Ranger
[TDR] The Dragon Rebirth
[TDR] Twilight Draconis
[TDS] The Divine Shadowstones
[TDS] The Dragons Slayers
[TDS] Toxic Dragons
[TDTW] The Dragoons Of The Wild
[TDT] The Dark Titants Guild
[TDT] The Dragons Templar
[TDW] The Darkside Warriors
[TDW] The Darkworld
[TDW] The Deathh Warriors
[TD] Templars Divinus
[TD] The Dawnrise
[TDoT] The Dragons Of Telmarene
[TEAR] Black Fire Pass
[TEA] The Tea And Biscuit Team
[TEBG] The Elite Band Of Guardians
[TEBG] The Elite Band Of Guardians
[TEC] The Eternal Champions
[TEC] The Everlasting Circle
[TED] The Eternal Dragon
[TEE] The Elonian Elite
[TEHZ] The Eternal Heroes Of Zendik
[TEN] The Elite Newbs
[TEN] The Eternal Night Vanguard
[TEN] The Eternal Night Vanguard
[TEPC] The Elite Phoenixes Of Chaos
[TEPF] The Engineered Plague Futhark
[TEPH] The Engineered Plague Hive
[TEPL] The Engineered Plague Legions
[TEPT] The Elite Phoenixes Of Torment
[TEPT] The Engineered Plague Testers
[TEP] The Elite Phoenixes
[TEP] The Engineered Plague
[TETK] The Elite Thunder Knights
[TEUF] Les Adeptes Du Ponney
[TEW] The Evil Wings
[TE] Testing Eternity
[TE] Third Element
[TE] Truly Evil
[TE] Tyrants End
[TFA] The Factions Academy
[TFB] Team Fluffy Bunny
[TFCC] The Fighty Cheese Cult
[TFC] Thirst For Corruption
[TFC] Thunderous Fist Corporation
[TFC] Trained For Combat
[TFD] The Forgotten Dragons
[TFD] Timed Fire Deadly
[TFE] The Fallen Exiles
[TFF] The Farming Federation
[TFH] Tears From Heaven
[TFH] The Forgotten Horde
[TFL] We Are Thugs For Life
[TFOT] The Flame Of Tyria
[TFR] The Fire Riders
[TFS] The Fatal Strikers
[TFS] The Flaming Swords
[TFS] The Forgotten Scorpion
[TFT] The Favoured Thirteen
[TFW] The Forgotten Warriors Ftw
[TFW] The Forgotten Warriors
[TFW] The Frost Wolfs
[TF] I The Forgotten I
[TF] True Form
[TFs] Tyrian Flameseekers
[TGB] The Green Branch
[TGC] T Gaming Community
[TGC] The Guild Crossers
[TGGD] The Great Goddess Druantia
[TGH] The Guild Hall And Friends
[TGIF] X O The Dark Brotherhood O X
[TGKH] Toogenkyo Habatsu
[TGLT] Tuga Leets
[TGMG] The Golden Mongooses
[TGOF] The God Of Fame
[TGOO] The Guardians Of Old
[TGOZ] The Guards Of Zerapithia
[TGR] Call Of The Tiger
[TGSK] Tuga Strikers
[TGS] The Grinning Souls
[TGTB] Ta Gueule Ta Bouche
[TGW] Jareds Empire
[TGoB] The Guild Of Brits
[TGs] The Gunnars
[THCx] The High Chronicles
[THD] The Heroic Dragons
[THEX] The Exit
[THE] The Hybrid Elites
[THG] The Hatters Guild
[THIS] We Quit Our Guilds For
[THOB] The Hall Of Blades
[THOD] The Hatchery Of Dead
[THOG] The House Of George
[THOH] The Heroes Of Heracles
[THOR] Mjolnirs Rache
[THOR] Surn Bellthor Clan
[THOR] Warriors Of The Thunder God
[THOT] The Heroes Of Torial
[THPK] The Mentalists
[THS] The Hell Soldiers
[THS] The Hellish Soldiers
[THW] The Hallow Knights
[THW] The Hell Walkers
[TH] Les Templiers Heretiques
[TH] Team Harmless
[TID] The Infernal Demons
[TID] Tyrians In Disguise
[TIGA] The Imperial Guards Of Ascalon
[TIGC] The Imperial Guards Of Cavalon
[TIGE] The Imperial Guards Elite
[TIGG] The Imperial Guards Gladius
[TIGI] The Imperial Guards Of Istan
[TIGK] The Imperial Guards Of Kryta
[TIGO] The Imperial Guards Of Obsidia
[TIGT] The Imperial Guards Of Torment
[TIGV] The Imperial Guards Of Vabbi
[TIG] The Imperial Guards Alliance
[TIME] Its Mocha
[TIME] Minions Of Kronos
[TI] Ill The Immortals Ill
[TIlT] Am Fahs Of The Kurzicks
[TJ] Timeless Justice
[TKA] The Krytan Army
[TKB] The Kings Bodyguard
[TKB] The Krimson Brigade
[TKCM] The Killer Clan Musketeers
[TKC] The Knights Creed
[TKC] The Knights Of Calvary
[TKC] The Knights Of Cavalo
[TKK] The Kings Knights
[TKK] The Kordoir Knights
[TKN] Token Masters
[TKO] Technical Knocker Only
[TKS] The Kraken Slayers
[TK] Teuton Knights
[TK] The Kore
[TK] Tokyo Knights
[TK] Tote Krieger
[TK] Triad Knights
[TK] Trojan Kingdom
[TLA] Thelast Alliance
[TLB] Team Lowbirds
[TLB] The Lost Boys
[TLC] The Luxon Crusaders
[TLC] The Luxon Crusaders
[TLC] Twilight Chaos
[TLDA] The Legendary Death Army
[TLD] The Lost Dragon
[TLD] The Luxon Diciples
[TLE] Twilights Embrace
[TLF] The Light Force
[TLF] The Lost Flames
[TLGE] The Luxon Galvanizers Elite
[TLHT] The Last Hope Of Tyria
[TLH] The Lonely Hearts
[TLI] The Legendary Immortals
[TLKE] The Last Kurzick Elite
[TLL] The Order Of The Legends
[TLOT] The Legions Of Thor
[TLP] The Legend Of Peace Il
[TLP] The Legend Of Peace
[TLSA] The Lights Swift Assailants
[TLSW] The Lost Soul Wanderers
[TLS] Legendary Survivors
[TLS] The Lost Saracens
[TL] The Letolians
[TL] True Legends Clan
[TL] True Lies
[TLoG] The League Of Guardians
[TLoM] The Legion Of Meecrob
[TLoT] The Legion Of Tyria
[TMA] The Militiamen Of Ascalon
[TMA] Time Mangling Army
[TMD] The Moon Dragons
[TMEG] The Most Excellent Guild
[TMFA] The Morgan Forge Alliance
[TMFP] The Master Farmers Of Pre
[TMGD] The Mursaat Guardians
