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A trade is an exchange of items, gold or services. Trade generally has three different meanings in Guild Wars.

Trading with NPCs[edit]

Main articles: Merchant and Trader

Most towns have one or more NPCs that will exchange cash or certain reward trophies for various goods. Merchants buy and sell at fixed prices, which do not vary according to supply and demand. Traders buy and sell from a variable inventory at varying cost, according to supply and demand and thus reacting to the state of the game economy.

Trading with other player characters[edit]

See also: Auction

You can trade items with another player character by clicking on the Trade button that appears next to their name in your target monitor. This opens the Trade Window, which begins the trading session.

  • Beware of common scams while trading with other players.
  • You cannot trade with other characters until 24 hours have passed since you created the first character on your account, nor if you are using a trial account. This reduces the risk to new players that they will be scammed and makes it harder for real money traders to avoid detection.
  • In a PvP outpost, you cannot trade with other characters while waiting to enter battle (i.e. the Trade Window will not appear while the timer is counting down). If one of the characters in a trade begins waiting to enter battle, the trade is automatically canceled when both characters click "Accept".

Trade channel and party search[edit]

The trade channel is a chat channel where players attempt to sell their items to other players, or attempt to buy items from other players. Words spoken in the trade channel appear pinkish-red in the chat window. There is also a trade section in the party search interface, where you can post short messages about what you want to sell or buy. Common abbreviations for the trade channel and party search include:

Abbreviation Meaning French German Italian Spanish Polish
Want to Sell
Vendo Vendo S
Want to Buy
Achete Kaufe Compro Compro K
Want to Trade
Echange Tausche Scambio Cambio Zamienię
PC Price Check Quanto costa? ¿Cuánto cuesta? Jaka jest cena?
C/O Current Offer Offerta corrente Oferta Actual Oferta aktualna
Private Message (whisper)
Please send tell
Messaggio Privato (sussurra) Mensaje Privado (whisper)
Por favor, manda Tell
Prywatna wiadomość
Req # [attrib]
Requirement (for weapons) Requisito (per le armi) Requisitos (para armas)
All stats are max (e.g. max damage for weapons, max armor for shields) Tutte le statistiche sono al massimo Todos los stats son máximos
^# Above, e.g. 15^50 means deals +15% damage when health is greater than 50% Sopra, ergo 15^50 significa: infligge +15% di danni quando la salute è superiore al 50%

(The foreign abbreviations are included because they are commonly used in European trade districts.)

Using WTS or WTB in the local channel will automatically switch you to the trade channel. The EULA only allows the placing of trade advertisements in the Trade Channel; using other channels (e.g. local or mission) can result in your account being suspended.

Non-tradeable items[edit]

Almost any item that can be placed in inventory can be traded to another character, with the exception of currently equipped items. However, a few items are restricted from trading; they cannot be placed in the Trade Window nor dropped on the ground for another character to pick up:

Special event items[edit]


  • The following warning appears when accepting a trade where your character will receive a customized armor or weapon:
    The following items are [sic] customized:
    <List of customized items>
    You cannot equip items that are customized for other characters.
    Are you sure you want to accept the offer?

    Yes No
  • The following warning appears when accepting a trade where your character will receive a dedicated miniature:
    The following items have [sic] been dedicated at a Hall of Monuments:
    <List of dedicated miniatures>
    You cannot dedicate items at your Hall of Monuments if they have been previously dedicated.
    Are you sure you want to accept the offer?

    Yes No
Anomaly Anomaly.Items placed in the Trade Window will have a small white outline in your inventory. When the trade is finalized, the white outline will still be on the inventory slot(s) of the items traded until the inventory window is closed and reopened or filled with another item.