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Hall of Monuments

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Hall of Monuments
Hall of Monuments.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Region Far Shiverpeaks
Type Explorable area
Exit(s) Eye of the North
"Hall Mon Sketches" concept art.jpg
Concept art by Matthew Barrett.

Heroes are born in the crucible of conflict and tempered in the flames of battle. Their deeds shine throughout history as a beacon of hope to those who must rise to defend the world in ages to come, becoming part of the legend of the land. The legends forged within Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, and the Eye of the North will not be forgotten in the future world of Guild Wars 2.

Your deeds from the original Guild Wars campaigns will be commemorated in the Eye of the North expansion in your Hall of Monuments. The Hall of Monuments will reflect the achievements you earn in Eye of the North as well as those earned in Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall. You will even be able to show off your hall to friends. Then, when Guild Wars 2 arrives, each of these monuments will correspond to special features your Guild Wars 2 characters can "inherit" from your own legendary past, giving you access to exclusive titles, companions , weapons, attire, and miniatures. These inherited items are unique: there is no other way within Guild Wars 2 to acquire them.

— official website

The Hall of Monuments is an explorable area that commemorates acquisitions and accomplishments of a character and/or an account. Available only to accounts that are linked to Eye of the North, it is the only area in the game that is personalized to the party leader. Five distinct monuments allow players to show off certain weapons, all miniatures, most heroes and some pets, various prestige armor, and player titles. The hall also serves to kickoff key quests in Eye of the North and for dialogue and quests related to Guild Wars Beyond.

More importantly for many players, filling one's Hall of Monuments is the only way to unlock a number of Guild Wars 2 bonus items and titles.


The Monument of "Devotion" dedicates your miniatures for display.

The Monument of "Fellowship" honors your upgraded heroes and certain animal companions (Black Widow, Black Moa, "Imperial" Phoenix, and a generic animal companion statue).

  • M.O.X. is considered inherently upgraded and can be added right away. Keiran Thackeray, Miku, and Zei Ri cannot be added.
  • Only 5 heroes or pets can be displayed at a time at this monument.
  • A total of 8 Guild Wars 2 reward points can be obtained from this monument for 30 companions, including at least 1 rare pet along with the generic animal companion statue. With only 30 statues currently available for display, all of them must be obtained for full points.

The Monument of "Honor" shows your titles and accomplishments, including finishing a campaign.

The Monument of "Resilience" shows your prestige armor sets, consisting of a top, gloves, leggings, and boots (headpieces are not required).

The Monument of "Valor" displays destroyer weapons from Eye of the North, Oppressor's weapons from the War in Kryta, and tormented weapons from Nightfall.

  • Only 11 weapons can be displayed at a time.
  • Only 1 weapon of each skin and type can be displayed for each character, e.g. if the monument already includes an Oppressor's Staff based in Fire Magic, you cannot add a Water Magic-based Oppressor's Staff for the same character
  • A total of 8 Guild Wars 2 reward points can be obtained from this monument for 15 weapons, including at least 1 from each set.



In order to display your accomplishments or acquisitions, a monument must be unlocked. The Honor monument is already unlocked when you first enter the Hall. Each of the other four is unlocked by covering the wall behind it with a Monumental Tapestry. You receive the first of these when talking to Gwen after viewing The First Vision. The other three are acquired as rewards for completing each of the Primary Story Arcs in Eye of the North (or though trade with another player).

If you have earned extra achievements, you can decide which will appear by clicking the monument pedestal then choosing the button marked, Arrange Display.

Account-wide vs. character view

Kimmes The Historian offers dialogue options to view your Hall of Monuments as character- or account-based. A character must enter the HoM at least once before their items/accomplishments can be viewed on the account-wide setting. A character entering the Hall in account-wide mode might not be able to see which of their monuments require tapestries, if another character on the same account is already displaying them. When dedicating to a monument, an individual character must own the corresponding tapestry, even if other characters have unlocked that monument in account-wide mode.

Scrying Pool

The Scrying Pool is the central focus of this room, and provides players with a location to view visions and cinematics unlocked during game play. As you progress the Eye of the North storyline, an icon called the Call of the Eye will appear in your effects monitor to signify that you should return to the Pool to receive a vision. It is also used to progress in the Hearts of the North storyline.