[TMH] The Mighty Hunters
[TMM] The Magic Mystics
[TMOK] The Might Of Kings
[TMOS] The Men Of Slaying
[TMS] Te Morituri Salutemus
[TM] Team Madcow
[TM] The Mallomen
[TM] The Misanthropes
[TM] The Moans
[TM] The Moongrace
[TM] Titanic Maravedi
[TM] Top Model
[TMoD] The Masters Of Desasterz
[TMoE] The Minions Of Evil
[TMs] Torpedos Away
[TNA] I The New Alliance I
[TNA] The Nefarious Angels
[TNA] The Neguan
[TNC] Newbie Collectiive
[TNC] Tante Nadja Und Co Kg
[TNG] The Norwegian Guild
[TNH] Team Nighthawk
[TNH] The Nightly Heros
[TNI] Unknown Armies
[TNKA] The New Kingdom Of Ascalon
[TNKO] The Night Killers Owners
[TNL] The Ninth Legion
[TNS] Taste Hot N Cold Steel
[TNT] The Nameless Team
[TNT] The Night Talons
[TNT] Truely Naughty Troop
[TNix] Team Phoenix
[TOAD] The Toad
[TOA] Templar Of Avalon
[TOA] The Obsidian Alliance
[TOA] The Obsidian Army Of Balthazar
[TOA] The Obsidian Army
[TOA] Tyrants Of Agony
[TOBE] The Barons Of Elonia
[TOC] The Outcast Crusaders
[TOC] Throne Of Obsidians Chaos
[TOC] Tribe Of Champions
[TODR] Templar Of The Dark Rose
[TOFC] The Order Of Forsaken Chaos
[TOGO] Les Togolais
[TOG] Tears Of Gold
[TOG] Templars Of Older Gamers
[TOG] Temple Of Older Gamers
[TOG] The Older Gamers
[TOG] Tough Older Gamers
[TOG] Tower Of Older Gamers
[TOG] Tribe Of Older Gamers
[TOHB] The Order Of The Holy Blade
[TOI] The Organization Of Irregulars
[TOKE] Goin Postal
[TOOT] The Order Of The Shadows Rp
[TOPP] The Order Of Penance And Pain
[TOR] Towers Of Rage
[TOTU] The Order Of The Unrelenting
[TOT] Tower Of Terror
[TOXI] Les Chti Chimistes
[TO] We Are The Ones
[TOad] Thoughts Of A Dodo
[TOoT] The Order Of Torment
[TPB] The Peanuts Breakers
[TPC] The Prestige Cadre
[TPG] The Promethean Guard
[TPG] The Promethia Guild
[TPL] The Phoenix Legend
[TPOE] The Protectors Of Equestria
[TPPP] The Petulant Purple Pixies
[TPP] The Pink People
[TPW] Tapon Power
[TP] Team Pegasus
[TPhA] The Phoenix Allegiance
[TPkC] The Peacekeeping Committee
[TQK] The Quenemo Kid
[TQOA] The Queens Of Ascalon
[TRAP] Admiral Ackbar Its A
[TRAP] Oooh Aaah Ouch
[TRB] The Rangers Beacon
[TRC] The Ronin Consortium
[TRD] The Rogue Dragons
[TREE] Kindred Treefolk
[TREN] Trinity Engineers
[TRE] The Realm Of Eternity
[TRGA] Thanet Roleplay And Games Assoc
[TRGB] The Royal Guards Of Balthazar
[TRG] The Reviving Godz
[TRG] The Rogue Guild
[TRHK] The Royal Heavenly Knights
[TRIN] Immortal Trinity
[TRI] The Ancient Three
[TRI] Trinity Of Chaos
[TRK] The Rising Knights
[TRL] The Ressurected Lions
[TRL] The Resurrected Lions
[TRP] The Resurrected Phoenix
[TRR] The Tengu Roflcopters
[TRSD] The Royal Shadow Dragons
[TRST] The Righteous Soldiers Of Tervx
[TRS] The Rising Suns
[TRS] The Runic Swords
[TRT] The Rightious Truth
[TRUE] Heavenly Truth Seekers
[TRUE] The Russian Unruly Enemy
[TRUE] This Realms Ultimate Elite
[TRUE] True Heros Of Tyria
[TRUE] True Phantom Heroes
[TRUE] Veritas Invictus
[TRU] Trollers United
[TR] I The Revolution I
[TR] Teh Reapers
[TR] The Rebellious
[TSAF] Shadows Of The White Knight
[TSAF] The Spartan Air Force
[TSB] The Short Bus
[TSCA] The Silver Circle Alliance
[TSC] Templars Of Sanctus Corpse
[TSC] The Seniors Club
[TSC] The Shadowcaster
[TSD] The Shadow Disciples
[TSD] The Shiny Dragons
[TSD] The Sneezing Dragons
[TSF] The Silent Few
[TSH] The Silverwood Heros
[TSK] The Seraphim Knights
[TSL] The Shadow Loyalists
[TSL] Tyrian Socialist League
[TSM] The Splintered Minds
[TSM] Tiger Style Monks
[TSN] The Shadow Nexus
[TSOA] The Shadow Of Angar
[TSOA] The Sons Of Anarchy
[TSOL] The Society Of Light
[TSOO] The Sentinels Of Order
[TSOS] The Sons Of Skyrim
[TSOU] The Song Of Underheaven
[TSO] The Starlight Order
[TSP] The Sea People
[TSP] The Shiverpeak Dragons
[TSP] The Sky Pirates
[TSP] The Spartan Fours
[TSR] The Sherwood Rangers
[TSR] The Silent Requiem
[TSSG] The Soul Society Guild
[TSS] The Short Scythe
[TSS] The Shorth Scythes
[TST] The Shadow Theives
[TS] The Shadowstar
[TS] Thousand Swords
[TS] Time Spitters
[TS] Tribal Spirit
[TS] True Sword
[TS] Tsunami Summoners
[TS] Twenty Sequence
[TS] Tyrian Shovelbums
[TTA] The Twilight Army
[TTB] T T B Multigaming
[TTB] Ticking Time Bomb
[TTC] The Trovian Crusaders
[TTC] The Twilight Crusaders
[TTGM] The True Guild Masters
[TTOF] The Titans Of Fissure
[TTT] Temptations Of Love
[TTV] The Three Vaticans
[TT] Team Termination
[TT] Tenjho Tenge
[TUC] The United Crusaders
[TUFF] Only The Strong Survives
[TUF] X The Ultumet Force X
[TUGA] Para Sempre Portugal
[TUN] The Unified Nation
[TURT] Terry Pratchett Fans
[TUS] The Uncanny Slaughterers
[TU] Tranquility United
[TVD] The Volcanic Dragons
[TVE] Twilight Vampire Eclipse
[TVG] The Voldorian Guild
[TV] True Vanguard
[TVoE] The Vanguard Of Elite
[TWA] The Weeping Acolytes
[TWA] The Weeping Angels
[TWBD] The White N Black Dervs
