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Contemplation of Purity.jpg

Classic Noob

Spotless Soul.jpg Spotless Mind.jpg Blessed Aura.jpg Purifying Veil.jpg Healing Ring.jpg Draw Conditions.jpg Holy Veil.jpg

Elementalist.png Ignacia or Fire
Dervish.png Xc Pandora Xc
Necromancer.png Blood Junke
Assassin.png Sa Kera
Monk.png So I Picked A Name
Ranger.png Kera With A Bow
Warrior.png Warrior Kera
About Me

Oi! my name is Chelsea, im a girl and i am in love with the greatest guy on earth =) if you try flirting with me, you will be put on ignore. Im usually on everyday, but if im not then i have stuff to do. You look for me in game my name is Sa Kera. I can be pretty crazy at times and completly lose it if you tick me off, so...beware =)

Other Stuff