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Wanted Pages


Valdin Jkadi, Ranger
Tyrian Explorer, Canthan Explorer, Elonian Explorer - 60%s
Sunspear Castellan (8), Brave Lightbringer (3)

Presently away in the Realm of Torment ... Pending Titles
Tyrian Protector(18/25)
Treasure Hunter (36/100)
Elonian Protector (7/20)
Wisdom Title (23/100)
Canthan Protector ()

Kowani Sivaa, Paragon / Ranger

Survivor(1) -ended by stupidity and a poor choice of groups-
Sunspear Commander(6)

Miniature Pets[edit]

Miniature Whiptail Devourer.png Miniature Temple Guardian.png Miniature Siege Turtle.png Miniature Fungal Wallow.png Miniature Gray Giant.png Miniature Pig.png Miniature Asura.png Miniature Hydra.png Miniature Koss.png Miniature Harpy Ranger.png