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Durp da durp/testes/
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Type Staff
Campaign(s) Prophecies
Eye of the North
Divine Favor
Smiting Prayers
Blood Magic
Death Magic
Domination Magic
Illusion Magic
Air Magic
Earth Magic
Fire Magic
Water Magic
Channeling Magic
Spawning Power
Inscribable only:
Soul Reaping
Inspiration Magic
Energy Storage
( Healing Prayers )
( Protection Prayers )
( Restoration Magic )
( Fast Casting )
Damage type(s) Earth damage
Fire damage
Cold damage
Lightning damage
Chaos damage
Dark damage
Holy damage
Common salvage Bones

This is what attributes i think Dead Staff (from Awakened in NF and Undead in EotN) and Ghostly Staff (Terrorweb Dryders and chests near them in NF Domain of Fear) drops in for insc and uninsc.
There are a few primary ones that were not on the list for uninsc that need to have the inscribable only heading

Campaigns for ghostly is Prophecies and Nightfall
Campaigns for dead is Prophecies, Nightfall, and, Eye of the North

Restoration Magic *might* be possible since it was supposedly only removed from factions, but, it wasn't listed originally on these before we started questioning the old infobox, and, i doubt any new professions were added.

Neither of these staves had Healing Prayers or Protection Prayers listed before. Those attributes had zero staves linked to them in prophecies. I highly doubt they were added in, i bet nearly the same attribute table was used only as insc versions for later campaigns, just other primary professions were added as insc only. If heal and prot DO actually exist they would be under Inscribable Only

Likewise Fast Casting was never found so unsure on it as well.

The four in parenthesis *probably* do not drop at all, nowhere, no how. *IF* they do it would be insc only. Big if.