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Dervish-icon.png Valludias the Pious
Avatar of Lyssa.jpg Avatar of Lyssa is Valludias the Pious's favorite skill.
User Arcane Guardian Valludias the Pious.jpg Second character created in Elona to test a different flavor of playing style. I enjoy playing her...well now she is stuck at the Gate of Pain and I always have more pressing matters to worry about- need to get that Legendary Vanquisher for my main character and lots of other nice titles!
  • 1st Year Birthday Present.png=Not yet
  • 2nd Year Birthday Present.png=Not yet
  • Experience: no idea now
  • Armor:
1.5k Sunspear, dyed yellow
  • Pet:
  • Heroes:
  • Heroes to get:
  • Titles:

not concerned about them here

  • Other Accomplishments:

has all dervish skills

  • Goals:

complete Nightfall

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