Link to Guild Wars 2[edit]

How to[edit]

By going to the Guild Wars 2 account management page, players can link a single Guild Wars 2 account to a single Guild Wars account.

  • You will be able to link a single Guild Wars account to your Guild Wars 2 account at any time after creating your Guild Wars 2 account.
    • Only accounts with the Eye of the North expansion and who have unlocked the Hall of Monuments are eligible for rewards.
  • After linking accounts, you can then visit the Guild Wars 2 version of the Hall of Monuments by using the Hall of Monuments Portal Stone, where you can claim your free rewards.
  • This Hall of Monuments can be visited by any Guild Wars 2 character and as often as you like.


Players reaching a high enough rank in their Hall of Monuments will unlock exclusive rewards, including titles, companions, armor, weapons and miniatures:

  • The rewards are not intended to confer any advantage for original Guild Wars players over those new to the Guild Wars games - indeed as they are skins, they have no stats and are purely cosmetic. These skins can be transmuted onto other items.
  • Rewards are unlocked on an account basis, even though each character has their own Hall of Monuments.
    • You can use the Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator to determine which rewards would be unlocked if you choose to link your accounts.
    • Further accomplishments achieved and dedicated in the original Guild Wars Hall of Monuments will continue to update your Guild Wars 2 Hall of Monuments.

Non-HoM features[edit]

Historic content.png

This section contains information about a Guild Wars component or feature that has been removed or replaced.
The information on this section does not apply to the game as it currently exists.

Players who chose to link their Guild Wars accounts to their Guild Wars 2 accounts, and logged into Guild Wars before July 31 2012 were able to reserve their character names from Guild Wars for use on the linked account during the Headstart Access period, and until the end of the launch day. Any reserved names that were unclaimed by the end of that time were freed for general use.[1]

Not available[edit]

Certain features will not be available:

  • Players will not be able to transfer the actual characters (in large part because the professions are not compatible).
  • Players will not be able to transfer items or gold.

Quests available[edit]






Humans (Ebon Vanguard)

Other allies

Charmable animals[edit]

1 The Rainbow Phoenix will only appear if the party leader has all the Tapestries unlocked, is entering the hall alone, and has either of the following:
"People Know Me" or higher (ten or more maxed titles).
OR "Kind of a Big Deal" and at least 4 monuments are displaying the maximum number of displayable items (in personal or account-wide view, with the exception of the weapon monument, which needs only 9 weapons to be displayed).


  • Guild Wars 2 accounts created via Steam cannot be linked to a Guild Wars account, and thus cannot gain the rewards of the Hall of Monuments.[2]
  • Exploration of the Hall contributes approximately 0.071 Master of the North points. [3]
  • When entering the hall, the entry text will display the Kind of a Big Deal and the name of the party leader (i.e. for the owner of the hall).
  • By specifying their placement, you can place multiple copies of a statue into a monument.
  • There is no Resurrection Shrine in this area; if your party lacks resurrection skills and all player characters die for any reason (e.g. by sacrifice), your party will wipe.
  • When parties with more than one player character enter the Hall of Monuments, the achievements change to display the current party leader's achievements each time a party leader leaves the Hall of Monuments (e.g. by map traveling or logging out).
Account-wide and calculator notes
  • You may add items to any monument when your Hall of Monuments is in account-wide display provided that:
    • The character adding the item has placed a tapestry for that monument, and
    • No other character has yet added that statue.
  • Statues belonging to deleted characters will remain in the account-wide version of the hall and will continue to count towards Guild Wars 2 rewards.
  • Changes to the Hall of Monuments will not show up in your Hall of Monuments Calculator until after you log out.
Anomaly Anomaly.If you have completed the War in Kryta, but missed some of the scenes that take place in the hall due to following the War in Kryta quest, they can still take place, but with the supposedly missing Thackeray.
Anomaly Anomaly.If the Rainbow Phoenix takes damage and becomes hostile, Ogden and Thackeray will heal it.

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  • The April 23, 2009 update gave players the ability to view their achievements on an account-wide basis and organize the displays in exactly the order they wanted.
  • The Hall of Monuments was introduced in Eye of the North to facilitate players transferring their accomplishments to Guild Wars 2 from their original Guild Wars account.

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