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ok i know i havent finished my other pages, buuuuut what the hell im gonna start a new 1

anyway this is a guide to which skills you will/may need in PvP. So what you will need to use your rep on

lets begin



  • Dismember Dismember - Quick and easy Deep Wound without the assist of an elite. Must have in an axe build without Eviscerate.
  • Disrupting Chop Disrupting Chop - Very effective axe attack, use as a well placed interupt and make the enemy pay severly for it.
  • Eviscerate Eviscerate - Although its glory days are over Eviscerate is still an extremely good skill, with its high damage bonus and deep wound, it can easily destroy an enemy on low health.
  • Executioner's Strike Executioner's Strike - In a well balanced Axe build you will need a non-elite skill with high damage, Exe strike and Body Blow (see below) can give an axe warrior a lot of extra damage.
  • Whirling Axe Whirling Axe - Highly effective against monks and rangers. With its low adren cost and moderate damage, the ability to remove a stance (and be unblockable) is an unmatchable feat.


  • Crippling Slash Crippling Slash - Easy to build up enough adren. Fules deep wound (Gash) and snares an enemy, very effective on a balanced sword warrior.
  • Gash Gash - The most important sword skill. It gives an enemy deep wound if they are bleeding. Comes with bonus damage, if you don't own this skill: SHAME ON YOU!
  • Hundred Blades Hundred Blades - Provides continuous pressure EVEN if you miss or are blocked. Stacks extremely well with Sun and Moon Slash and barbs (MoP too).
  • Sever Artery Sever Artery - Quick and easy bleeding (which leads to deep wound) without the assist of an elite. Must have in a sword build without Crippling Slash.
  • Sun and Moon Slash Sun and Moon Slash - Gives a massive bonus when using with skills that are activated per hit. Such as; Vampiric weapons, Barbs, MoP, Hundred Blades, Conjures, weapon spells and loads more. Being unblockable this skill is extremely powerful.


Backbreaker. Crushing Blow. Devastating Hammer. Earth Shaker. Hammer Bash. Magehunter's Smash.


Battle Rage. Body Blow. Bull's Strike. Enraging Charge. Flail. Lion's comfort. Primal Rage. Protector's Strike. Rush. Shield Bash


Balanced Stance. Bonetti's Defense. Disciplined Stance.

No Attribute[edit]

"Coward!". Frenzy. Wild Blow.