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Codex Title
Eternal Codex Disciple.png
Campaign Core
Title type Account

To accompany this new game type, we've introduced a new title track for Codex Arena: the Codex Title Track. The Codex Title replaces the retired Commander title from the Hero Battles format, but still retains its counterpart in the Hall of Monuments and counts towards earning your Kind of a Big Deal title. What does this mean? If you've already achieved the maximum rank of Commander, you won't be required to achieve the maximum rank of Codex to earn or maintain your Kind of a Big Deal title. If you haven't achieved ranks in the Commander title, you can work your way up the ranks of the new Codex title.

For those seeking to fill out their Hall of Monuments, we've introduced a new Codex statue to add to your collection. If you achieve Codex rank 3 or greater you'll receive the Eternal Codex Disciple statue to place on your Monument of Honor in the Hall of Monuments.

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The Codex title is an account-based title that is earned by members of a winning team in Codex Arena for every consecutive win. This title can be displayed in the "Honor" monument from tier 3 onwards.

Codex title track[edit]

Tier Title Honor points
1 Codex Initiate (1) 500
2 Codex Acolyte (2) 1,000
3 Codex Disciple (3) 2,000
4 Codex Zealot (4) 3,360
5 Codex Stalwart (5) 5,600
6 Codex Adept (6) 9,320
7 Codex Exemplar (7) 15,500
8 Codex Prodigy (8) 25,920
9 Codex Champion (9) 43,200
10 Codex Paragon (10) 72,000
11 Codex Master (11) 120,000
12 Codex Grandmaster (12) 200,000
  • Each rank in this title (higher than your Commander title) increases the capacity of Balthazar faction by 5,000. Meaning, if you already have rank 3 Commander, ranks 1-3 of the Codex title will not increase your maximum Balthazar faction capacity until you have reached rank 4 Codex and higher.


For each victory after your first, you earn 1 point per win in Codex Arena. At every 5 game winning streak you receive bonus points, and the points per win are increased by 1 (Max [sic] 5).

— in-game description

Consecutive wins 2-4 5-9 10-14 15-19 20+
Points earned for each win 1 2 3 4 5
Bonus points +3 for every fifth consecutive win

There is a 100 Honor points cap per day, which is reset at 15:00 UTC (8:00 AM PDT). The cap is doubled during the Codex Arena weekly bonus.


  • This title was introduced in the October 22, 2009 update, when the Codex Arena replaced Team Arenas and Hero Battles. It took the concept of Team Arenas but offered a restricted amount of available skills, and while the Team Arenas outpost was removed, players can now access the Codex Arena by entering the former Hero Battles outpost.
  • Eternal Codex Disciple and Eternal Commander were supposed to count as one one the same trophy for the total number of trophies displayed in the Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator, but due to a bug they currently do count as separate trophies, making the total amount of statues 53.


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