[TWD] The White Dragon Clan
[TWD] The Wild Dragonz
[TWD] The Wings Of A Dove
[TWHF] Those Who Have Fallen
[TWIZ] Trident Wizards
[TWK] The Wervik Kings
[TWLT] Twilight Chasers
[TWOP] The Yellow Turban Rebellion
[TWP] Those Who Watch And Protect
[TWR] The Whithered Rose
[TWS] Twisted Sisters Lysne
[TWWT] Those Who Were Taken
[TW] Torchwood Five
[TW] Tribal Warfare
[TXLL] The Xbox Live Legends
[TXV] The X Viles
[TX] Troyen Of Xenocosme
[TYRS] Tyrs Of Titan
[TYTN] Legendary Titans Of Ascalon
[TYTN] The Legendary Titans Of Ascalon
[TZK] X The Zodiac Knights X
[Tabr] Sietch Tabr
[Tag] Krytan Vanguards
[Tag] Les Nordiques De Quebec Il
[Tag] The Masterminds Guild
[Tao] Tao Of Crimson Death
[Tas] Dragons Of Winter Night
[TbP] The Baenre Project
[Tbod] Natures Divinity
[Tbox] Devils Toybox
[TcS] The Crimson Saints
[TdLo] Templiers De L Ombre
[Tduf] The Dawn Of Unchained Faith
[TeCS] The Chosen Sovereigns
[TeG] The Ethereal Guard
[TeO] The Elonian Order
[TeS] The Exiled Assassinaters
[TeaM] Team Madison
[TeaN] Tenebrae Angelus
[Tea] Best Lil Tea House In Kaineng
[Tea] Meditation Requires Tea
[Team] Blood And Sweat
[Team] Strike As One
[Team] Strike As One
[Tear] Blood And
[Tear] The Phoenix Dynasty
[Tear] The Tears Of Death
[Teju] Team Jupiter
[Test] The Imperial Soul Tester
[Test] The Imperial Soul Testers
[TfdU] Thunder From Down Under
[TgS] Order Of The Golden Spear
[ThSl] Thepians Sleeks
[That] Ooh Never Really Thought Of
[Thay] Order Of
[TheA] The Annihilators Will
[The] Knights Of Ikana
[The] Redneck Charr Hunters
[The] The Seventh Seekers
[Them] We All Live And Die For
[ThoR] Thee Hand Of Rurik
[Thom] Land Of Thom
[Thom] The Land Of Thom
[Thor] Diener Des Donners
[Thor] I The Harbingers Of Ragnarok I
[Thor] Veratis Adeodatus
[TiLT] White Mantle Of The Kurzicks
[TiS] This Is Spartaaaaa
[Ti] The Titanium Knights
[Tier] Blitzkrieg Elite
[Time] Keepers Of The Seasons
[Time] Leaping Through Time
[Time] The Calling Of
[Time] Timeless Resolve
[Time] Times Sword
[Time] Wish We Had More Time To Play
[TjC] The Jedi Congregation
[TkK] The Kurzick Kingz
[TnK] The Night Killer
[ToA] Templar Of Ages
[ToA] Trinity Of The Ascended
[ToC] The Order Of Chaos Reborn
[ToD] Terminators Of Destiny
[ToD] The Old Dragons
[ToD] Titans Of Darknes
[ToHS] Tower Of High Sorcery
[ToH] Twilight Of Heaven
[ToKe] Lords Of Chronic
[ToL] Trinity Of Light
[ToM] Teachers Of Magic
[ToRh] The Riverhall Manoeuvre
[ToS] I The Old School I
[ToS] Tower Of Shadows
[ToT] Targets Of Tomb
[ToT] The Temple Of Time
[ToT] Timberwolves Of Tamriel
[ToYz] The Secret Life Of Toyz
[ToaC] Tears Of A Clown
[Tod] The Obsidian Guards
[Toke] Party Of Tokers
[Toke] T H C For U And Me
[Tony] Tonys League Of Fine Gentlemen
[TooT] The Toot Police
[Too] No Life Is A Way Of Life
[Toon] Battle School
[Tora] Satsu Motte Menboku
[Torn] Under The Twin Suns
[Tos] Trinity Of Shadow
[Tri] The Tribunal Of The Gods
[Trip] Im Always In Hard Mode For
[Troi] The Rose Of Iron
[TruE] One Time Too Many
[Tru] Instruments Of Truth
[True] Great Pride And Glory
[True] Order Of The Forgotten Truth
[TsG] The Shattered Judgement
[TssX] The Southern Strike X
[TtLy] Synmas Theaters
[TuDa] The Undead Death Army
[TuDa] The Undead Death Army
[Tual] Denizens Of Tual
[Tuus] Totus Tuus
[Tux] Penguin Terrorism
[Tuzz] Harsh On Ankara
[TvH] The Venerable Hope
[TvL] The Venerable Light
[Tv] The Venerable Truth
[TwK] The Walking Killers
[TwLe] Twilight Leaders
[TwR] Twilight Runners
[Twe] The Wings Of The Eagle
[TwiA] Twilight Angels
[TwiB] The Twilight Blade
[Twi] Twilight Heroes
[Twil] Keepers Of Twilight
[TwoA] Dead Pixels In The Sky
[TyA] Les Affranchis
[TyHo] The Tyrian Hoard
[TyMe] Tyrian Mercenary
[TyT] P Y C C K U E
[Ty] Just Resign Please
[Tyr] Hammer Of Tyr
[Tz] Team Zeeland
[UAO] Rise Of The Forgotten
[UA] Ultimatum Assassins
[UAoT] United Adventurers Of Tyria
[UBCS] Umbrella Countermeasure Service
[UBC] Ubiquitous Blasphemous Cult
[UBER] The Legendary Council
[UB] Uganda Brothers
[UB] Ultra Boys Strasbourgeois
[UB] Universal Balance
[UB] Untold Brotherhood
[UCB] Under Cover Brothers
[UCHS] The Last Centurions
[UC] Uber Crue
[UC] Umbrela Corporation
[UC] Unforgotten Chaos
[UDD] Ueberbringer Der Dunkelheit
[UD] Underworld Deathsquad
[UE] Clan Unevil
[UE] Ultima Esperanza
[UFA] Silverfall Academy
[UFC] United Free Spirits
[UFC] Ursan Forces Of Chaos
[UFD] United Federation Dominion
[UFFe] United Front Force Elite
[UF] Unreal Fire
[UGC] Underground Champions
[UGC] United Gaming Community
[UGoH] Underworld Guardians Of Hell
[UHD] United Holy Dragons
[UHOY] The Unlikely Heros Of Yesterday
[UIB] United In Battle
[UKAg] Anglian Agentium
[ULTA] The Ultaros
[UL] Unbeatable Legend
[UNA] United Nations Aliiance
[UNIS] Les Egares De L Alliance Perdue
[UNIT] The Fourty Kings
[UNIT] Troublesome Unit
[UNN] The United Nadir
