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Update The latest game update was on August 30, 2021
Update The latest game update was on August 30, 2021
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The feline Charr have always been a savage fighting race that once dominated the eastern side of the Shiverpeak Mountains. They fought anything they could - including themselves. Eventually the many warbands of the Charr united under a single leader: the Khan-Ur.

In days before the Gods of Tyria brought the humans to Tyria, the Charr battled with the Forgotten in the Blazeridge Mountains. Long after the Forgotten stopped threatening the Charr, the humans appeared and, with the help of their Gods, pushed the Charr from their southern borders. The conquered the land that became known as Ascalon in 100 BE. Along with being pushed back, the Khan-Ur was assassinated, preventing any hope the Charr had to retake their lands. The death of the Khan-Ur caused a schism among its four children, who became known as imperators, and brought the establishment of the High Legions - the Ash Legion, the Blood Legion, the Flame Legion, and the Iron LegionRead more.
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