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Indy's Info[edit]

Back in june of 2005 I picked up my first copy of a new game called Guild Wars after hearing many great reviews. Now nearly 3 years later I have 2 accounts and have logged over 4000 hours combined.


[[Image:File:Example.jpg|150px|Indigo Montari]]
Mesmer-icon.png Indigo Montari
Just your average guy who knows a few handy spells, As for being a chosen champion of the gods... That position is highly overrated
[[Image:File:Example.jpg|150px|Natasha Vandumontt]]
Mesmer-icon.png Natasha Vandumontt
The difference between ignorance and stupidity is that Ignorance can be cured by education... Stupid is forever
[[Image:File:Example.jpg|150px|Shai Linn Senjac]]
Monk-icon.png Shai Linn Senjac
If I am all that prevents your untimely demise, say hi to Grenth for me because I am a smiter
[[Image:File:Example.jpg|150px|Kaila Windrider]]
Necromancer-icon.png Kaila Windrider
Minions are a girls best friend
[[Image:File:Example.jpg|150px|Tarra Moonshadow]]
Ranger-icon.png Tarra Moonshadow
I have traveled from end of the world to the other and still I am surprised at the beauty of the natural world
[[Image:File:Example.jpg|150px|Chalista Valkura]]
Warrior-icon.png Chalista Valkura
YesI know how to use a stick bad guys with the pointy end
[[Image:File:Example.jpg|150px|Atheana Nightshade]]
Elementalist-icon.png Atheana Nightshade
Go ahead and stare at my funbaggs... It keeps you from noticing that big fiery rock that is about to land on your head
[[Image:File:Example.jpg|150px|Casandra nighthawk]]
Assassin-icon.png Casandra nighthawk
Normally I kill people for a fee, but in your case I will do it for free
[[Image:File:Example.jpg|150px|Azuri Windrider]]
Dervish-icon.png Azuri Windrider
[[Image:File:Example.jpg|150px|Mizuki Zantra]]
Ritualist-icon.png Mizuki Zantra
I see dead people...then I bind them to do my bidding

There are others but these get the most use