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Thank you for checking out The Tyrian's Memorial Festival

In a day of darkness, when evil reigned over the world, one group dared to challenge all the rest. They dared to stand a part and bring back some light to the land. To uphold honor and justice, was part of their code. Never forgetting those before them that helped bring light to the land. The ultimate goal of this group, was to bring back the memories of the good times, bring back the laughs and never forget that history of the past. So in honor of their friend Bill, in honor of all the laughs and good times The Tyrians stood up with one another to hold a Memorial Festival like no other. A festival that was unmatched and held in a sacred place... The Great Temple of Balthazar. This was the one place where even the god of war himself, would find peace. So the gods shined brightly on this location for the second annual Tyrians Memorial Festival.

User Tesla TMMFEventImage2.jpgEvent SummaryUser Tesla TMMFEventImage1.png

Come Celebrate The Tyrians Memorial Festival with Blade Radio and The Tyrians Guild!
Join us for the festival celebrating the sixth birthday of our guild as well as the memories of one of our greatest members.
We have a lot of activities planned, including:

Giveaways: We have tons of things to giveaway including some super rare items and hundreds of other prizes. Come join in on the fun to have a chance to win!

Marathon of the Pantheon: A race around the Tyrians Guild Hall. Be the first there to get though the course to win a prize! Beware there are dangers in the course. -*Note: There may be a tournament depending on participation and prizes.

Scavengers of Tyria: A Scavenger Hunt around the world. The first person through wins a prize. Must have a character with access to most places to play!

Tyrian Challenge: Also known as The Tyrians vs. The World. This will consist of PVP battles inside the guild. This will consist of 1V1, and 2V2 battles in skirmish mode. The Tyrian Challenge will be to beat certain guild members in a battle to win prizes. There will be certain rules that each contestant must comply with. Which will be stated before the skirmish battle begins.

Last Year’s Score: The Tyrians: 8 The World: 1

Costume Contests: Are going to be held within Great Temple of Balthazar and are pretty explanatory. There will be two types of contests, singles and doubles. (No tonics, hats are okay) The judges will be a group of guild members and other volunteers who decide which costume is the best. And the winner(s) will be given a reward.

Battle of Wits: Can you beat one of our guild members in a battle of words? If you can, you win a prize!

Bop the Mesmer/Elementalist: Because we all hate mesmers, now is the time when we can bop them back. This will be a PONG like game. Two groups will be formed and spread out on opposite ends of a field in a town. A volunteer needs to be an elementalist or mesmer to become the ball. The teams then try to get the ball past the other team.

Other: There will also be smaller events that have no prizes. These include Coordinating Dances, Rock - Paper - Scissors, and Band Creation.

User Tesla TMMFEventImage2.jpgScheduleUser Tesla TMMFEventImage1.png

Locations and days are subject to change.
March 26th: GTOB ID 1
The event will start in Great Temple of Balthazar ID 1 at 10:00 AM PST.

User Tesla TMMFEventImage2.jpgFrequently Asked QuestionsUser Tesla TMMFEventImage1.png

  • Question: Do you guys accept accept donations?
  • Answer: Yes

  • Question: What kinds of donations do you accept?
  • Answer: We accept anything and everything.

  • Question: Why is it called “The Tyrian Memorial Festival?”
  • Answer: It is called “The Tyrian Memorial Festival” to pay homage to a great guild member who died of pancreatic cancer over three years ago.

  • Question: How long will this event be running for?
  • Answer: The event will go for approximately three hours. Maybe more depending on the amount of participation and prizes.

User Tesla TMMFEventImage2.jpgHow You Can HelpUser Tesla TMMFEventImage1.png

List of people to contact for questions/information and if you have donations:

- Dj Tesla
- Alimar The Matrian
- Xiaminathia Catsban

Out of Game:
You can contact the hosting guild at:


Or the Blade Radio representative:


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User Tesla TMMFEventImage2.jpgThe GiveawaysUser Tesla TMMFEventImage1.png

Big Giveaways

  • Dragon Sword Set
  • Perfect Zodiac Sword
  • Perfect Celestial Weapons
  • At least 4 Oppressor Weapons
  • Ectos