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About Me

Name: Jonathan

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Location: Plantation, Florida

Played GW for: 16 months





Destroyer Healing Scepter of Memory 30k. Sold
Destroyer LongBow of Fortitude 35k. Extra Cash for fortitude mod.

Nerf Hammer

Fox's Promise

Shadow Prison

User Boxes
Tahlkora-icon.jpg this user thinks heroes should buy their own weapons if they get a portion of drops.
Blackout.jpg This user is a huge Heroes fan.
<5 Platinum.png This user is notoriously short on money
Male.png This user is Male

Platinum.png This user's had 800Platinum.png as his highest amount of gold.
17 This User is 17
Angelic Bond.jpg Red Bull gives you wiiings!
Gold.pngPlatinumGold.png This user makes money by playing normally.

Mantis Touch.jpg This recent userbox thieving spree is brought to you by vanguard. u rox.
Soldiersstance.png This user like to mano a mano with another player in scrimmage battle to prove his manhood.
Map.jpg This user knows his way around for the most part of the PVE world.
Sunspear Rebirth Signet.jpg This user's character has 7,945 Sunspear Promotion points and has earned the rank Castellan.

Earth Shaker.jpg This user has a different way of opening chests....
user-vanguard-radiation.jpg This user is Radioactive. Approach with extreme caution - he may be highly unstable.
User-vanguard-matrix.gif When this user edits, he becomes one with the machine.
Backpack.png This user is a packrat with never enough storage space!

User-vanguard-leeroy-userbox.jpg This user knows exactly how to enter a dungeon.
User Livia fan2.jpg This user is a member of the Livia's Cleavage Fan Club.
User-Vanguard-wheelchair.jpg This user hates people.
User minor edit.jpg This user's Minor Edit button is glued to the ground.

Spell Breaker.jpg This user spent way too much time doing runs in the Cathedral of Flames, until ArenaNet nerfed them.
Hunt Rampage (Asura).png This user thinks Asura are not cute.
User Vega Underdark mini6.gif This user hates players that keep re-inviting after being declined.
User Spawnlegacy over 9000.jpg This user's power level is over 9000!!!!

User Vega Underdark mini3.gif This user DOES NOT learn his lesson.
User Vega Underdark mini10.gif This user rawks .
User Vega Underdark mini17.gif This user also play's FPS games.
User Vega Underdark mini12.gif This user gets runs to places whenever possible.

User That Sounds Risky 7Heroes.jpg This user wanted seven Hero teams and got it!
M.O.X. Body.png This user thinks M.O.X. isn't that special.

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