[UNTY] Team Unity
[UNiT] X Heart
[UOF] Legendary Maniacs
[UPON] Four Words To Choke
[UPS] Unsterblicher Pakt Der Seelen
[USA] Gemini Warriors
[USA] Maximal Pigmentierte Kinder
[USA] We Bring Democracy
[USA] We Bring Democracy
[USMC] Americian Marines
[USMC] U S M C Hell Hounds
[USNE] Navy Eagles
[USSR] Soviet Armed Forces
[USV] The Underworld Shadow Vanguard
[USW] Unforgiven Sins In War
[US] Us Iowa Guild
[UTA] United Tyrian Avengers
[UTG] United Tactical Gamers
[UV] United Vanguard
[UWD] The Undead Warrior Deciphles
[UWF] The United Warriors Of Freedom
[UW] Les Gardiens De L Underworld
[UW] Les Seigneurs De Loutre Monde
[UW] Ultima Weapons
[UW] Undead Warriors
[UW] Unreal Warfare
[Uchi] The Last Uchiwa
[UdG] Unholy Death Gods
[UeH] Unexpected Heroes
[UiE] Universe In Exile
[UjW] United Jade Walkers
[Umad] Deadgame Overlords
[UnDA] I Come From The Land Down
[UnDA] Kiwis Owning Down
[UnDA] The Fairy Tale Has Ended Down
[UnDA] We Ride Kangaroos Down
[Unas] Toss The Symbiote Head
[Uni] Clan Union
[UoD] Unification Of Decimination
[Uod] Unification Of Decimation
[Urgz] The Defenders Of The Forest
[Us] Dont Look At
[Us] Something Is Wrong With
[UuwC] Ultimate Under World Clears
[UwOc] Underworld Outcast
[Uz] The Unseenz
[VALK] Dwaynas Valkyries
[VAMP] Clan Vamp
[VAMP] Vamperic Blood Hounds
[VA] Vampiric Assault
[VA] Vassals Of Ascension
[VBB] Vicious Blood Brothers
[VCTF] Violent Crime Task Force
[VDA] Vastagos De Arien
[VDV] Vanatori De Vampir
[VEIL] Venatio Illuminata
[VEIN] Thy Vein Of Pains Brotherhood
[VEIN] Thy Veins Of Pain Renewed
[VEIN] Thy Veins Of Pain
[VENT] International Tribe Of
[VENT] International Tribes Of
[VENT] Venturion Knights
[VETO] Veteranen Des Todes
[VETS] Order Of Veterans
[VFTW] Victory Fighters Of The World
[VG] Verbal Gunslingers
[VH] Valhalla Nightmares
[VH] Virtual Hunters
[VIA] Vengeance To All
[VIGL] Loreseekers Vigil
[VILE] Victory Is Life Eternal
[VISA] Dont Forget To Pay With
[VI] Sanitarium Six
[VI] Violet Imperial
[VKO] Valiant Knight Order
[VK] I I Valandras Kingdom I I
[VK] Valandras Kingdom
[VLAD] Societatis Draconistrarum
[VL] Start Riders
[VOLT] Voltronic Gods
[VPM] Validus Partis Madidus
[VPSD] Vampiric Shadow
[VREX] Viral Reality Ex
[VR] Veritas Aquintas
[VSOE] Vengeful Souls Of Elsweyr
[VSOP] Seasoned Veteran Of Mars
[VS] Vendetta Syndicate
[VTG] Vignettes Grandeur
[VUF] Vis Unita Fortior
[VVVV] Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici
[VVV] Vivo Vixi Victum
[VV] Fallen Warriors To Thus
[VV] V I C E V E R S A
[VV] Veni Vidi Vici Vv
[VV] Vicious Valkyries
[VV] Void Vengeance
[VW] Valorian Warriors
[VW] Voices In The Wind
[VaNe] Vampyric Necropolis
[VaiN] Entire World Counts On Me
[Val] The Valkyrie
[Valk] Valkyrie Devils
[Vamp] This Game Is Stealing My Soul
[VanQ] We Are In Our Underpants As We
[Van] Vanguard Eu Sou
[Vanq] Legendary Vanquishers Of Elona
[VdS] Les Veilleurs Des Sylvecimes
[VeiL] Guardians Of The Veil
[Vera] Elite Verakie Vanguard
[Vera] Veracorp Gaming Network
[Vice] Total Depravity
[Vida] Order Of Vidallion
[Vie] Compagnie De La Vie
[Visa] Recycled Horses Only Use
[Visa] We Dont Accept
[Vk] Vandorok Guildje
[VoE] Vescor On Excessum
[VoG] Vengeance Of The Gods
[VoN] The Vanquishers Of The Night
[VoV] Vikings Of Vinland
[VoW] Vergence Of Wisdom
[VodK] Cosmic Superstar
[Void] The Celestial Void
[Void] Venal Army
[Vols] Volunteers Of Tenasi
[Vox] Vox Reborn
[Vs] I Sun And Moon I
[VuDu] Voodoo Ferrets Of Rum Jumbie
[Vv] Videre Videnda
[VwV] The Raven Revival
[Vyrn] Champions Of Vyrein
[WAF] We Are Famliy
[WAIL] Dude Wheres My Junundu
[WALL] We Are Living Legends
[WANG] Short Bus Pirates
[WARS] Chad And Denisas Guild
[WARS] The Phantom Vanguard
[WARS] The Titan Of The World
[WAR] Angelic Warriors
[WAR] Empire Du Dragon
[WAR] Order Of The Twin Swords
[WAR] The Legion Of Fallen Angels
[WAR] Weird Assassins Of Retaliation
[WATP] We Are The Pwnage
[WATT] We Are There Torieux
[WAVE] The Wave Of Unity
[WAWS] Wahdat Al Wujud Suluk
[WAY] We Play The Greek
[WBA] Boing Boing Baggies
[WBB] The Real West Brom Boyz
[WBG] The Wretched Blood Guards
[WC] Whitmore College
[WC] Wildcard League
[WC] Wstretne Cyce
[WDT] We Drink Tequila
[WDX] Woot Dynam X
[WD] White Dragon Order
[WD] Worth Dreamers
[WDoW] White Dragons Of Wisdom
[WEPE] We Prodigy
[WEST] Mayor West Clan
[WET] Our Dreams Are
[WE] The Order Of The White Eagle
[WE] White Eagle Order
[WFD] Waiting For Death
[WFD] Waiting X For X Dawn
[WFD] Warriors From Denmark
[WFE] Warriors Of The Fallen Empire
[WFL] Warriors Of The Frozen Legion
[WFND] Dunkin Hills Coffee
[WFO] Wrath Of The Fallen Order
[WF] The White Pheonix
[WGMG] What Grind My Gears
[WHAT] The Enigmatics
[WHAT] 으v트r 9000
[WHCQ] Whispering City Of Q
[WHL] We Hate Leechers
[WHOA] We High Online Always
[WHO] The Cult Of Scaro
[WIFE] Koss Stole My
