Shing Jea Monastery

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Disambig icon.png This article is about an outpost. This name is also used for a mission.
Shing Jea Monastery
Shing Jea Monastery.jpg
Campaign Factions
Region Shing Jea Island
Type Town
Party size 4
Exit(s) Linnok Courtyard
Shing Jea Arena
Sunqua Vale
Shing Jea Monastery map.jpg
Map overview.
Shing Jea Monastery inside.jpg
A view from inside.
Texmod CamUnlocker2.jpg
A panaramic overhead view.
Canthan New Year 2010 Shing Jea Monastery.jpg
Canthan New Year decorations.
Dragon Festival 2007.jpg
Anniversary Celebration and Dragon Festival decorations.
Empire if the Dragon cinematic still.jpg
Cinematic view of Monastery Overlook.
Monastery 2.jpg
A view of Linnok Courtyard

As the ancient Canthan name implies, Shing Jea is the jewel of Cantha. Headed by the legendary Ritualist, Master Togo, the monastery provides training to students of all heroic professions, including the Ritualist and Assassin professions native to Cantha. Graduates of the Shing Jea Monastery are recognized worldwide as masters of their chosen arts.

— in-game description

Shing Jea Monastery is a prominent training center for students of various arts and callings. This is the first location that new Factions characters will arrive at upon completion of the tutorial.

Getting there[edit]

New Factions characters start off in Monastery Overlook, which is right outside this location. Characters will be allowed in after completion of the tutorial quest Mantid Hatchlings (or choosing to skip it).

Characters from other campaigns must first get to Seitung Harbor by talking to First Mate Xiang in Kaineng Docks, and then travel west through Saoshang Trail and Linnok Courtyard to arrive here.


Quests available[edit]

(these quests are only available to Factions characters)




Other allies[edit]


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Coins inside a keg near Ludor

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