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GWW-shield.png Warrior.png Ranger.png Necromancer.png Signet of Capture.jpg
Necromancer-icon.png Inador Dracos
Reaper's Mark.jpg Reaper's Mark is Inador Dracos's favorite skill.
File:User Inador Dracos.jpg

File:User InadorD Battle.jpg

My Necro i like playing it but not my favorite
  • 1st Year Birthday Present.png=Miniature Siege Turtle.png
  • 2nd Year Birthday Present.png=None
  • Experience: 376,423
  • Armor:
Necro Elite Sunspear
  • Pet:
  • Heroes:
  • Heroes to get:
  • Titles:
  • Survivor(1)
  • Other Accomplishments:
  • None for now
  • Goals:
  • Get all the Heroes
  • Finish all tree Campaign on him

Thank you to Lensor for the great character tables!