[WIKD] Wicked Element
[WIKI] Why Is Everyone Using My Build
[WILD] Wild In Life And Death
[WIMP] Bald Fat Lazy And Proud
[WIND] Wind Riders
[WINS] Striking Victory
[WIN] The Great Shazam
[WIP] Was Immer Passiert
[WISE] Keepers Of The Forgotten Wisdom
[WKPS] We Kill People Sometimes
[WLD] Warriors In Life Or Death
[WLE] The Purple Guild
[WLF] La Dolce Morte
[WLS] Warlords Of The Lost Souls
[WLVS] Wolves Of Paradise
[WMC] Want Moar Charr
[WMDF] Wir Machen Dich Fertig
[WMD] Wepon Of Mass Destruction
[WMW] The Wise Men Of War
[WM] War Machine
[WM] War Mercenaries
[WN] Wanton Nomads
[WN] Warrior Nation
[WOA] The Wraiths Of The Apocalypse
[WOA] Warriors Of Anu
[WOA] Wyrms Of Ascalon
[WOE] Warriors Of Elona
[WOFD] Warriors Of Luxons Darkness
[WOGA] Warriors Of The Greek Alphabet
[WOG] Wings Of Glass
[WOIR] Warriors On Iron Rum
[WOK] Wizards Of Kaarevik
[WOLF] Bad Wolf Corporation
[WOLF] Demon Wolf Clan
[WOLF] Guardians Of The Mystic Wolf
[WOLF] Jin Roh Wolf Brigade
[WOLF] Lords Of The Grey Wolf
[WOLF] Northern Wolf Clan
[WOLF] The Shade Wolves
[WOLF] Wolf Demon Tribe
[WOLF] Wolf Guard
[WOLF] Wolves Of Lunar Frost
[WOLS] Warriors Of The Lone Spirit
[WOOT] Wooting The Woot For The Woot
[WORK] Working Hunters
[WOTC] Warriors Of The Citadel
[WOT] War Of Terror
[WOWF] Within Of Wild Side
[WOZ] Wrath Of Zeus
[WOoT] The Weekenders Out On Tour
[WPCK] Wolfpack Pride
[WPE] Worst People Ever
[WPG] Wizardry Players Guild
[WPK] Wrath Of The Phantom Knight
[WPS] Wolf Pack Samurai
[WP] The Warrior Priests
[WP] Wolf Patrol
[WRYM] Heavenly Dragon Lords
[WSC] Wolffestar Clan
[WSM] West Side Mafia
[WSS] Wild Slayer Squad
[WST] White Storm Thunder
[WS] Wayward Sages
[WS] We Spank Urgoz And The Deep Too
[WSat] Les Diables Blancs De Tyrie
[WTC] White Tigerclaw
[WTF] Blue Skull
[WTF] Wartime Fighters
[WTF] Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Clan
[WTF] X Unit Gods Of Farm
[WTH] What The Hells
[WTH] Wolves Threatening Howls
[WTNF] When The Night Falls
[WTO] Wand The Oni
[WT] Warrior Thieves
[WT] Wolfs Temptation
[WUMP] Drunken Wumpus
[WV] The White Vanguard
[WWF] Ying Yang Formation
[WWII] The Longest Day
[WWJD] Christian Warlords
[WWJD] Psalm Of Revelation
[WWJD] Reach Guild Wars For Christ
[WW] The West Winds
[WW] Wanderers In The Wilderness
[WW] Western Warlords
[WaC] Nos Es Canadian
[WaFo] Wayfaring Foreigners
[WaL] We Are Leaders
[WaR] Wrath And Reaving
[Wait] Loading Please
[Wall] Balls To The
[War] Dont Mention The War
[War] The Apocalyptic Crusaders
[Warb] Warbound World
[Wars] The Black Russia Guild
[WbW] Waterbed Wanderers
[Wckd] Fallen Rebels Of The Black Rose
[WeT] Fame Gets Me Hot And
[West] Phoenix Of The West
[Wet] Its More Fun When Its
[Wgk] Winter Guardian Knights
[Whee] Roof Runners
[WiKi] Dont Ask Me Check
[WiKi] Our Guild Leader Uses
[WiN] Victurus Te Saluto
[Widi] Anti Widi
[Wii] We Would Like To Play
[Wiki] Die Wickinger
[Wiki] Im Down With
[Wiki] In Our Darkest Hour
[Wiki] The Wicked Legion
[WilD] The Wild Thingz
[Wild] Maguuma Jungle Wildlife Reserve
[Wild] Tiger Wolfes
[Win] Born To Win
[Win] Oh My God We
[Wind] Dont P I S S In The
[Wind] Purple Camellia
[Wind] Soft Wind
[Wing] Sliver Wings
[Wing] Wing Kraft
[WitB] Where Iz Teh Bonuz
[Wlpr] I Pirati Di Tyria
[Wntr] The Wintersday Legion
[WoA] The Warriors Of Asgard
[WoA] Whispers Of Acoma
[WoA] Wrath Of Abaddon
[WoD] D I A B L O
[WoD] Warriors Of Dacia
[WoD] Wraiths Of Dawn
[WoE] Warriors Of Ether
[WoFP] Warthogs On Friendly Pilgrimage
[WoF] Wave Of Fate
[WoL] Wings Of Lythia
[WoLf] Clan Of The Silver Wolves
[WoMB] Wars Of Mercliess Battles
[WoM] Wrath Of Mallyx
[WoOm] Fast As A Turtle
[WoP] Worshipers Of Pern
[WoR] Winds Of Revenge
[WoR] Wreath Of Roses
[WoST] Warriors Of Sun Tzu
[WoTP] The Warriors Of The Phoenix
[WoTU] Warlords Of The Underworld
[WoV] The Wolves Of Valhalla
[WoW] World Of Weiners
[WofP] World Of Players
[WolF] The Wolfen Brotherhood
[WolF] The Wolfs Den
[Wolf] Awaken O Master Of The Night
[Wolf] Holwing To The Moon
[Wolf] Knights Of The Wolf Goddess
[Wolf] The Wolf Bretheren
[Wolf] Wolfs Chosen
[Wolf] Wolves Brotherhood
[Wood] Wood Ranger
[WotA] Wolves Of The Ancients
[WotF] Warriors Of The Fedayen
[WotW] Watchers Of The Weawe
[Wotw] United Wariors Of The World
[WsLg] Warstone League
[WuW] The Warlords Of The Underwrold
[Wut] The Good Times Crew
[Wut] The Mascaron Drive
[WvA] Waechter Von Asgaard
[WvW] Knights Of The Dark Raven
[WvW] Le Corbeau Noir
[WyW] The Ravenous Ravens
[Wych] The White Wych Kings
[XA] Exile Aliance
[XDAY] Kensai Alliance
[XDX] Xx Disturbia Xx
[XENO] The Order Of Xenophobia
[XENO] Xeno Vikings
[XEX] X Elites X
[XF] Xtreme Fighters
[XG] Xg Clan
[XH] Xtreme Hunters
[XIII] The Chronos Numbers
[XII] Draco Dormien Nunquam Titilandu
[XII] Kh Organization Xii
[XIST] Defenders Of Existence
[XL] Xl Nut
