Skill Hunter

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Skill Hunter
Eternal Legendary Skill Hunter.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Title type Character

The Skill Hunter title track is a character-based, campaign-specific title earned by acquiring all elite skills found in that campaign. The Legendary Skill Hunter title track is completed by completing all the Skill Hunter title tracks. These titles can be displayed in the "Honor" monument.

Skill Hunter title track[edit]

Title1 Campaign Elite skills23
Tyrian Elite Skill Hunter Prophecies 90
Canthan Elite Skill Hunter Factions 120
Elonian Elite Skill Hunter Nightfall 140
1 Each of the title tracks in the rows above are separate titles.
2 There are 40 core elite skills which will count towards all three title tracks when captured.
3 The 10 Anniversary skills count towards each title without raising the maximum count, giving Skill Hunter leeway. However, acquiring these skills is conditional.

Legendary Skill Hunter title track[edit]

Title Total maxed skill hunter
Legendary Skill Hunter 3


Simply acquiring an elite skill will contribute to the appropriate title track. Prior to the Nightfall campaign and later, the hard mode update, the only way to acquire an elite skill was to capture it using a Signet of Capture. The introduction of Elite skill tomes now allows characters to acquire elite skills that have already been unlocked.


  • To learn the required secondary professions, you must have Ascended, become Weh no Su, or have completed the quest Hunted!.
  • You can save time capturing skills during quests, while vanquishing, or pursuing the Cartographer title.
Total count
  • You need to capture 290 elite skills to gain the title.
    • Among the PvE-only elites, the three norn blessings do not count for the title, but the anniversary skills do.
  • Campaign-specific elites count towards that continent's title only:
    • Prophecies-only: 60 (Tyria)
    • Factions-only: 90 (Cantha)
    • Nightfall-only: 110 (Elona)
Resource cost
  • Capturing all 290 elites to max this title will cost around 290Platinum and 290 skill points.
    • You can save 13Platinum 900Gold if you do not purchase any skill other than Signet of Capture from trainers, thus making use of the skill cost scaling.
    • You can save 20Platinum and 20 skill points by capturing all core elite skills including anniversary skills, and skipping 10 campaign-specific elite skills in every campaign.
    • You can obtain up to 2 Signets of Capture via the appropriate skill quest.
    • Using elite skill tomes instead will add to the cost: they can be acquired from other players via trade or can be crafted by Jessie Llam for 1Gold Zaishen Coin and 100Gold. However, you can obtain elite tomes with some chance in hard mode from bosses for free or from locked chests for a lockpick price (1Platinum 500Gold at most).
    • The cost of learning eight new professions (in addition to the primary and first secondary, which is acquired for free) is 4Platinum. This can be reduced by taking the relevant profession-changing quests in Prophecies.
    • If the character working on this title has spent all earned skill points, they can earn more skill points by gaining experience, or use a Star of Transference crafted by another character (or obtained as a reward).
Anomaly Anomaly.To complete the Elonian Skill Hunter title, you must own Factions, in order to capture that campaign's ritualist and assassin skills.


  • Before the hard mode update, there was only one Skill Hunter title track, progressing from Skill Hunter → Adept Skill Hunter → Advanced Skill Hunter → Expert Skill Hunter → Elite Skill Hunter → Master Skill Hunter. Master Skill Hunter was never achievable as there was an insufficient amount of elite skills in the game at that time.
  • Lightbringer Signet was considered an elite until the August 7, 2008 update. Until it was fixed in the July 14, 2011 update, players who achieved the Elonian Skill Hunter used to show 141/140 elites captured on the Elonian Skill Hunter title track.


Character titles
Core Cartographer Drunkard Guardian Maxed Titles Party Animal Protector Skill Hunter Survivor Sweet Tooth Vanquisher
Prophecies Legendary Defender of Ascalon
Nightfall Lightbringer Sunspear
Eye of the North Asura Deldrimor Ebon Vanguard Master of the North Norn
All campaigns Legendary Cartographer Legendary Guardian Legendary Skill Hunter Legendary Vanquisher
Core Champion Codex Gamer Gladiator Hero Lucky Treasure Hunter Unlucky Wisdom Zaishen
Factions Kurzick Luxon
Retired Commander

Elite skill lists (edit)
Elite skillSkill Hunter
By profession
Warrior WarriorRanger RangerMonk MonkNecromancer NecromancerMesmer MesmerElementalist Elementalist
Assassin AssassinRitualist RitualistParagon ParagonDervish DervishProfession All
By capture location
By releaseProphecies MissionPropheciesFactions MissionFactionsNightfall MissionNightfallEye of the North MissionEye of the North