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  • To dodgeball you must have Lightning Orb somewhere on your bar, 105 health, achieved with all max runes, and no +armor mods.
  • Air Magic must specced to 12, at least 15 if ele primary
  • First team to have full 60% DP loses, no flagging
  • Most people prefer going mesmer primary so you can get orb off fast, but it's not required.
  • No Auto-Attacking other players, damage from skills ONLY
  • See Dragon Arena#GvG approximation for an example.

Disallowed Primary Professions[edit]

Warrior, Ranger, and Paragon as they won't die with one orb

Allowed Elementalist skills[edit]

Air Magic

Earth Magic

Energy Storage

Fire Magic

Water Magic

No attribute

  • All allowed

Allowed Mesmer skills[edit]

Fast Casting

Domination Magic

Illusion Magic

Inspiration Magic

No attribute

  • Everything allowed

Allowed Monk skills[edit]

Divine Favor

Healing Prayers

  • Everything allowed

Protection Prayers

Smiting Prayers

No Attribute

  • All allowed

Allowed Warrior skills[edit]

Allowed Ranger skills[edit]


  • Everything allowed

Beast Mastery


  • Nothing Allowed

Wilderness Survival

No Attribute

Allowed Necromancer skills[edit]

Soul Reaping

Blood Magic


Death Magic

No Attribute

  • Everyting allowed

Allowed Assassin skills[edit]

Critical Stikes

  • Nothing Allowed

Dagger Mastery

  • Nothing Allowed

Deadly Arts

Shadow Arts

  • Everything Allowed

No Attribute

Allowed Ritualist skills[edit]

Spawning Power

Channeling Magic


Restoration Magic

No Attribute

  • Everything allowed

Allowed Paragon Skills[edit]

All non-attack skills allowed, except "Stand Your Ground!" "Stand Your Ground!"