[XNA] The Forbidden Kingdom
[XNBI] Xenbi Warriors
[XPVE] Extreme Pve
[XP] The Expedition
[XP] Xtreme Prejudice
[XSE] X Clan Chosen X
[XSPX] X Spirit Of Phoenix X
[XTC] Xcellant Troup Commandos
[XVII] Legione Fortuna
[XVII] Soldiers Of Q
[XXII] The Burning Pride
[XXX] Adult Entertainment
[XX] X Non Omnis Moriar X
[XYMX] Ii Clan Of Xymox Ii
[XYZ] Mercenaires Du Dernier Espoir
[XaMa] L Elite Des Barbares
[XaMa] Lalliance Barbare
[Xi] Xi Empire
[Xian] House Xian
[XoO] Xen Of Onslaught
[YC] Yellow Castle
[YEN] Yendors Elite Ninjas
[YESH] Risen Heroes Of The Apocalypse
[YIYA] Senso To Heiwa
[YLK] The Dragon Freeze
[YM] Young Money Merger
[YOU] We Want To Help
[YUM] Defenders Of The Last Cookie
[YUM] The Incredible Edible Bookah
[YUM] Ursan Ate My Bookah
[YUM] Used Water Salesmen
[YaRR] Sonz Of Anarchy X I X
[YaRR] The Destroyer Pirates
[YaRR] The Guardian Elite Pirates
[YaRR] The King Pirates
[YaRR] The Lynx Pirates
[YaRR] The Mallyx Pirates
[YaRR] The Phoenix Pirates
[YaRR] The Tiger Pirates
[YaRR] The Wolf Pirates
[YaWn] Retired Bookah Syndicate
[Yarr] Booty Bay
[Yawn] Insomniac Warrior Clan
[Yay] Hooray For Earth
[Yet] Is It Party Time
[Yeti] Redwood Bandits
[YiA] Yorkshire In Arms
[YoHo] Pirates Of The Searing
[Yogi] Picnic Maniacs
[You] No Soup For
[Your] Your Death Over Time
[YuM] Banana Pudding
[YuM] Sugar And Ice Cream And Candy
[Yumm] Legendary Guardian Of Cookies
[ZAAH] Gods Of Earth And Moon
[ZAK] Heroes Of Zakuraa
[ZAO] Zealots Of The Ancient Order
[ZAP] Wizards On The Coast
[ZARF] Gwens Cult
[ZEAL] Black Hearted Zealots
[ZEAL] The Covenant Of The Holy Sword
[ZEAL] Zealous Armed Forces
[ZEN] There Is No Other
[ZERO] First Zero
[ZERO] Mist Raven
[ZE] Zaishen Elite
[ZHE] Zerohour Enterprises
[ZHI] Incarnation Of Grim
[ZHZK] Zum Himmel Zu Klopfen
[ZIM] Knights Of Zimalac
[ZION] Nites Of Zion
[ZM] Zaishen Masters
[ZM] Zaishen Trek
[ZN] Zakon Niesmiertelnych
[ZOC] Zero Crisis Dot Com
[ZOEY] Poisonous To All
[ZORA] Dark Shadow Of Darknes Zora
[ZS] Universal Talent Of Destruction
[ZS] Zirkel Der Sturmjaeger
[ZT] Zone Troopers
[ZdB] Zidaya Brotherhood
[ZeaL] Martyrs To The Ether
[Zen] An Enso For The Fallen
[Zen] I Zen I
[Zero] Only The Begining
[Zero] Return Of The Zeros
[Zero] Zero Hunters
[Zero] Zero Plus Zero Egale
[Zeus] Masters Of Olympus
[ZiA] Zivi Interactive
[Zion] Mount Fortress Of Light
[ZoA] Zombies Of The Abyss
[ZoNE] Zealots Of The New Empire
[ZoQE] Zealots Of Quantum Entanglement
[ZoR] Unknown Alliance
[ZoS] Zealot Of Shiverpeak
[ZoS] Zealots Of Shiverpeak
[ZomG] Cow Apocalypse
[ZomN] Zombies Nom On Your Bones
[Zoo] Minotaur Preservation Society
[Zor] Zeal Of Ruin
[Zoso] The Templars Of The Apocalypse
[Zraw] Terra Noise
[ZuLu] The Zulu Warriors
[ZuNe] Izl Power Overwhelming Izl
[ZulR] The Hell Krew
[ZurG] Xenotech Hyper Nerds
[aFGM] A Few Good Men
[aFk] Timeout Monks Are
[aG] True Army Of God
[aM] Ascended Minority
[aOa] Acolytes Of Anguish
[aR] Arise And Ruin
[aXe] Avengers Of Eternity
[aXe] Plus T En Mets Plus T En As
[aYe] Sentinels Of Orr
[aarg] Mighty Pandas Of Doom
[ace] Angels Corrupt Elephants
[acm] Armada Of The Crescent Moon
[ad] Absolute Destruction
[ades] Aglar Dagor Er Sen
[aeon] Angels Of Oblivion
[afk] Austrian Freelance Knights
[agro] Stop Stealing
[aiMI] Lotti Karotti
[all] House Of The Pure At Heart
[ancd] Ancient Destroyers Of Finland
[any] Braveheart World Xi
[any] Braveheart World Xi
[any] Braveheart World Xlll
[aoet] Boot Camp
[army] The Army Of Alfa
[arro] Die Pfeilfabrik
[arx] Regnum Of Silva
[ash] Ascended From The Cinders
[ash] Order Of The Ashen Phoenix
[at] The Angels Who Rule The Galaxy
[aura] Twilight Brigade Nine
[aus] Unknown Strangers
[aust] Knights Australia
[awsm] Galactic President Superstar Mc
[aye] Undead Land Pirates
[azam] Abra Kadabra Alak
[bLt] Pros With Sandwiches
[bOpT] Brotherhood Of Primeval Legends
[bT] Blitz Tactics
[bURN] And Burn You Shall
[beef] Die Burger Von
[bh] Blood Hound
[bio] Gost In A Shell
[bird] Owls Of Flame
[blks] Black Optimum
[blud] Clan Bloodworth
[boat] The Boat Crew
[boob] Me Love Boobies
[boom] B O H I C A
[boom] Paper Airplane Pilots
[boss] Elder Mystic Dragons
[bpnl] Brasileiros Potentes Na Luta
[brUt] Les Braves Utopistes
[bspx] Black Sphinx
[btch] Were From Narnia
[bteb] Speed Is What We Need
[cHi] The Sigma Brotherhood
[cHoe] Chaos Hoernchen
[cKc] Cyber Killer Commando Reloaded
[cLnG] The Order Of The Clunge
[cM] Coventina Matron
[cRew] Parsleys Pink Pirate Crew
[cW] Crying Wind
[cad] Choas A D
[cake] The Incredible Cupcakes
[cent] South Central
[cesp] La Confrerie Des Elus Sans Peur
[char] War Band Iron Legion
[cksr] Celestial Knights Of The Rose
[cobd] Call Of The Black Dragons
[cog] Clan Of Gourge
[cold] Frozen Corpses Of Royalty
[cool] Elite Warriors One
[cool] Our Guild Is
[cool] The Cool Guy Two
[corn] Fuzzy Squirrels International
