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This build is designed to easily kill all the insects out of the Arkjok Ward portal from Yohlon Haven in Hard Mode. The damage comes from a combination of Brambles, Edge of Extinction, Plague Sending, and a whole line of nuking skills. Staying alive is simple with the bonds combined with Stoneflesh Aura allowing the Elementalist to tank all damage. Each run yields 96 points (4 less than the maximum) and can easily be completed in 2-3 minutes.

Team Builds[edit]

Savannah Heat Nuker[edit]


  • Fire Magic: 12 + 1 + 3
  • Earth Magic: 12 + any
  • Energy Storage: 3 + 2
Stoneflesh Aura.jpg
Stoneflesh Aura
Ward Against Foes.jpg
Ward Against Foes
Glyph of Essence.jpg
Glyph of Essence
Meteor Shower.jpg
Meteor Shower
Savannah Heat.jpg
Savannah Heat
Bed of Coals.jpg
Bed of Coals
Flame Burst.jpg
Flame Burst
Flame Djinn's Haste.jpg
Flame Djinn's Haste

Hero Sirit Bonder[edit]


  • Protection Prayers: 12 + 1 + 3
  • Beast Mastery: 12
  • Wilderness Survival: 3
  • Divine Favor: 0 + 2
Life Barrier.jpg
Life Barrier
Life Bond.jpg
Life Bond
Balthazar's Spirit.jpg
Balthazar's Spirit
Blessed Signet.jpg
Blessed Signet
Edge of Extinction.jpg
Edge of Extinction



  • Any max armor with the runes.
  • Any energy "+" staff (a +20% enchantment longer wouls be very helpful).


  • Any armor
  • Any weapon ("+" energy is nice though)


Before leaving:

  • Make sure you canceled your hero monk skills by holding down "Shift" and clicking on all the skills except Blessed Signet. There should be a red mark over the skills you selected.


  • Exit out the Arkjok Ward portal from Yohlon Haven.
  • Head over to the Priest for the hunt, and at the same time, go ahead and have the monk cast the first 4 bonds on you (if needed, let the hero monk use Blessed Signet).
  • Flag your Monk Hero back by the portal (make sure that the monk can maintain the enchantments on you while aggroing the last insect mob).
  • Cast Stoneflesh Aura before aggroing the insects.
  • Aggro the insect mobs, you may have to wait for the farthest mob to separate from the imps, because the imps will strip your enchantments, ruining your fun.
  • When they all have your attention, pull all the Bladed Veldt Termite with you (At this point, you may like to have the hero monk cast Balthazar's Spirit on him/herself for energy gain). Once the ranged mob (consisting of the Veldt Beetle Lance and Veldt Beetle Queen) are close together, run back bringing all the insects right next to each other.
  • On the Monk Hero, cast EoE and Brambles (you can also do this before you group insects together).
  • The Paragons cause you to have a deep wound and at this point, use the skill Plague Sending to send it to every foe around you, if there are no paragons, don't worry about this skill.
  • When Stoneflesh Aura renews, cast it followed by Ward Against Foes, Glyph of Essence, Meteor Shower, Savannah Heat, Bed of Coals, and Flame Burst.
  • This should kill them all.
  • If you head over to the other side, there is another group of two, just repeat the steps listed here.


  • 96 points gained (4 less than the 100 point cap in this area).
  • May take some getting used too.
  • Glyph of Essence is not a problem here due to the rapid energy gain from Balthazar's Spirit.

Skill Changes[edit]

  • Switching of Glyphs (risky as Stoneflesh Aura may end).


  • coming soon