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A Spawn Ring, as seen in Shing Jea Monastery.

Spawning is appearing on a map. This can be players or NPCs appearing at a specified point under a certain condition, e.g. when a point is reached that was set to spawn a group of enemies.

  • Spawn/spawn(ing) point:
    • The set points on the map that foes, NPCs, allies, etc. are scripted to appear.
    • A group of such creatures that appear at such a point; an alternate form of mob.
  • Less frequently, the term is applied to players -- only in the form spawn(ing) point:
    • The points at which players appear on a map after transit, which may not be adjacent to the portals they came through (sometimes referred to as zoning). Also, the starting point of a mission, the initial locations of players on a PvP map.
    • The points where dead players reappear in PvP matches; also: "respawn point".


  • Some foes, such as bosses, do not always spawn in the same place each time you enter the area.