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{{Dungeon chest contents
| chest name = 
| normal mode drops = 
| hard mode drops = 
| exclusive uniques =
| exclusive golds =
| other golds = 
| rare materials =
| other random =
| quest item = 


{{Dungeon chest contents
| chest name = Havok's Chest 
| normal mode drops = 1 item
| hard mode drops = 2 items
| exclusive uniques = {{w}} [[Havok's Maul]] <br />{{w}} [[Havok's Shield]] <br />{{d}} [[The Soulwailer]]
| exclusive golds = [[Cobalt Staff]] <br />[[Demon Tongue Scythe]] <br />[[Stygian Reaver]] <br />[[Violet Edge ]]
| other golds = [[Polymock Piece]]: [[Naga Shaman Polymock Piece|Naga Shaman]]
| rare materials = [[Diamond]] <br />[[Ruby]] <br />[[Sapphire]] <br />[[Onyx Gemstone]]
| other random =
| quest item = 

Havok's Chest
NM Drops: 1 item or HM Drops: 2 items
Unique items
(Exclusive to this chest)
Gold Items
(Exclusive to this chest)
Other Gold Items Rare Materials Other Items
Warrior Havok's Maul
Warrior Havok's Shield
Dervish The Soulwailer
Cobalt Staff
Demon Tongue Scythe
Stygian Reaver
Violet Edge
Polymock piece: Naga Shaman Diamond
Onyx Gemstone
Cross grey 20.png


  • chest name = the name of the chest; displays at the top of the table
  • normal mode drops =
    hard mode drops = the number/type of items dropped in normal/hard mode
Optional — Cross grey 20.png

Omit these optional terms if not available in the chest (the table displays Cross grey 20.png)

  • exclusive uniques = green items available from the chest & only there
  • exclusive golds = gold items available from the chest & only there
  • other golds = gold items available elsewhere
  • rare materials = rare materials that can drop
  • other random = anything else
Optional — Quest-related

Include this term only if there's a quest item dropping from the chest.

  • quest item =