An Unwelcome Guest

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An Unwelcome Guest
Section Shing Jea Island Quests
Campaign Factions

(Canthan only)

Given by Kirin / Zunraa
in Seitung Harbor
(Shing Jea Island)
Preceded by Zen Daijun
Type Secondary quest
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Help Zunraa clear Zen Daijun of remaining evil.

Quest information[edit]



  • Restore Zunraa's presence by cleansing the valley of miasma. Should he fall, you may revive Zunraa by ringing the ceremonial bell at any of his shrines.
  • Destroy the corrupted Zunraa.
  • See Zunraa for your reward.


Environmental changes[edit]

After completing this quest:


After accepting the quest from Zunraa, talk to Guard Lae Fao to enter Zen Daijun. Remember to bring skills that give health regeneration to counter the effects of the miasma.

In the explorable area, follow the quest markers to the spots where miasma needs to be cleared. To achieve that, you have to run through them so that Zunraa will follow and clear them. Consider flagging your henchmen away from the miasma before leading Zunraa through it, to minimize the health degeneration. If Zunraa dies, you can re-summon him at any of the bells that are found in several spots in the area.

Instead of running through the miasma and tagging Zunraa along, you can run in circles (whenever possible) around the miasma. The advantage being that you won't be affected, while Zunraa will try to follow you, remain in the miasma and clear it.

Once the miasma have all been cleared, the quest will update and point you towards the Daijun Library. Clear the miasma there and take down the Corrupted Zunraa to complete the quest.

One tactic is to clear the final miasma area before clearing the other areas (the Corrupted Zunraa doesn't appear until all other miasma have been cleared), that way when you battle the Corrupted Zunraa you won't also have to combat party wide health degeneration while fighting him.








Initial dialogue[edit]

My energies are exhausted from the effort of protecting Zen Daijun from this sickness. My weakness has allowed a dark spirit to enter the valley; it feeds on the miasma and grows stronger even as my power wanes.
This demon is not the cause of the sickness, it is merely an opportunist. But each day it remains here, the imbalance in my valley increases; the scales that keep good and evil in check will be tipped, and....
No! I will not stand by while my valley is defiled!
Help me to cleanse the valley of this plague so that I may reclaim my power and return this precious valley to its former state. We must retake Zen Daijun!
Yes Accept: "You have my aid."
No Decline: "I don't think I can help you."
Ask Ask: "I grow weaker even as we speak. Lead me into the miasma and I will absorb and neutralize it. When the valley has been cleansed, I will be strong to help you fight the dark spirit."

Reward dialogue[edit]

We have done it. We have retaken Zen Daijun. Thank you for helping me rid this valley of evil and disease. Blessings be upon you always.


Bug Bug.Corrupted Zunraa does not appear sometimes.
  • This is the second of the two attribute point quests available for Factions PvE characters. Completion of these quests is necessary to gain the full 200 attribute points for your character. The first quest is Lost Treasure.
  • Though the quest marker at the end directs you back to Seitung Harbor, you can also get the reward from the Zunraa in your party.
  • The Zunraa in Seitung Harbor is occasionally called Kirin.