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Hello, If you need to contact me ingame, add Sneeking Shadow.

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Just a little bit about farming. Why do people farm? To get money. Why do they want to get money? To buy nice items. So, people want nice items. Anet can either try to withhold them of with, by nerfing every farm build, and driving people away from the game, because it isn't fun if you can't get nice items, as that is want you want. Or, Anet can just give everyone lot's of nice items, so they don't have to farm, and only driving people away which always want to be better then everyone else. But, for those we got pvp. So make nice items drop more regularly, so you don't have to keep nerfing every skill that can be used to farm.

In My time playing this game, I saw Anet nerfing almost all Ecto farms (and an uncountable number of other farms), like the Shadow Form Assassin, the Terra/Famine Farm and the 600/smiter (can still be done, it is way slower then before). The only ones left are the Warrior/Mesmer Hunderd Blades + Whirlwind and the Spirit Farm (this isn't really active play either, just hiding behind spirits). But how long will it be until this farms get nerfed?

This leads to my question: Anet says it allows farms, though they do nerf all farm builds. Do I understand something wrong, or are they just being weird? Or do they allow farming, just not that type of farming? And than, which type of farming do they allowed then?