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Guild Wars Wiki Frequently asked questions
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Guild Wars Wiki

What is this?[edit]
This is the official wiki for the game of Guild Wars. See About.
Why Guild Wars Wiki?[edit]
Why did we not just use GuildWiki for game documentation? See Why Guild Wars Wiki?.
Is this available in languages other than English?[edit]
There are no such plans at the moment.
How can I help?[edit]
Contributions for the community help grow this wiki. See how you can help.
Are there any policies I should be aware of?[edit]
See all our policies. You might also want to take note of recent policy changes.
Are there any style and formatting guidelines I should be aware of?[edit]
See all our formatting guidelines. You might also want to take note of recent guidelines changes.
Is there a village pump in this wiki?[edit]
Try Guild Wars Wiki:Community portal.
Where can I get an answer to my wiki-related question?[edit]
Try Help:Ask a wiki question.
Where can I get an answer to my game-related question?[edit]
First check the game-related FAQs further down this page. If you can't find an answer, try Help:Ask a game question.
Who or what is WikiAdmin?[edit]
WikiAdmin is an automated notification system which emails users in accordance with their settings in Special:Preferences.
Where should I post suggestions?[edit]
If you have suggestions you'd like to share with ArenaNet please go to the Feedback portal and choose the appropriate area.

About Guild Wars

Where is the official website?[edit]
The official website is at
There are also official websites in other languages:
Where can I buy this game?[edit]
Guild Wars and its campaigns are available in many digital gaming and software stores worldwide. The first of such locations is represented by the official Guild Wars Online Store.
Can I download the game client?[edit]
The Guild Wars game client can be downloaded from the official websites. Visit this page to download it from the North American official website.
What happens if I reinstall Guild Wars or install it on a new computer?[edit]
You will just need to re-download the patches for game updates before being able to play again. Player data is not stored on the player's computer. So your personal information, characters, inventory, and in-game achievements are all stored on ArenaNet servers and tied to your account. The only thing you need to manually retain would be skill and equipment templates. Alternatively, you can copy the Gw.dat to an external hard drive and avoid re-downloading the game.
Is there a trial version of the game?[edit]
A trial DVD has been released that offers a 14-day/10-hour trial period. It's also possible to visit Eye of the North for 5 hours from an account with an already-purchased access to one of core campaigns by providing the activation key specified here. All the boxed retail versions of the game also contain a trial key inside. Some fansites have forums where you can try asking around for unused trial keys.
Is there a subscription fee for Guild Wars?[edit]
The short answer is no. After the initial purchase, you can play whenever you want and you will have full access to the content you purchased. In some markets, Guild Wars was also available through other payment models: in Korea, Guild Wars used to be available through time cards, and in Japan, Guild Wars was offered through a monthly subscription.
Do I need an internet connection to play?[edit]
Where is my activation key?[edit]
  • Keys purchased via the Guild Wars Online Store are granted immediately upon purchase. The key(s) will additionally be sent to you in the purchase confirmation email.
  • Keys purchased through Steam may be accessed in your library, by right-clicking 'Guild Wars' and accessing the Manage > CD keys menu.
  • Physical boxed copies of Guild Wars campaigns will contain keys printed within a folded glossy white perforated envelope. Eye of the North keys are inside of an graphic oval perforated envelope.
Do I have to buy the original Guild Wars to play Guild Wars Factions or Nightfall?[edit]
Guild Wars Factions and Guild Wars Nightfall are standalone products. You do not need to have the original Guild Wars Prophecies to play either game. Any of the three can be installed and played separately. You are also not excluded from interacting with those who have purchased more or less campaigns than you.
How can I find out more about Guild Wars: Eye of the North?[edit]
See Guild Wars Eye of the North. Alternatively, see the FAQ on official website.
Where can I get help regarding a technical issue?[edit]
Send your question to support.
How can I report a bug?[edit]
Contact support.
Where can I get help with a gameplay issue?[edit]
Try Help:Ask a game question. But be aware that technical issues like not being able to connect will usually get you answers that direct you to support anyway.
How do I report in-game misconduct?[edit]
Use the in-game /report command or contact support, see this article for details on how to fill out a support request to report EULA violations.

