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What about this Guy ?[edit]

User Ganjha ganjhairl.JPG
Type Human
Value Eternal Nub ^^
Campaign Prophecies
[RoLL] This user is an officer of the Take Ur Slim And [RoLL] Guild

Hi everyone! I'm Gef alias Ganjha IG :) I'm 23 years old and I live in Belgium. I play Guild Wars for a little over 6 years now, i am a perma pre player. I am in a french guild with only pre player [RoLL] (+75 lvl 16 mini) ... My work in pre ? Just make a bit of money ^^ I am the first french to have got three rank 2 (ale's hound, CoC and LotP) ... I get some's ldoa of course but you should see it after ^^ What other about me ? No idea for the moment ^^

Stop FARMING ! Go smoking !!! (^_^)

His Pre-Searing Characters[edit]

Account 3 (New Main)
Necromancer II Ganjha Stock II N20 + Stalker 20 + Ale's Hound + CoC + LotP : PKM (PKM reached the 03/15/2011)
Elementalist Ganjha Luvz Smoke E20 + Bear 20 (done in 17 hours 57min after the update 03/03/2011)
Ranger IxI Ganjha Tox IxI R20 + Warthog 20
Monk II Sparahdrap II Mo20 + Survivor
Mesmer Ganjha Hates Mesmer Me20 + Bear 20
Warrior Ganjha Luvz W20 + Bear 20

Account 1 (Old Main) [BAN]
Necromancer Stockeur De Ganjha N20 + Stalker 20 + Ale's Hound + CoC + LotP : KoaBD
Monk Soeur Ganhja Mo/E20
Ranger Powered By Ganjha R20 + Warthog 20
Warrior Princesse Ganjha W17 + Wolf 20
Elementalist El Smoky E17 + Moa 20
Mesmer Ganjha Smoker Me17 + Bear 17

Account 2 [BAN]
Elementalist Ganjha Of Pre E20 + Bear 20
Necromancer O Stock Of Ganjha O N11

Characters on others accounts
Elementalist Daah Ganjha Slave E16
Necromancer I Dark Ganjha I N20
Necromancer X Stock Of Ganjha X N20
Necromancer I Stock Of Ganjha I N13
Necromancer II Ganjha I N1
Necromancer II Ganjha II N1
Necromancer II Ganjha III N1
Necromancer III Ganjha II N1
Necromancer III Ganjha IIII N1
Necromancer IIIII Ganjha IIIII N1

Current Titles in Pre[edit]

User Ganjha PKM PRE.jpg

Old Titles in Pre[edit]

User Ganjha koabd2.jpg

User Ganjha Koabd Pre.jpg

His build[edit]

His Charr Hunting Build
Necromancer-tango-icon-200.png Necromancer
Blood Magic 8+1
Death Magic 12+1+1
Soul Reaping 6+1
Deathly Swarm.jpg
Deathly Swarm
Animate Bone Horror.jpg
Animate Bone Horror
Vampiric Gaze.jpg
Vampiric Gaze
Vampiric Touch.jpg
Vampiric Touch
Life Siphon.jpg
Life Siphon
Blood Renewal.jpg
Blood Renewal
Comfort Animal.jpg
Comfort Animal
Troll Unguent.jpg
Troll Unguent
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Somes fun movie of charr hunting.

YouTube Videos of my charr hunts

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