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[Dev Update] Upcoming Changes to the Hall of Monuments - 24 June 2008

Since the release of Eye of the North there has been a lot of discussion about how the Hall of Monuments works. We intend to address a few of the larger concerns raised by players. We are not able to announce a specific date at which these changes will be released, but we're explaining them now so that players can choose their play patterns accordingly.

1. In the Hall of Monuments, you will be able to choose to view your accomplishments by character or by account. This is a setting you’ll be able to switch back and forth.

2. Hall of Monuments accomplishments will be sent to Guild Wars 2 by account. All Hall of Monuments accomplishments for any Guild Wars character on your account will be available to every Guild Wars 2 character on your account.

3. We will be adding support for Tormented weapons to the Hall of Monuments.

Account-based Accomplishments

Because the Hall of Monuments displays accomplishments on a character-by-character basis, many players have felt strongly discouraged from playing multiple characters. To allow greater freedom in play style, we are changing the design for the Hall of Monuments. Accomplishments will be transferred to Guild Wars 2 on an account-by-account basis, and players will have the option of displaying their accomplishments by account or by character in the Hall of Monuments. (Please note that the armor statues in the Monument to Resilience will reflect the appearance of the character currently in the Hall of Monuments, not the character that originally displayed that armor set.)

Tormented Weapons

Currently, the Monument to Valor only allows the display of Destroyer weapons. Adding support for Tormented weapons will allow us to give players more options for what they want to display (and unlock for Guild Wars 2) without diminishing the exclusivity currently associated with this monument.

Guild Wars 2 Unlocks

Aside from the switch to account-based accomplishments, this has not changed. You will be able to add to the Hall of Monuments in the original Guild Wars even after the release of Guild Wars 2, and any newly unlocked accomplishments will then be visible in Guild Wars 2. We will provide more information about the exact rewards for each Hall of Monuments accomplishment as we get closer to the release of Guild Wars 2.