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  • Make heroes use skills on enemies based on profession and skills, not weapon type.
  • Heroes can no longer be used in 8v8 arenas.


Ok, I know we have a bug page. But I'd rather put all my stuff that ANet won't read in one place instead of two.

  • Most notably in Fort Aspenwood, the game sometimes treats you as if you are holding an item when you aren't - you see your normal health/energy, but the game treats you as though it is lower than shown.
  • In CM/AB, when you die as an avatar, you sometimes stay in that form for the remainder of the game.

Competitive Missions[edit]

Fort Aspenwood[edit]

Increase Gods' Vengeance timer to 15 minutes, remove the uninterruptable/enchantment removal aspects of the siege turtle attacks.

Jade Quarry[edit]

Make NPCs scatter when faced with AoE/PBAoE damage.



  • Defy Pain: This skill is now a stance, requires 6 adrenaline.
  • Primal Rage: Now disables your non-attack skills for 7 seconds.


  • Second Wind: 5Energy, 1/2Activation time, 10Recharge time: For ten seconds, this skill does nothing. When this skill ends, you gain 1...2...2 energy for every point of energy you lost while this skill was active. (Attribute: Energy Storage)
  • Searing Flames: When this skill deal damage, the burning ends; range changed to nearby.
  • Ether Prodigy: Cap out damage at 100, now only lose 2 health for every point of energy on end; this skill no longer removes enchantments on cast (but damage is still applied if you recast it).
  • Glimmering Mark: This skill only ends when the target takes non-lightning damage (from you).
  • Invoke Lightning: Hits all foes near target, reduce recharge to 10.
  • Mist Form: Add one of these effects:
    • All attacks against you miss.
    • 15%...25%...33% movement bonus.
    • +20...40...50 armor vs. elemental damage.
    • Reduce recharge to 20.
  • Stone Sheath: These foes are weakened as well.
  • Iron Mist: Now only gives invulnerability to non-elemental damage, reduce movement loss to 75%.

Bah, more to come when I have time.