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Assassin Caster Killer[edit]


Assassin's Promise.jpg
Shadow Refuge.jpg
Energy Burn.jpg
Iron Palm.jpg
Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support.jpg
Mind Wrack.jpg
Death's Charge.jpg

Deadly Arts 12, Shadow Arts 9, Domination 9, Ebon Vanguard title track 2-10

Used primarily to deal moderate health and energy loss to casters (primarily ritualists and elementalists) as a bonus while the foe is hexed with either mind wrack (long duration) or backfire and assassin's promise (shorter) you can use EV support and iron palm to interrupt.

Condition Crazy (Player)[edit]


Wounding Strike.jpg
Crippling Sweep.jpg
Mystic Corruption.jpg
Heart of Holy Flame.jpg
Dust Cloak.jpg
Shield of Force.jpg
Reap Impurities.jpg
Faithful Intervention.jpg

Mysticism 13 (12+1), Scythe Mastery 9, Earth Prayers 9.

  • Mainly used to perma Heart of Holy Flame, Faithful Intervention and try to keep mystic corruption up for as long as possible and often, so you have some backup and your conditions last longer, spam Reap Impurities and Shield of Force once the conditions are applied.
  • (note: this is the players build because its to complex for heroes and they cant use it to full effect)

Condition Crazy (Gwen)[edit]


Fevered Dreams.jpg
Phantom Pain.jpg
Shrinking Armor.jpg
Ancestor's Visage.jpg
Sympathetic Visage.jpg
Sum of All Fears.jpg
Ether Feast.jpg

Fast Casting 13 (12+1), Illusion Magic 14 (12+1+1), Inspiration Magic 5 (3+2)

  • A hero build that supports the Condition crazy Squad (Similar to Mandragors in the ice cliff Chasms)
  • Can also cause Dreadful Energy loss

Condition Crazy (Livia)[edit]


Animate Shambling Horror.jpg
Death Nova.jpg
Putrid Explosion.jpg
Enfeebling Blood.jpg
Ulcerous Lungs.jpg
Envenom Enchantments.jpg

Soul reaping 9, Curses 12, Death Magic 12 (10+1+1),

  • A hero build that supports the Condition crazy Squad (Similar to Mandragors in the ice cliff Chasms)
  • (note: atrophy can really remove ALOT of energy from elementalists)

Condition Crazy (Dunkoro)[edit]


Word of Healing.jpg
Healing Breeze.jpg
Vigorous Spirit.jpg
Dismiss Condition.jpg
Cure Hex.jpg
Signet of Rejuvenation.jpg
Resurrection Chant.jpg

Divine Favor 14 (12+1+1), Healing prayers 11 (9+2), Protection Prayers 10 (9+1)

  • A hero build that supports the Condition crazy Squad.

Ultimate Air Destroyer[edit]


Invoke Lightning.jpg
Enervating Charge.jpg
Lightning Hammer.jpg
Shock Arrow.jpg
Shell Shock.jpg
Blinding Flash.jpg
Air Attunement.jpg
Aura of Restoration.jpg

Air Magic 12, Energy Storage 13 (12+1)

Primarily used in PVP to deal INCREDIBLE damage to warriors and to 'shut them down'

Spirit Hulk[edit]


Spirit's Strength.jpg
Vital Weapon.jpg
Pure Strike.jpg
Jaizhenju Strike.jpg
Barbarous Slice.jpg
Armor of Unfeeling.jpg

Spawning Power 12 (11+1), Communing 10 (8+1+1), Swordsmanship 10

  • Used in the midst of battle (PVP or PVE) to become a great heavy damage dealer
  • (note: self healing is not provided unless you replace a skill and shed out some attribute points to restoration.)
  • (note: it is formidable to have someone else heal you.)
  • (note: personally I've never tried the build but it can be replace with whirlwind attack and/or cyclone axe to do PMAOE damage in farming providing someone heals you.)