List of Hero-vetted skills

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Hero-vetted skills[edit]

Icon Name Description Other skill costs Energy Activation time Recharge time Prof. Attribute Campaign
Ancestors' Rage.jpg

Ancestors' Rage

Skill. (1 second.) End Effect: deals 5...89...110 lightning damage to foes adjacent to target ally. 0 055 Tango-energy.png 00.250.25¼ Tango-activation-darker.png 01010 Tango-recharge-darker.png ritualistaRitualist Channeling MagicZ Factions


Elite Hex Spell. Also hexes foes near your target (1...8...10 second[s]). Interrupts all other nearby foes whenever a hexed foe successfully activates a skill. 0 1010 Tango-energy.png 01.001 Tango-activation-darker.png 01515 Tango-recharge-darker.png mesmeraMesmer Domination MagicZ Prophecies


Heroes (edit)
ArmorerSkill pointSkill TrainerVetted SkillsBehavior
Nightfall Warrior GorenKoss Ranger Acolyte JinMargrid the Sly Monk DunkoroTahlkora Necromancer Master of Whispers Mesmer Norgu Elementalist Acolyte SousukeZhed Shadowhoof Paragon General Morgahn Dervish Melonni Any Razah
Eye of the North Warrior Jora Ranger Pyre Fierceshot Monk Ogden Stonehealer Necromancer Livia Mesmer Gwen Elementalist Vekk Assassin Anton Ritualist Xandra Paragon Hayda Dervish Kahmu
Beyond & Other Necromancer Olias Assassin MikuZenmai Ritualist Zei Ri Paragon Keiran Thackeray Dervish M.O.X. Any Mercenaries