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The Creepy Chest[edit]

We give away a lot of prizes on the show, and I am often asked how people can donate. Quite simply the best way is to PM in game to arrange a trade. All donations are welcome and very much appreciated, it would be impossible to individually thank everyone here but I would like each and everyone of you to know how gratefull I am.

Prizes in the creepy chest consist of everything and anything, below are a few ideas of what you could win or donate.

Platinum cash is always welcome to help you on your travels.
Identification Kit.pngunidentified gold items to help with Wisdom
Aegis of Terror.pngGreen Items
Primeval Armor Remnants.png Hero armor upgrades
Crate of Fireworks.pngParty points
Peppermint Candy Cane.png Sweet points
Keg of Aged Hunter's Ale.png Drunkard points
Ritualist Tome.pngTomes
Rune All Sup.pngRunes
The list really is endless!