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Eternal Legendary Cartographer.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Title type Character

Cartographer is a title awarded to a character who explores 100% of each continent's map. There are separate title tracks for each campaign, prefixed with the name of their respective continent. These titles can be displayed in the "Honor" monument.

Title track[edit]

Cartographer title track[edit]

Tier Prophecies title Factions title Nightfall title Exploration of continent
1 Tyrian Explorer Canthan Explorer Elonian Explorer 60%
2 Tyrian Pathfinder Canthan Pathfinder Elonian Pathfinder 70%
3 Tyrian Trailblazer Canthan Trailblazer Elonian Trailblazer 80%
4 Tyrian Cartographer Canthan Cartographer Elonian Cartographer 90%
5 Tyrian Master Cartographer Canthan Master Cartographer Elonian Master Cartographer 95%
6 Tyrian Grandmaster Cartographer Canthan Grandmaster Cartographer Elonian Grandmaster Cartographer 100%

Legendary Cartographer title track[edit]

Title Total maxed cartographer
Legendary Cartographer 3


The Grandmaster Cartographer title can only be obtained through extensive and thorough exploration of the world map for a given campaign. You need to "push" your character against the edges of each area in order to "scrape" the edges of the map (commonly referred to as "Wall hugging"). Whilst most of the fog can be uncover this way, smaller remote pieces requires to stand in a specific spot, sometimes looking toward a specific direction or waiting a few moments to ensure the corner or portion gets "unfogged". In a few really rare cases, it may be needed to stand on several different spots. The mission map (default button : U) makes it easier to see and notice areas that have not been explored as compared to the world map.

There is some leeway built into the three titles: uncovering the entire map would add up to more than 100% on each continent. This allows one to ignore areas of the game that become inaccessible as the character progresses through the storyline (e.g. Shing Jea Arena) or locations that are no longer available at all (e.g. Fort Koga). The exact amount of leeway is documented below.

A character obtains the title Legendary Cartographer automatically once all three continent-specific cartography titles are obtained.

Optimized Walkthrough[edit]

See also: Guide to Legendary Cartographer for a detailed walkthrough


  • Some areas can only be explored during a mission with a time constraint (e.g. south of the Dunes of Despair mission map or during Vizunah Square). Make sure that other players in your party know about your interest in mapping before you begin.
  • Many areas can be quickly explored by running; bring heroes with party-wide speed boosts (e.g. "Charge!" or "Incoming!") and ignore any foes.
  • If you're struggling to uncover a spot despite standing as close as possible to it, give a spin to your camera, it sometimes triggers the uncovering.
  • Watching the Fort Aspenwood (i.e. Kurzick and Luxon) and the Jade Quarry (i.e. Kurzick and Luxon) cinematics unfogs areas in Fort Aspenwood and the Jade Quarry, respectively.
  • Minor known portal jump and gate glitch locations provide additional small bonus points toward exploration; these are included in the Borderless Cartography Made Easy mod.


Character titles
Core Cartographer Drunkard Guardian Maxed Titles Party Animal Protector Skill Hunter Survivor Sweet Tooth Vanquisher
Prophecies Legendary Defender of Ascalon
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Eye of the North Asura Deldrimor Ebon Vanguard Master of the North Norn
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