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I follow Grenth and Balthazar
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About me

Name / Jevgenij(Jugeen)
Last name / Blaus
Country / Latvia
Town / Riga


My Titles
Core Titles

ChampionSkillzGladiatorHeroHaplessCharmedDrunkardKind Of A Big DealSurvivorSweet ToothTreasure HunterSeeker of WisdomLegendary Cartographer

Prophecies Titles

Tyrian ExplorerProtector of TyriaGuardian of TyriaTyrian Elite Skill HunterTyrian VanquisherDefender of Ascalon

Factions Titles

Canthan PathfinderYesProtector of CanthaYesGuardian of CanthaCanthan Elite Skill HunterCanthan VanquisherKurzick SupporterYesLuxon SupporterYes

Nightfall Titles

Elonian ExplorerProtector of ElonaYesGuardian of ElonaYesElonian Elite Skill HunterElonian VanquisherCommanderLightbringerYesSunspear CommanderYes

Eye of the North Titles

CommanderNot Too SmellyDelverYesAgentAdventurer of the NorthSlayer of ImpsYes


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PvE This user enjoys
AB This user enjoys
Holy Blessing.jpg This user follows the
Grenth and Balthazar.
Luxon.png This user is a member of the
Luxons alliance.
Kurzick.png This user have nothing against
Kurzick alliance.
GWW-shield.png This user have all chapters of
Guild Wars.
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