[cr] Chaos Riegn
[crab] Red Cancer
[cros] Defender Of The Cross
[cure] Council Of Ressurected Evil
[cute] Call Us The Elite
[dB] Soniq Warlords
[dBm] Die Boere Mag
[dK] Defining Klutch
[dLb] Die Laberbacken
[dP] Dangerous Pumpkins
[dR] Dark Alley
[dRdR] Die Ritter Der Rose
[dT] Clan Detained
[dark] Dark Assassins Of Shadows
[dark] Le Cercle De Lombre
[dark] Shadow Anguish
[dark] The Stigmata
[dd] X The Death Dealers X
[ddl] Death Dealing Loners
[deRp] Your Moms Name Here
[dead] Fallen Legion Of Chaos
[dead] Hierarchy Of Kings
[dead] Hitmen Of America
[dead] Los Guardianes De La Oscuridad
[dead] The Dead Of Ascalon
[dead] Undead Army Of Grenth
[debt] The Clouds Of War Approach
[deer] Rank Three Plus Pug
[demn] Citizens Of Brimstone
[deth] Deth Sight
[deth] Paidia Tou Thanatou
[die] The Fight
[die] The Zorg Dynasty
[digi] Bit Of Finger
[dip] Dark Icy Pandas
[dlm] Mystical Dragon Lords
[dmda] Dragon Masters Of The Dark Age
[doOb] Dubious Intent
[doc] Dispiles Of Chaos
[doc] The Dearth Doc
[doom] Perappa Hellslayers
[dotA] Dogs Of The Afterlife
[dpX] Dark Palanx Odins Erbe
[drb] Dark Realms Brotherhood
[drgn] Elite Dragon Lords
[drug] The Mystic Tokers
[dth] Clan Dethryche
[dude] The Order Of Dude
[dusk] Safety Till Dusk
[eD] Eternal Deliverance
[eE] Electronic Empire
[eF] Team Everfrost
[eInc] Evil Incorperated
[eK] Elicit Killjoys
[eKi] Elektronik Ki
[eL] Team Everlast
[eM] Enigmatic Minds
[eRR] The Elite Roof Runners
[eRio] Elite Rise In Oppression
[eS] Elite Shadow Treason
[eX] Existence Clan
[eav] The Elders Of Altair Valley
[ecto] Aatxes For Life
[ecto] All I Wanna Do Is Take Yo Money
[ecto] Ecto Nightmare
[edg] Elite Dragon Gods
[edit] I Have Reverted Your
[eep] Night Stalkers R Us
[ekoc] If You Build It They Will Come
[ema] Elite Mercenaries Of Abaddon
[end] The End Of Day
[eon] Elements Of The North
[epiC] Kamikaze Penguins
[esc] European Society Of Cowards
[ever] Lamer For
[evil] Dark Angel From The Underworld
[evil] Soldiers Of The Deep Dark
[evt] What Is This
[ew] Elite Wardogs
[exso] I Exiled Soldiers I
[eyes] Through The Eyes Of The Dragon
[fG] Forgotten Gladiators
[fK] Forgotten Kings
[fR] Frantic Rage
[fW] German Farming Wonders
[fafi] Fancy Fighters
[fang] The Monstrous Fangs
[fang] Vampire Fangs
[fd] Fizzy Drinks
[fire] Ember Light Nostalgia
[fire] Fires And Flames
[fire] Flames Of Zamarak
[fire] The Chimaren Flame
[fl] Gulden Strijders
[flq] Fleur De Lys Du Quebec
[fmi] Fire Meets Ice
[fmod] Fracking Monkeys Of Doom
[fol] Faeries Of The Light
[fop] Kernow Non Pc
[fos] Fringe Of Sanity
[foxy] Guardians Of Noumenon
[fppp] La Fonction Publique Point Com
[frOg] Cult Of The Candy Frog
[frag] Frozen Agony
[freh] Agalloth Kalmah
[frog] Order Of The Great Frog
[ftw] Aggroing Newbs
[fub] X Black Flames X
[funn] Dragon Killers Of The North
[fury] Colere Divine
[gA] Gotass Community
[gEdN] Gli Eroi Del Nord
[gOOd] Couldnt Think Of Anything
[gPx] Grenths Phoenix
[gday] Skippys Avengers
[geek] C O M P U T E R
[gefe] Guilde Of Elements
[ggg] Guild Gold Golem
[girl] The Amazon Sisterhood
[gnu] Off The Grid
[god] Guild Of Disorder
[gold] East Side Golds
[good] The Knights Of Greater Good
[gos] The Twin Swords
[gost] The Shadow Pack
[gotv] Gauntlets Of The Valiant
[gouh] Guild Of United Hunters
[goyy] Guild Of Ying And Yang
[gr] Angels Gr
[gree] Power Of Greece
[grim] Reaper Dungeon
[grog] Pirates Of Cyrodill
[grrr] Factions Of Life
[grrr] We Are Large Angry Men
[gws] Geeks With Sword
[hade] Servants Of Hades
[halo] Angel Hearts Clan
[hant] Have A Nice Time
[harr] Pirates Love Triviality
[hate] The Malignant
[hdib] La Horde Des Illustres Buveurs
[hdli] Les Habitants De L Infini
[hell] Abyssll Demons
[hell] Hell Flame
[hell] Hell Of The Dark Fire
[hell] Hellz Gates
[help] Aiding Hands Of Luck
[help] Wassenaarse Champions
[hero] Descendents Of Balthazar
[hi] Deathly Star
[hi] Wants Up
[hia] Zamorock Rules
[hls] Highland Soldiers
[hn] Ningensei Hn
[hoK] Esprit D Hokur
[hogs] Custom Low Riders
[holy] St Gabrials Hand
[holy] Unending Crusade
[hope] I I Advent Children
[hope] Shattered Pride
[hott] Red Hott Guild Veterans
[hov] House Of Vithaarn
[hv] Howling Voids
[iB] Individual Behavior
[iBot] In Memorium
[iCE] Rangers Of Grenth
[iE] Illuminati Elite
[iM] Invisible Monsters
[iMaS] Immoral Ascention
[iNig] Technically Gangster
[iPk] Insane Psycho Killas
[iQ] Idiot Savants
[iRA] Silent Leges Inter Arma Irae
[iTF] Ignite The Fallen
[iWin] One Vs Onehundred
[iXam] Eye Examination
[icU] Hey Mallyx
[iced] I Ice Dragons Frost I
[illi] Iluminati Knights
[ioh] Indication Of Hostility
[ion] I Know What You Did Last Expans
[iron] Light Of The Abyss
[jade] The Luxon Jadites
[jedi] The Jedi Warriors
[jinx] Your Lucky Charm
[join] The Exile Destroyers
[jstc] Did Somebody Say Justice
[kH] Knights Hospitalier
[kO] Menace I I Society