Game account

Can I change the email address that I used to register my account?[edit]
For special circumstances (such as as an inactive or inaccessible email account), contact support.
What can I do if I forgot my account name/email address?[edit]
Your account name is usually your email address. If you created the account from a PlayNC or NCsoft Master Account (usually only if you have multiple Guild Wars accounts) it will be username@plaync, or username@ncsoft, where username is a name you chose that you can look up in your PlayNC master account. If you are still stuck, contact support and see if they can help.
What can I do if I forgot my password?[edit]
If you cannot recall your password in order to log into the game, or if you have other difficulties, contact support.
How do I change my password?[edit]
Login to your Guild Wars account on the official ArenaNet account website, where you can change your Guild Wars and/or Guild Wars 2 password(s). If a Guild Wars 2 account is linked, both your Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 passwords will be changed to the same password. Changing your account name on that site may result in you not being able to login to the game.
Why does the game not recognize my access key after I reinstalled?[edit]
You do not need your access key when reinstalling. The access key is used to activate your account, after which you can log in to your account from any computer. Once an access key is used, it can no longer be used again (although it can be used to verify account ownership with support in the event of an account ownership dispute).
Can I add an access key to an existing account?[edit]
Yes, you can add multiple access keys to one single account. This is the only way to link multiple campaigns to one account.
How do I add an access key to my existing account?[edit]
Start the Guild Wars game client. There is a link below the password field where you can choose to add an access key. After clicking on that, make sure you choose the option to add the key to your existing account. (Otherwise, you may create a second account, and accounts cannot be merged later). Keys can also be added to existing accounts through the Edit Account button on the Character Select screen.
How do I find out what access keys my account has?[edit]
Start the Guild Wars game client and login to your account. There is an "Edit Account" button on the lower left corner. Clicking on it will open up another menu from which you can view the names of all components of the game(s) associated with your account. The actual access keys are not revealed, for security purposes.
Can I use the same access key for multiple accounts?[edit]
No. Each access key can only be used for a single account.
Does an access keys have any use after it has been attached to an account?[edit]
Yes. When dealing with account-related issues, support will sometimes request an access key to prove account ownership.
Can I merge two accounts?[edit]
Accounts cannot be merged. If you have created a separate account for a different campaign (mistakenly or otherwise), you cannot link or merge it with another account at a later date; however, if you had mistakenly created a new account (instead of adding the access key to an already existing one), you should contact support as they may be able to help you by deactivating the new account and attaching the key to your old account.
Will my account expire?[edit]
No, it will not.
Can I change my characters' names?[edit]
With the Fourth Anniversary content update, name changes are now available, for a fee. See the official Guild Wars Online Store for details.
Can I transfer my characters to another account?[edit]
No, characters cannot be transferred from one account to another. Characters created in one account are permanently tied to that account (until you delete them).
Can I buy, sell or trade accounts?[edit]
No, the User Agreement states in 3.1 Prohibited Conduct that "You may not do any of the following without signed written consent from a legally authorized representative of ArenaNet: xiii. Buy, sell, share, or transfer Use to the Services to or from any third party (including buying or selling Virtual Goods from or to other players for real money)". Using an account for which you are not the original owner puts you at risk of losing all future investments you make in that account, including campaigns, character slots, and more, as well as all titles and other accomplishments that you attain.
What can I do to make my account more secure?[edit]
Please read Gaile Gray's page on Account security.
My account was banned for botting/misconduct. How can I appeal?[edit]
Contact support. Before you do, please read Gaile Gray's post about bot bans, so that you are familiar with ArenaNet's point of view on banning and bots.
Don't see your answer?[edit]
Click here to ask a question.

Playing the game

Is a character tied to the campaign where that character was created?[edit]
No. All roleplaying characters can travel to any other campaign that is linked to the same account.
See the next question on how to transfer them from one campaign to another.
How do I bring my character to another campaign or expansion?[edit]
In order for a character to be able to travel from one campaign to another, or to Eye of the North, the first prerequisite is that the account must have all the proper account keys. In other words, the account keys must be added to or merged into one account.
To transfer a Guild Wars Prophecies character to another campaign or expansion:
To transfer a Guild Wars Factions character to another campaign or expansion:
To transfer a Guild Wars Nightfall character to another campaign or expansion:
After the appropriate quest has been completed, the character can freely travel between campaigns using the travel icon on the world map (or, when travelling to Eye of the North, the Asura Gate icon).
Nightfall characters have an additional requirement; they are also required to have completed the Time is Nigh (a primary quest) to be offered these above quests.
See Campaign travel and the individual quest articles for more information.
How do I bring my foreign character to an earlier area of the game?[edit]
Can I play with someone who owns a different set of campaigns?[edit]
Yes, for PvP areas in the Battle Isles, and in any campaigns or expansions you both have. For example, if you and your friend both own the Nightfall campaign, you can both play together in Nightfall, even if your friend also owns the Factions campaign. If you do not also own the Factions campaign, you will not be able to join your friend in the Factions campaign.
I abandoned a primary quest in Eye of the North, how do I re-take the quest?[edit]
Abandoned primary quests in Eye of the North can be retaken through the "seek guidance" option at the Scrying Pool in the Hall of Monuments.
How do I get the special bonus items for my game?[edit]
Type "/bonus" in a town or outpost and it'll add all the bonus items to your inventory if you have space and don't already have that item created on that character. You can list the special items on your account by typing "/bonusitems". You can delete any bonus items you don't want by dragging them to the trash can on your inventory bar. You can recreate them again by using "/bonus" command once more; however, take care with this as some special items cannot be remade - especially the miniature bonus items. These and other commands are listed on the Special commands page.
How do I start a mission?[edit]
In Prophecies and Factions, missions are started by pressing the "Enter Mission" button in Party Window. In Nightfall and Eye of the North, missions are started by talking to a mission starter, who can be identified by the rotating green shield and two swords symbol floating above their head.
I have a level 20 character, why don't I have 200 attribute points?[edit]
The remaining 30 attribute points can be obtained by completing two quests in your character's native campaign: Forgotten Wisdom and The Hero's Challenge for Prophecies characters, Lost Treasure and An Unwelcome Guest for Factions characters or Rising in the Ranks: First Spear and Rising in the Ranks: Master Sergeant for Nightfall characters. See the individual quest articles for more information.

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