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Everyone knows about shadow form. Someone from abusing it and QQing to arenanet to leave it alone, others, usually known for good reasoning, deep knowledge about game balance, from either the topics (they started) about shadow form being overpowered, or from being discriminated in-game because they don't run assassins.

But that's all for the introduction, let's see what shadow form is.

Basic Math[edit]

When measuring skill power, I use three factors in calculation:Avg Energy Cost, Skill Cost and Effect,

When measuring skill power, I also take the case of the optimal usage of skills both in builds and in terms of usage, so I don't calculate frenzy with healing signet.

So let's see the factors one-by-one.

Scenario: UW, HM, 3 bladed aatxe.


Effect: This number varies, I usually calculate with an average guessed number (HM, UW, AAtxes). In case of shadow form, the effect is harm prevention. Harm prevention includes damage and interrupt prevention from both attack and spell source. Since Bladed Aatxes have 240dps vs. assassins, the damage reduction is 3x240damage/seconds. The duration is 27 seconds (enchanting), and there are averagely 6 interrupts per cycle, all negated.
Against the Obsidian Warrior, the aatxes have 3x137 dps, the duration is 20 seconds (enchanting), and there are averagely 6 interrupts per cycle, and 4-5 of them negated. Dolyak Signet +stoneflesh aura would only reduce it to 30 dps, But there was always a bonder with life barrier+bond, so all the damage was negated.
Energy used: For a 25 second cycle, you use 15 for Deadly Paradox, 5 for glyph, and 10 for shadow form.
Obsidian warrior: Obsidian Flesh: 10, glyph of swiftness: 5, Stoneflesh Aura: 2x10=20, Wary stance: 0-10 depending on attack skills blocked.
Skillslots used: Glyph of Swiftness, Deadly Paradox, Shadow Form.
Obsidian Warrior: Obsidian Flesh, Glyph of Swiftness, Stoneflesh Aura, Dolyak Signet, Wary Stance. + Life Barrier + life bond (+balthazar's Spirit)
build damage negated interrupts negated skillslots used energy used energy/seconds energy regen
Shadow Form all 6 3 30 1.1111(forever) 1.3333(forever
Obsidian tank all 4-5 9 (2 char) 45 2.25 0.6666(forever)
So to tank all damage, the assassin has to use 3 skills for 30 energy, which leaves him/her 5 energy per cycle, allowing damage dealing spells to be used.
The Obsidian Warrior uses 6 skills, and needs a bonder who uses 3 skills, and the tank has to use 35 to 45 energy per cycle, has more chance to be interrupted, uses more energy than an assassin, and also from a much more smaller energy pool. He also needs a bonder to manage energy and to be able to negate ALL damage.

So in conclusion, shadow form is currently the most effective skill in gw.

Shadow form compressed the "tank friggin everything" from 9 skills to 3, and has less than half the energy cost aras the obsidian wrior. The assassin can also work in solo while the warrior needs a bonder to survive mobs. and while the assassin deals its damage, the warrior is harmless as a newborn baby. Now You may see how friggin overpowered this skill is. Boro 10px‎ 15:56, 27 May 2009 (UTC)

Other professions[edit]

In order to balance other professions to shadow form, arenanet would have to do these changes.

  • Whirlwind Attack Whirlwind Attack Reduced adrenaline cost to 3, Reduced recharge to 0. Now deals an additional 5 damage for each rank in strength.
  • Triple Shot Triple Shot Now each arrow deals 3 damage for each rank in expertise. These arrows no longer have reduced damage.
  • Intensity Intensity Now your spells deal +7 damage per ranks in energy storage.

10 Energy¼ Activation time20 Recharge time Functionality changed to: Skill. For 30 seconds, all other allies take 25% less damage and an additional 4% for each rank in divine favor. (maximal reduction is 80%)

  • Ether Nightmare Ether Nightmare Duration increased to 20 seconds. Now deals an additional 30 damage each second. Fails under fast casting 5.

0 Energy1 Activation time15 Recharge time Functionality changed to: For 10 seconds target foe takes 100 damage each second. If target foe was not a boss and it dies under the effects of Signet of Corruption, that foe is resurrected and fights on your side. now fails under Soul Reaping rank 5

5 Energy2 Activation time30 Recharge time Functionality changed to: You summon Shiro and The Lich to fight on your side. Whenever these creatures steal health, you are healed for half the amount stealed. Now fails under spawning power rank 5

  • Aura of Holy Might Aura of Holy Might Duration increased to 40 seconds Now deals an additional 5 damage per ranks on mysticism. The + damage is calculated before it increases damage.