[kSoG] Kurzick Sultans Of Glory
[kVan] Kurzick Vanguard
[kcuF] Oh My God Its Shadow Form Sin
[keep] The Crip Keepers
[kiDs] School Is Out
[kiSu] Team Love
[kie] Kierian Knights
[kiki] La Koukiki Team
[kill] All Is Permitted
[kill] Dark Overkill
[kill] Three Cheers For Vengence
[kity] Fire Kittys
[koct] Knights Of The Circular Table
[kofs] Knights Of A Fallen Sun
[kush] Fotwentys Inhalers
[lOOt] Crumb Snatchers
[laF] La Fleur
[lag] Lag Killed Me
[land] Fette Wamos Braucht Das Land
[lazy] Lazy Guild
[leet] Merimakkarat Hippasilla
[leet] Us Are Not
[leon] Leonhart Guild
[lgnd] Knights Of Chivalry And Honor
[lich] The Shadow Lichs
[lie] Where The Dead Angels
[lion] Great Googlie Booglie
[lion] The Dragon Guild From Hell
[live] Breath Of Life
[live] Hakuna Matata
[live] The Undead Living
[lldj] La Liche De Jade
[lobi] Lowbirds De
[loin] Lion Warroirs
[lol] Bite Of The Dragons
[lord] Darklords Of God
[lord] Dragon Lords Of Order
[lord] The Dragon Lords Of Order
[lorr] Knights Of Lorr
[lory] Templar Guardian
[lost] The Lost Samurai Of The Argo
[love] S U M M E R
[lssj] Legends Of Saiyan
[lulz] L U L Z
[mAd] Malice In Wonderland
[mAsk] H U Army Of Undead
[mE] I Assassins I
[mG] Ministrare Gaming
[mad] Coloring Book
[mana] The Chrono Kings Of Dark Mana
[mask] Diciples Of The Charred Mask
[mb] Monstrous Brigade
[mc] Gods Of Dark Light
[mdel] Import Models
[mdrs] The Mobiddeath Rangers
[meds] Demonic Noobz Of Destruction
[meh] Agents Of Indecision
[meow] Animal Sounds
[meow] Bad Katz With Hats
[meow] Chocolate Orangutan Cake
[meow] Fluffy Kittens Of Doom
[meow] The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee
[merc] Merciful Masters
[merc] Stray Dog Strike Force
[merc] The Heroes Of The Milita
[merc] The Militas Elite Supremacy
[mini] Joo Will Always Love
[mist] Order Of The Ghost Dragons
[mk] Multani Killers
[mkay] Dont Mess With The Don
[mnky] Monkeys Of Destruction
[mnky] X Killer Monkeys X
[mod] Masters Of Disasterss
[moe] Milky Moe
[mom] Dont Let Your Mom Stop You
[mon] Greedy Monkeys
[moon] The Moon Strikers
[moon] The Spiritmoon
[moor] Moore E Sports
[mptm] Netsavers Rock
[msR] Millenium Sun Raiders
[mvm] Knights Of Ravens War
[mw] The Guild Of Melandru Warriors
[mym] The Corax Ravens
[myps] Make Your Peace Some Other Way
[myrm] The Myrmidons Of Tyria
[myth] Phoenix Recreated
[nDoW] No Diplomacy Only War
[nExt] The Knights Of Eastern Calculus
[nH] No Honor
[nJoy] Peace N Harmony
[nKil] Newky Killers
[nOm] Spicy Cheese Puffs
[nOwl] Golden Night Owls
[nPuG] Nameless Pugs
[nS] No Sleep No Surrender
[naO] Electric Extended Edition 르
[naO] Electric Extended Edition
[naO] Electric Retard
[naee] The Knights That Say Naee
[nats] Ninjas Are Totally Sweet
[neXt] Sry But I Have To Say
[new] Danger Rangers
[ng] Nights Guild
[ngt] Nl Night Mare Nl
[nite] Night S
[nl] The Specials One
[nmt] No More Trouble
[noID] Eternal Edge
[no] The Evil Devils Swe
[none] Aveage Joes
[none] Limits Of Knowledge
[noob] The Fire Of The Shadow
[nous] Verwandte Geister
[np] Nightbringers Pride
[np] Nutzloses Pack
[nuBz] U Just Got Rolled By
[nuTz] Mixed Nutz
[nub] Never Underestimate Beginners
[nubs] Were Random Arena Experts
[nut] Squirrel Unit
[nuts] None But Fools
[nvsr] So Lost In My Own World
[oD] Overdose Like A Rockstar
[oGx] Older German Experts
[oK] No Gank No Fun No Trash
[oOOo] L Antre Du Dragon D Obsidienne
[oO] Abnormal Gameplay Detected
[oO] Vivere Est Militare
[oOo] Komalis Protector
[oRes] October Resistance
[oUKo] Englands Elite Firm
[oVVe] Le Vouloir Et Le Verbe
[oase] Orden Der Aufgehenden Sonne
[oath] Bleeding Oath
[oath] Heroes Creed
[ocho] Los Chavos Del
[odin] Asgaard Calling
[ods] Oregon Duck Slayers
[oiNk] Prizewinning Hogs
[old] Knights Of The Retired Realm
[om] Osna Master
[omd] Ozark Mountain Daredevils
[oo] Zero Zero
[ooar] Dolus Of Agricola
[ook] Guild Of The Benevolent Monkey
[orSM] Lil And Jax Are
[orl] Order Of The Righteous Legion
[otd] Order Of The Tempest Dragons
[otdm] Order Of The Dark Moons
[otto] Luthor The Chosen
[over] Over Fiends
[own] Veni Vidi Owned
[oxo] Ferocian Flame
[pRma] Leet Skillz For Leet Playaz
[pRma] Press One Two To Be A
[pWnD] Plasmatik Warriors
[pWnd] Bringer Of Death And Suffering
[pcnr] Rommedahl Guild
[phnx] Praetorians Of The Phoenix
[pie] The Pie People
[pika] Polymock Allstars
[ping] Penguin Revolution
[pink] P I N K Animal Clan
[pink] Pink Animal Clan
[pink] Pinks Vacation Location
[pink] The Pink Animal Clan
[plop] Bierflotte Der Dunkelheit
[plop] Les Anges Desincarnes
[plum] Plum Blossom Manor
[plz] Dont Nerf My Builds
[poke] The Flying Toaster Kingdom
[pond] The Pond
[pope] The Order Of Breakfast
[pos] Protectors Of Suna
[potc] Anarchy Of War
[prOn] Rule Thirty Four
[pre] A S C A L O N
[psst] Ancient Vanguard
[pull] Guild Of Raghnarok
[pwl] Pyro Wolf Lovers