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General Information

Hi my name is Fukuyama, Jiro (Jiro is my first name) and im born in 1987. I know live in a small village in Holland, but im originally from japan. In real life I fly people in private jets, but at the moment there arent many people taking the jet :(.

My favorite music is rap and hip hop and I used to like one heavy metal band, 'Drowning Pool' but since their main singer died they replaced him by anoter singer who is not as good as him....
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Guild Wars[edit]

I started using internet about 7 years ago but didn't know a THING about it. I only used it for news and e-mail... About 3 years later i bought a book to find out more about internet and i found something called mmorpg, so i checked it out and downloaded some games. But the games became boring as time past, there was no fun in them anymore. 1 year later I visited my friend and I saw him playing a very nice looking mmorpg, I asked him what it was and he told me that he was playing Guild Wars. So some days later i bought the game... BUT COULDN'T PLAY IT:(!!!!! there were suddenly people who wanted to fly. Anyway, I had some time to play after and LOVED it! it was the best game ever played because the people actually react to you when you ask something, and unlike other games ive played it didn't become booring after a year.

thank you Arena Net for making such a nice game :)
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I've been in 5 different guilds:

  • 1st guild... i dont remeber the name.
  • 2nd guild... The Gale Riders, in this guild i had LOTS of fun although it was a small guild.
  • 3rd guild... Dark Shadow Empire, i joined this guild because my friend got me into it and i liked it very much.
  • 4th guild... Frozen Shadow, I made this guild with Dervish Danto who was also in the dark shadow empire. eventually this guild came in DsE's alliance.
  • 5th guild... Deahts Creed, I also made this guild wih Dervish Danto, this is the current guild im in and were still busy finishing it.


  • Thank you Thulsey for inspiring me when i made my userpage!
  • Thank you Arena Net for making such a good game