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Dervish-icon.png Nerfish Dervish[edit]

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Balthazar's Scythe.png Storm Bow.png Draconic Scythe.png

Favorite PvE Skills
Pious Renewal.jpg Vow of Silence.jpg "You Move Like a Dwarf!".jpg "Finish Him!".jpg Seed of Life.jpg

Favorite PvP Skills
Wounding Strike.jpg

Hall of Monuments for Apple:

Heroes Unlocked:



Rainbow phoenix.jpg

Apple's Want List

  • Now has the coolest title in the game, "Oracle of Wisdom"
  • Just got rank 2 party animal, finally.
  • Finished all of the PvE titles so now I have to get 2 more. Probably drunkard and luxon. I might wait until they fix drunkard title aquirement and just save up booze.
  • Get Rank Nine so I can get rid of my blob.

Although I did make a cool texmod version of it here:[[1]] .

Fun Facts about Apple

  • I named her because it rhymes with Full Crystal Steel (srsly)
  • She has over 30 million xp. If the level cap wasn't 20, i'd be level 2,024
  • I use staves with every requirement but DF Healing or Prot cuz i like the skins and i'm cheap.
  • I rarely heal/prot in PvE anymore since I found out how broken PvE skills are at max rank.
  • Unyielding Aura is stapled to her bar even when I don't run any df or healing skills. It's my Uber Res.
  • Her necro heroes are better than most PvE pugs.

Superior Identification Kit.png This user has a character that is working towards the title Source of Wisdom and has identified 6065 rare items.