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Well…I’m cow. That was a name that stuck with me for a veeeeeeeery long time it is probably nearing the decade mark. It came from a nickname of mine…which ironically happened to be the name of a cow on a spaghetti western movie. I primarily play on my dervish nowadays, but I’ll PVP and anything faction related on my ranger. If you every happen to see any of my characters in the Realm of Torment (Gate of the Nightfallen Lands probably) or Amatz Basin. I love exploring both of these areas and vanquishing. And I am a member Zealots of Shiverpeak (yes zos).

As for both of these areas in the game, I have done just about everything I can, my favorite part being anything dealing with the Oddbodies! Only thing I have left to do in either of these areas is The Troubled Keeper, which is delightfully difficult. As for the Gate of the Nightfallen Lands, nobody every seems to come there (or just happen to be passing through to get kicked by some Margonites and Demons) so it is probably safe to call it mine (dibs btw).