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This page contains information about a Guild Wars component or feature that has been removed or replaced.
The information on this page does not apply to the game as it currently exists.

Disambig icon.png This article is about the historical PvP Arena. For the associated (historical) outpost, see Team Arenas (outpost).

The Team Arenas were PvP arenas where two groups of four organized players battle each other. Groups were formed in the eponymous outpost and Random Arenas teams with 10 consecutive wins automatically enter the Team Arenas. Both Balthazar faction and Gladiator points could be obtained from Team Arenas. In Team Arenas, there were two victory conditions:

  • Deathmatch - To be victorious, at least one player on your team has to be alive after he has killed the last opponent. There is a time limit of eight minutes where the team with the highest morale will be declared the winner.
  • Kill Count - For three minutes, your team has to kill as many opponents as possible, with all dead players respawning every 30s with no death penalty. The team with the most kills wins. If after three minutes both teams have the same number of kills, Sudden Death begins and the next kill wins the match.

Competitive Battles[edit]

Team Setup[edit]

  • Victory Conditions: Deathmatch, Kill Count
  • Minimum player level: 20
  • Number of players each party: 4
  • Teams: Formed teams, Random Arenas teams
  • Heroes not available


The following arenas were used in a Team Arenas match, grouped by victory condition:


Both Balthazar's Faction and Gladiator points could be obtained from Team Arenas.

Balthazar faction
Unique kill 40
Victory 50
Flawless 50
5 Consecutive 50
  Gladiator points
5 Consecutive 1
10 Consecutive 2
15 Consecutive 3
20 Consecutive 4
Every 5 wins thereafter 4

NOTE: As of 27th September, 2007, the requirements for earning gladiator points were changed. Prior to the update a player earned 1 gladiator point for every 10 wins, regardless of the number of wins.


It was initially announced by Linsey Murdock that Hero Battles would be removed and replaced by a "4v4 Sealed Deck format" in her August 28th, 2009 journal entry.

Team Arenas, along with Hero Battles, were permanently removed and replaced with the Codex Arena in the October 22nd, 2009 update.


The Team Arenas outpost was located in Droknar's Forge before the release of the Battle Isles.