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Name - Animated Spirit Legion (i currently run this)

Last Edited On - 14/Nov/2010

Mode - Hard Mode
Where to use - Everywhere (preferably in areas with not too many hexes)

Player (Dervish/Warrior):

Tactics - 12
Scythe Mastery - 12 + 1
Mysticism - 3
Eremite's Attack.jpgSoldier's Strike.jpgZealous Sweep.jpg"Finish Him!".jpg"You Move Like a Dwarf!".jpgAsuran Scan.jpg"Fear Me!".jpgSoldier's Stance.jpg

Nothing special, just should take a zealous scythe.

Maintain "Fear_Me!" "Fear_Me!" with Soldier's_Stance Soldier's_Stance and Asuran_Scan Asuran_Scan.
Pull by running into the enemies (longbows are for suckers).
Use "Finish_Him!" "Finish_Him!" and "You_Move_Like_a_Dwarf!" "You_Move_Like_a_Dwarf!" To spike healers.
Spam spells 1-3, as much as you can.
Use "You_Move_Like_a_Dwarf!" "You_Move_Like_a_Dwarf!" as an interrupt if needed.

Instead of "You_Move_Like_a_Dwarf!" "You_Move_Like_a_Dwarf!", you could take "Save_Yourselves!" "Save_Yourselves!".
Instead of "You_Move_Like_a_Dwarf!" "You_Move_Like_a_Dwarf!", you could take Aura_of_Holy_Might Aura_of_Holy_Might.

Hero 1 (Rit - Xandra):

Channeling - 12 + 1 + 2
Spawning Power - 12
Signet of Spirits.jpgBloodsong.jpgAgony.jpgSpirit Siphon.jpgSpirit's Gift.jpgEssence Strike.jpgFeast of Souls.jpgSpirit to Flesh.jpg

Keep on defensive, dont need to micro.
However, if you need a quick spike heal, use Signet_of_Spirits Signet_of_Spirits, than Feast_of_Souls Feast_of_Souls, and your party will have full health again.

Instead of Spirit_Siphon Spirit_Siphon, you could take Splinter_Weapon Splinter_Weapon.

Hero 2 (Rit/N - Razah):

Death Magic - 12
Spawning Power - 12 + 1 + 2
Restoration Magic - 3
Jagged Bones.jpgAnimate Bone Minions.jpgPutrid Bile.jpgDeath Nova.jpgSpirit's Gift.jpgBoon of Creation.jpgExplosive Growth.jpgFlesh of My Flesh.jpg

Keep on defensive, dont need to micro.

Instead of Putrid_Bile Putrid_Bile, you could take Taste_of_Death Taste_of_Death.

Hero 3 (Me/N - Gwen):

Fast Casting - 12 + 1 + 3
Inspiration - 10
Curses - 8
Keystone Signet.jpgSymbolic Celerity.jpgMantra of Signets.jpgSignet of Weariness.jpgEnfeebling Blood.jpgSignet of Clumsiness.jpgUnnatural Signet.jpgSignet of Sorrow.jpg

Keep on defensive, dont need to micro.

Instead of Signet_of_Sorrow Signet_of_Sorrow and Enfeebling_Blood Enfeebling_Blood, you could take a hard res, with an interrupt signet.

Hero 3 Variation (E - Vekk) - AirFlurry:

Air Magic - 12 + 1 + 2
Energy Storage - 12
Elemental Attunement.jpgAir Attunement.jpgGlyph of Elemental Power.jpgLightning Hammer.jpgLightning Orb.jpgEnervating Charge.jpgLightning Strike.jpgAura of Restoration.jpg

Keep on defensive
The main reason this isnt used instead of gwen, is because he doesnt maintain Elemental_Attunement Elemental_Attunement properly, and im far too lazy to micro it, so if u want to run this build, you need to micro this enchant.
You should also micro, and maintain Aura_of_Restoration Aura_of_Restoration, for the energy regen

Instead of Aura_of_Restoration Aura_of_Restoration, you could take a hard res.
You need to give Hero2, or this hero Enfeebling_Blood Enfeebling_Blood, you can replace Aura_of_Restoration Aura_of_Restoration for it.

Pros -

EXTREMELY heavy condition removal
EXTREMELY heavy AoE healing
Alot of monsters, which means the enemys dont know who to attack.
A ton of AoE damage.
Alot of survivability
Alot of weakness
Heroes nearly never run out of energy

Cons -

Low hex removal
To a lesser extent, problems with lack of minions
Massive amounts of interrupts
Low amount of resses

Advised Heroes -

Preferably Ranged Heroes, 2 healers if you feal insecure. Dont take fire henchmen if you plan on doing this in hardmode.

Player Variation -

Any Melee character is best, as you can do what i do, and autowalk into the enemies and do the odd attack..

Thought for 7 heroes-

Onto the existing heroes, add stronger hex removal, and maybe a monk healer, the rest should be ranged dps.