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Alex Goes Face Roll Alex Goes
Face Roll
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  Alex Goes Face Roll



Creation date

16th July 2014


Dunno, any special prize for winning all of the polymock quests in a row, no failures?

Armor sets

A mixture of Istani and Vabbian armor

Weapon sets

Xun Rao's Command.pngXun Rao's Command
Draconic Scythe.pngDraconic Scythe x2
Envoy Scythe.pngEnvoy Scythe
Deldrimor Shear.pngDeldrimor Shear

Campaigns completed

Deldrimor Talisman.png
Amulet of the Mists.png Book of Secrets.png
Droknar's Key.png Medal of Honor.png Imperial Dragon's Tear.png
User Chieftain Alex Alex Goes Face Roll.jpg
Mission progress