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Any Ascalon

Any Northern Shiverpeaks

Any Northeastern Kryta

Warrior "For Great Justice!" "For Great Justice!"
Ranger Penetrating Attack Penetrating Attack
Monk Mending Mending
Necromancer Vile Touch Vile Touch
Mesmer Energy Tap Energy Tap
Elementalist Lava Font Lava Font
Warrior "Watch Yourself!" "Watch Yourself!"
Ranger Called Shot Called Shot
Monk Purge Conditions Purge Conditions
Necromancer Weaken Armor Weaken Armor
Mesmer Distortion Distortion
Elementalist Ice Spikes Ice Spikes
Warrior Hamstring Hamstring
Ranger Lightning Reflexes Lightning Reflexes
Monk Smite Smite
Necromancer Shadow of Fear Shadow of Fear
Mesmer Phantom Pain Phantom Pain
Elementalist Fireball Fireball
Warrior Protector's Strike Protector's Strike
Ranger Debilitating Shot Debilitating Shot
Monk Remove Hex Remove Hex
Necromancer Suffering Suffering
Mesmer Mantra of Frost Mantra of Frost
Elementalist Gale Gale
Warrior Flurry Flurry
Ranger Pin Down Pin Down
Monk Divine Spirit Divine Spirit
Necromancer Rotting Flesh Rotting Flesh
Mesmer Shatter Enchantment Shatter Enchantment
Elementalist Lightning Strike Lightning Strike
Warrior Bonetti's Defense Bonetti's Defense
Ranger Serpent's Quickness Serpent's Quickness
Monk Balthazar's Spirit Balthazar's Spirit
Necromancer Strip Enchantment Strip Enchantment
Mesmer Inspired Hex Inspired Hex
Elementalist Ice Spear Ice Spear
Warrior Axe Twist Axe Twist
Ranger Determined Shot Determined Shot
Monk Dwayna's Kiss Dwayna's Kiss
Necromancer Dark Aura Dark Aura
Mesmer Mantra of Lightning Mantra of Lightning
Elementalist Inferno Inferno
Warrior Final Thrust Final Thrust
Ranger Throw Dirt Throw Dirt
Monk Heal Other Heal Other
Necromancer Enfeeble Enfeeble
Mesmer Wastrel's Worry Wastrel's Worry
Elementalist Lightning Orb Lightning Orb
Warrior Staggering Blow Staggering Blow
Ranger Otyugh's Cry Otyugh's Cry
Monk Life Attunement Life Attunement
Necromancer Blood Ritual Blood Ritual
Mesmer Leech Signet Leech Signet
Elementalist Gale Gale
Warrior Counter Blow Counter Blow
Ranger Bestial Pounce Bestial Pounce
Monk Mend Ailment Mend Ailment
Necromancer Blood of the Master Blood of the Master
Mesmer Illusion of Weakness Illusion of Weakness
Elementalist Grasping Earth Grasping Earth
Warrior Griffon's Sweep Griffon's Sweep
Ranger Symbiosis Symbiosis
Monk Holy Veil Holy Veil
Necromancer Plague Touch Plague Touch
Mesmer Inspired Enchantment Inspired Enchantment
Elementalist Water Attunement Water Attunement

Any Maguuma Jungle

Any Southwestern Kryta

Any Crystal Desert

Warrior Pure Strike Pure Strike
Ranger Storm Chaser Storm Chaser
Monk Healing Seed Healing Seed
Necromancer Well of Suffering Well of Suffering
Mesmer Ethereal Burden Ethereal Burden
Elementalist Stone Daggers Stone Daggers
Warrior Axe Rake Axe Rake
Ranger Antidote Signet Antidote Signet
Monk Smite Hex Smite Hex
Necromancer Dark Bond Dark Bond
Mesmer Hex Breaker Hex Breaker
Elementalist Air Attunement Air Attunement
Warrior Crushing Blow Crushing Blow
Ranger Barbed Trap Barbed Trap
Monk Contemplation of Purity Contemplation of Purity
Necromancer Rend Enchantments Rend Enchantments
Mesmer Arcane Thievery Arcane Thievery
Elementalist Conjure Frost Conjure Frost
Warrior Shield Stance Shield Stance
Ranger Predatory Season Predatory Season
Monk Rebirth Rebirth
Necromancer Death Nova Death Nova
Mesmer Spirit of Failure Spirit of Failure
Elementalist Iron Mist Iron Mist
Warrior "I Will Survive!" "I Will Survive!"
Ranger Savage Shot Savage Shot
Monk Protective Spirit Protective Spirit
Necromancer Barbed Signet Barbed Signet
Mesmer Spirit Shackles Spirit Shackles
Elementalist Meteor Meteor
Warrior "To the Limit!" "To the Limit!"
Ranger Choking Gas Choking Gas
Monk Blessed Signet Blessed Signet
Necromancer Demonic Flesh Demonic Flesh
Mesmer Mind Wrack Mind Wrack
Elementalist Deep Freeze Deep Freeze
Warrior Savage Slash Savage Slash
Ranger Concussion Shot Concussion Shot
Monk Scourge Healing Scourge Healing
Necromancer Animate Bone Minions Animate Bone Minions
Mesmer Mantra of Earth Mantra of Earth
Elementalist Fire Attunement Fire Attunement
Warrior Balanced Stance Balanced Stance
Ranger Edge of Extinction Edge of Extinction
Monk Balthazar's Aura Balthazar's Aura
Necromancer Price of Failure Price of Failure
Mesmer Blackout Blackout
Elementalist Earthquake Earthquake
Warrior "Fear Me!" "Fear Me!"
Ranger Winnowing Winnowing
Monk Zealot's Fire Zealot's Fire
Necromancer Chilblains Chilblains
Mesmer Arcane Conundrum Arcane Conundrum
Elementalist Swirling Aura Swirling Aura
Warrior Shield Bash Shield Bash
Ranger Dust Trap Dust Trap
Monk Blessed Aura Blessed Aura
Necromancer Malaise Malaise
Mesmer Mantra of Persistence Mantra of Persistence
Elementalist Obsidian Flame Obsidian Flame
Warrior Defensive Stance Defensive Stance
Ranger Precision Shot Precision Shot
Monk Vengeance Vengeance
Necromancer Animate Bone Fiend Animate Bone Fiend
Mesmer Elemental Resistance Elemental Resistance
Elementalist Incendiary Bonds Incendiary Bonds
Warrior Bull's Strike Bull's Strike
Ranger Tiger's Fury Tiger's Fury
Monk Mend Condition Mend Condition
Necromancer Signet of Agony Signet of Agony
Mesmer Ether Lord Ether Lord
Elementalist Windborne Speed Windborne Speed
Warrior "Shields Up!" "Shields Up!"
Ranger Flame Trap Flame Trap
Monk Healing Touch Healing Touch
Necromancer Well of the Profane Well of the Profane
Mesmer Guilt Guilt
Elementalist Flame Burst Flame Burst