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Monk-icon.png Red Apple Peel[edit]

User Adrin newapple1.jpg

Serrated Spear.png Tengu Scepter.png Crystal Flame Staff.png Tormented Shield.png Amethyst Aegis.png Enameled Shield.png Charr Focus.png Platinum Longbow.png

Favorite PvE Skills
Unyielding Aura.jpg Ray of Judgment.jpg "You Move Like a Dwarf!".jpg "Finish Him!".jpg Seed of Life.jpg

Favorite PvP Skills
Life Sheath.jpg Spirit Bond.jpg Shield of Absorption.jpg Divine Healing.jpg Aura of Stability.jpg

Hall of Monuments for Apple:

Heroes Unlocked:



Rainbow phoenix.jpg

User yasmin parvaneh apple art.png

Apple's Want List

  • Now has the coolest title in the game, "Oracle of Wisdom"
  • Just got rank 2 party animal, finally.
  • Finished all of the PvE titles so now I have to get 2 more. Probably drunkard and luxon. I might wait until they fix drunkard title aquirement and just save up booze.
  • Get Rank Nine so I can get rid of my blob.

Although I did make a cool texmod version of it here:[[1]] .

Fun Facts about Apple

  • I named her because it rhymes with Full Crystal Steel (srsly)
  • She has over 30 million xp. If the level cap wasn't 20, i'd be level 2,024
  • I use staves with every requirement but DF Healing or Prot cuz i like the skins and i'm cheap.
  • I rarely heal/prot in PvE anymore since I found out how broken PvE skills are at max rank.
  • Unyielding Aura is stapled to her bar even when I don't run any df or healing skills. It's my Uber Res.
  • Her necro heroes are better than most PvE pugs.

Superior Identification Kit.png This user has a character that is working towards the title Source of Wisdom and has identified 6065 rare items.