Keiran's Bow (Rotwing)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about Keiran Thackeray's initial weapon. For the one used during Hearts of the North, see Keiran's Bow.
Keiran's Bow
Rotwing Recurve Bow.jpg
Type Unique bow
Campaign Hearts of the North
Damage type(s) Piercing damage
Bow type Recurve Bow
Value Can't be sold
Salvage Only for upgrades
Inventory icon Rotwing Recurve Bow.png

Keiran's Bow is a unique bow Keiran Thackeray has initially equipped when he joins the player's party as a hero.


Piercing Dmg: 15-28 (Requires 9 Marksmanship)
Inscription: None
Damage +20%
Customized for <character name>


  • Unlike the other initial weapons heroes carry when they first join the character's party, this item cannot be replicated with weapons from drops, crafters or collectors. Once it is deleted, there is no way to get another weapon with both the same skin and properties.
  • This is the only unique item that can be modified with weapon upgrades and can be salvaged for upgrades.
  • Once Thackeray is unlocked for PvP-only characters, they will get a PvP reward version of this weapon as initial weapon for Thackeray instead of the unique one.[verification requested]
  • It is not possible to use this version of Keiran's Bow to enter the missions offered by the Scrying Pool in the Hall of Monuments; however, like other bows, it can be swapped for during the missions.
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