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This will be an open forum for discussing the computer parts I always recommend to anyone over anything. Questions can be asked, and answers shall be given anything. It's sort of an "AMA"
All of this information is dated for 01:10, 14 March 2013 (UTC)


This case is probably the best case for the buck. It includes a 90 degree motherboard rotation to allow far superior cooling to the standard cases. Heat naturally rises, this case helps promote that law of heat. You can even put a SSI CEB up in this motherfucker equipped with 4 way SLI. Most people are never justified on spending more than $99 on a case, but let me tell you. Paying an extra $60 makes a huge difference in terms of how well your actual computer handles itself due to cooling. (The nice thing about having the graphics cards hang is that they don't bend your motherboard over time, a big plus for those using oversized GPUS like the ASUS ones)


  • Anything Intel.
Most people call me a faggot because they think I'm an intel fanboy. For the money, intel always offers performance. I actually did an interesting test with my clients (without telling them). They both paid $129 for their processor. One got a "locked" intel processor while the other got an "unlocked" AMD processor. After overclocking the AMD to it's max potential, the intel processor was still beating it in tests. (It's even less power hungry, 77w vs 144w, meaning a smaller heat sink could be used)


  • ASUS
I cannot over emphasize on how much people should get an ASUS motherboard. If Asus knows how to do anything, it has to be creating very robust computer parts with very high functionality and performance. They offer many types of motherboards that can and will fit your needs. If you need a gaming board, RoG. If you need a classy board, Sabertooth. If you need a workstation board, they have it. BIG ASS ones too. In my opinion, they have the easiest bios to work with. Overclocking or setting up other configurations is literally a breeze.


Samsung, as of right now, are the only people who have the new and improved 30nm technology. This may seem insignificant at first, but this is actually amazing for both people who overclock and don't. The new 30nm technology translates into saving power for people who don't overclock, and bat shit crazy overclockability for those who do.
  • Corsair
Corsair started out as a ram company. You might as well expect them to know what they're doing. They offer top of the line ram for those who can afford to dump their pockets on an extreme build.
  • G. Skill
I recommend these guys only if you want just to have ram in your computer and be able to turn it on without breaking the bank.